Hair dye "Igor": color palette (photo)

When choosing a hair dye, we want it to be the most gentle, persistent and have a rich palette of colors, and the hair after using it looked well-groomed, shiny and healthy. In today's world there are many cosmetic brands that offer means to guarantee high-quality painting, rich color and professional care. One of them is Schwarzkopf. Professionals is very much appreciated the company's products, including hair dye "Igor", a palette which has more than 120 nuances. What is the secret of success of production?

Hair dye


Founder of the brand - Hans Schwarzkopf. In 1898, in Berlin, it was opened with a small pharmacy department of perfumes, has become very popular with time. the company's first plant was built in 1904, and in 1905 registered the trademark brand, known around the world today. Nowadays, the production enterprises are concentrated in Hamburg, except Germany, Schwarzkopf plants are located in several dozen countries. In 1927, the first company in Europe liquid shampoos were released, and later opened institute that studies the problems and hair care.

Working with hairdressers and having constant communication with the beauty industry, Schwarzkopf started the development of professional hair products. In the 60s came the now famous hair color - "Igor" palette of shades is relished as a master, and customers.

Features Igora Royal

The dye has become one of the company's most successful products. With its creation, uses a unique patented technology High Definition. It ensures a deep and gentle penetration of the color pigments and reliable fastening them to the hair. The system is based on the pigment matrix, whereby colors are maximally saturated 100% have a coating ability and pure colors. The structure includes a unique set of tools - Complete Care. It is a guarantee of quality of care in conjunction with persistent staining and bright hue, corresponding samples in the palette. Hair dye "Igor" (Palette will be presented in the article) ensures high color quality even at very complex and irregular original shade. Its undeniable advantage, which is appreciated by many women is an even tone, even on porous, bleached hair.

Hair dye


As already emphasized, the palette comprises 120 colors. It presents the classic natural shades rich in the gamma and golden beige color, cold and warm chocolate nuance and bright, copper, red, purple hues. Besides classical palette colors are mixed, e.g., matte-chocolate, golden brown, gray-pearl and others. Hair dye "Igor", a palette which is constantly expanding, not limited to traditional shades. It also includes two separate product - is dyes for gray hair Absolutes series, offers an interesting copper, gold, red and natural nuances and Igora Fashion, designed to create color accents on the individual strands. This product is simultaneously lightens and any tinting hair, includes 10 colors.

Hair dye

Bright shades of

for blonde palette is 14 6 primary colors and pastel shades for toning. The first group - shades of super-Blondirujushchy series, designed for intense lightening on 5 levels and make the desired nuance. This includes all the colors of the 12th series: mother of pearl, sandre, natural blond, beige, chocolate and ash, matt. Lightening hair dye "Igora Royal", the palette of colors with lightening by 4 level includes all the shades of the 10th series: sandre matte, extra light blond, sandre, gray and beige. All the nuances of light palette applied to unwashed dry hair. Super-lightening number is only 12% with an oxidizing agent, diluted in a ratio of 1: 2. Since the deposition of dye on the roots soaking time should be 45-50 minutes. Shades 10-row work with oxidant 9%, while the composition is from 30 to 45 minutes.

Hair dye

Tonirujushchaja series Igora Royal

Among the shades of blond presents a number of 91/2, designed for pastel toning of bleached hair. It works with only 3% oxidizer and includes six trendy nuances. Tinting hair dye "Igora Royal" (the palette is also updated regularly) is perfect for giving a light, transparent shade lighter or weave curls. Carefully selected nuances good camouflage and neutralize unwanted yellow and orange pigments. It tones: beige, purple-sandre, pearl, natural blond, purple sandre extra, chocolate and copper. Exposure times may vary depending on the desired shade value and ranges from 5 to 20 minutes.

Copper shades

The tone of the scale were the most popular in the line of "Igor". Hair dye (copper palette colors will be represented hereinafter) has good durability, and it concerns the delicate nuances. Pancake moringa, part of the product-rich compounds. It nourishes and restores hair, moreover, prevents fading of color, which is important for bright shades. Copper nuances from Schwarzkopf cover gray hair for 70%, and when mixed with natural flowers 100%. Dye represents 5 tones - from light tan to dark brown saturated. They are natural and noble, just so that the color is in the line of "Igor". Hair Dye (coloring palette and results are in the paper) offers the following shades: 8-77 (light), 7-77 (secondary copper), 6-77 (dark), 5-7 (brown with a copper tint).

Hair dye

Chocolate, red and purple hues

The palette includes many interesting nuances of chocolate, among them the most successful and popular - 6-6 (cinnamon), 5-6 (cloves), 4-6 (tamarind), 5-36 (matte chocolate), 5-65 (brownish gold), 6-4 (beige) and many others. Total brown, red and purple hues are more than 60, which makes it possible to clear up even the most overactive imagination. Hair dye "Igor", the palette of colors, products for the care and styling are suitable for all types of curls and able to meet all customer expectations. As in fashion metallic accents, Schwarzkopf offers a few new nuances with exquisite cold brilliance. These are: ash-violet, brown and ash gray, matte-ash, red ash, sandre chocolate, sandre-malachite. They may be mixed with other palette colors and interconnected.

Hair dye

Natural shades

More relevant than ever and brown, natural hair color. What kind of tone scale, and how many of them included in the product line, "Igor"? Hair Dye (palette, photos, results of studies confirm this) gives as close to their natural curls tone. This is all the nuances from 1-0 to 12-0. Also series with twice pigment content, ranging from level 5-00 by 9-00, intended for better coloring gray hair and for producing a saturated hue.

The dye is designed for professional use in beauty salons. However, many women have successfully used the product at home. He established himself as proof enough. Well even cover 100% gray hair. Creamy texture, a pleasant smell, affordable price made it a favorite instantly. In the line of "Igor" you will find not only the coloring to suit every taste, but also a lot of products for hair care, to maintain the staining results. Then the color will be bright, and the hair well-groomed and beautiful.