"Cross" - a tattoo with special meaning

You wonder what could mean a tattoo of a cross? Would you like to fill a similar pattern on the body? Then this article is specially written for you. Now we will describe in detail the significance of such a tattoo. We hope that the information is useful to you.

As previously meant this figure?

Initially, people thought that the "cross" - a tattoo that has a religious significance. For example, the Orthodox, as well as a Catholic cross indicate what religion adheres to a man who made himself such a figure.

It was also believed that the "cross" - a tattoo, which protects the body from injury of land on which it is made. For example, if the pattern is full of chest, it will protect from hitting a spear in this area. It is because of this tattoo with the symbols made on the left side of the chest to protect the heart.

The current value of a similar pattern on the body

Today is especially popular Celtic crosses. Make them as religious people and atheists. You can see these tattoos on the bodies of boys and girls. The special appeal of the Celtic cross in the ornament. It has no beginning and no end. Therefore, the "Celtic Cross" - a tattoo that symbolizes infinity.

Also, a similar figure is honor and power. The man who chose a sketch for a tattoo, always honest and come to the aid to those who need it.

If you see the cross back, know that this figure is a symbol of what a person chooses their own destiny. Cross with a faceted jewel in the middle symbolizes the search for the meaning of life. Four sides of it - this side of the world. The meaning of life in this figure represents a gem.

"Latin cross" - a tattoo that represents the owner of the involvement of Christians. It is also a symbol of remembrance of those who are no longer with us. Such a pattern is a kind of tribute to the deceased.

What does the tattoo of a "cross" in the oriental culture? Such a pattern is a symbol of the ladder into the sky, that is the person involved in the higher realms. This symbol is still attractive because of its shape and the fact he is laconic, but at the same time it can be meaningful to supplement the human elements.

Often combine the cross and all sorts of sayings (such phrases are a special meaning for the owners). Regardless of whether in black and white or in color to make a tattoo, drawing particular importance in any case not lose.

Combinations with various other elements

also often combine the cross and with different patterns. Consider the most popular combinations:

  • heart in the middle of which the cross is located;
  • a symbol of Christ's resurrection is a tattoo with a cross and butterflies;
  • flowers and a cross.

A small conclusion

Now you know what is a tattoo of a "cross", the value of it, we have described. Also we considered combinations of options with this sign. We hope that the information was useful to you. Now you can already tell exactly right for you is a tattoo or not.