"L'Oreal Ekselans": palette of useful components, how to apply

The company "L'Oreal" known in Russia for every woman. Under the brand produces the most popular hair products. They are used by the fair sex all over the world. Painting "L'Oreal Ekselans" quickly gained popularity, once again emphasizing the indispensability of the brand. Professional masters in beauty give the preference to her. It is not surprising, because "Loreal Ekselans" palette is the most intense and varied. This is a high quality product.

The series is divided into two lines. One of them - Crème, the other is under the 10 number.

Paints "Ekselans 10"

This paint is characterized in that it is applied only for 10 minutes. And the result of staining will only better. This is another discovery of the "L'Oreal Ekselans". The palette is designed for owners of both light and dark hair. Everyone will be able to find its own unique hue. Due to the fact that the composition is at a few minutes the hair, it does not damage the hair, keeping their structure and appearance. After coloring hair will retain its softness and shine.

On the panel "Ekselans Cream"

This range is much more diverse in color than the previous one. The paint contains a complex pro-keratin helps to protect hair from external influences and feed them on the inside. Paints are great for painting the gray hair. Excellent barrier properties has a series of "L'Oreal Ekselans". Palette 21 includes lines resistant hue. Hair after painting become more saturated color.

Among women, the paint is very popular. Most of the color spectrum consists of bright colors.

C "Loreal" which can be colored in the most light and natural color, and the light-brown with a pearl or golden tint.

For those who prefer a darker tone, too, can benefit from "Loreal Ekselans". The palette is made with Light Brown and his various options for low tide. The choice of dark shades is, though not as big as the light.

Range of shades for brunettes and brown-haired women is also present.

Useful components

The kit contains a special serum. That it provides protection to the hair. Apply the composition to the ends of which are exposed to dryness and often whipped. You can apply it and the rest of the hair. So miraculous serum prepares each hair to paint application.

Another component - hair balm. Its use provides a gorgeous shine. Hair after coloring remain healthy. You do not have to maintain and nourish them with additional masks.

Paint effortlessly gives the hair the desired color. Even the owner will be satisfied with gray. Through this means they will look younger. It is very easy to use product.

How to apply?

After serum (in the case of a series of "Ekselans Cream") is applied to hair in a conventional manner (flat broad brush) dye mixture. It also includes a lot of useful items that can improve the condition of hair when painting.

When the process is finished, all the necessary rinse with warm water and apply a balm for imparting gloss.

How do I respond potrebitelnits about the paint?

Painting "L'Oreal Ekselans" has reviews are those who evaluate it as the most dignified means for coloring hair. Reading these views, it can be concluded that women:

  • is trusted only to the brand;
  • are pleased with how evenly rests and keeps the paint;
  • are happy that the agent does not cause allergic reactions;
  • are pleased to hair shine and color stability as a result.

Women just love this paint. That is how they respond to it. Many trust the professionals and make the appropriate choice.

The brand has existed for many years. During this time he won his sympathy. A series of necessary to try to ensure a delightful result.