Meaning tattoo "owl" for different people

The owl is often considered mystical and unusual bird, symbolizing a lot of both positive and negative aspects. It can mean wisdom and insight, as well as a harbinger of the onset of hard times, and even death.

The owl - a bird, inspiring mystical fear

Due to the appearance of a mysterious, loud and disturbing owl's voice, people are always attributed to her special qualities. Also, many people considered a bird-predator sign of evil and dark forces because of the ability to silently appear under the cover of night. That is the friendly attitude to the owl in some countries completely absent, for that kind were exterminated.

Meaning of symbols:

  1. Ancient Egypt: the darkness and the cold.
  2. Mexico and Japan evil.
  3. China: crime, death.
  4. Africa and Madagascar: dancing with the witches on the graves.
  5. India support the dead to the underworld.

The Celts also considered it a symbol of evil and death. And Christians bird meant approaching the diabolical forces, was a symbol of witchcraft, the lack of spiritual values.

Meaning tattoo

The wisdom and reverence owl

Along with the negative value of the multi-faceted and contradictory character owl carries the positive properties:

  1. The ancient Greeks used the owl respect for the inherent wisdom, proof of which was the placement of the bird image on coins. It is up to the inhabitants of the warm valleys and went statement on its mind. As in ancient Greece and Rome, the bird was a constant companion of the goddess of wisdom and learning.
  2. The European works of art presented owl fairy heroine predominate in mental abilities of other birds and animals. To her often come for advice, listen carefully to the words of wise men.
  3. In Russian Owl symbol associated with study, research activities, mind and intellect. Often found image of a bird in glasses with books and pointer.
  4. For the Indians wise owl was a defender, a prophetess, a symbol of good luck.

In addition, thanks to the ability to navigate in the dark, often believed that the owl has the gift of predicting the future.

Meaning tattoo

What does a tattoo with the image of a bird in the world today?

Meaning tattoo "owl" in the modern world as controversial as ever. This symbol is often chosen for myself people are wise, far-sighted, have clear thinking. In addition, the pattern may indicate a bright personality, strength of spirit and solitude holders. Meaning tattoo "owl" is manifested in the defense against the dark forces, as such tattoos often make people interested in mysticism. The pattern may also indicate a preference for night life.

Since the value of the tattoo, "owl" is interpreted quite broadly, for a better understanding of the image it is necessary to pay attention to these aspects:

  • Picture Size.
  • Style.
  • The value of the tattoo, "owl" is human interpretation, which it struck.

mysterious and unusual birds conceals many reasons why people choose this image for underwear painting.

Meaning tattoo

Tattoo "owl": implications for women and men. The interpretation of the tattoo on the zone

Figure owl may be configured in the style of a cartoon, mysterious or frightening. Men prefer owl image darker and more realistic option. Beautiful ladies often choose fairy tale image of a bird with huge eyes on the decorative background as a tattoo "owl". Such a pattern on the body are often not only indicates a personal preference holders, but also plays the role of decoration.

In addition, tattoos must be treated very seriously and the more because in prison they are special characters that a person should tell the truth. For a picture that does not correspond to the status of criminals among the personal qualities or the owner should be severely punished. Also at certain points and character traits owl (tattoo). The value of this area of ​​the image indicates a pessimistic mood about everything around from its carrier, to reflect on the impermanence of the world of death.

That is to perceive the owl can be different, and the interpretation of the character depends entirely on the performance of style and that puts him in the holder. In any case, an owl - is significant and has a mysterious force drawing.