Tattoo "ship" - the possible values

Tattoo "ship" is a traditional decoration of the sailors. I deposited it not for beauty. Here it pursued specific purpose - after a shipwreck tattoos could identify the victim. Compliance with the maritime traditions was considered very important. That is why every sailor had its own insignia on the skin. The values ​​of this jewelry today will be discussed in this article.


The ancient tradition of

Image sailboat sailor's body meant that he was able to overcome the Cape Horn - a very dangerous part of the way. Due to strong winds and currents of the non-permanent, he considered the most difficult in the world. In addition, the tattoo could mean the ship sailor's grave. On such pictures sailboat submerged in water, it is surrounded by rocks and reefs. However, most tattoo "ship" was applied as a talisman. Along with the skull, demons and other mythical creatures it protected its wearer from harm. In the Russian criminal world sailing symbolized escape. In general, this motive the desire for change, for a better life, the search for suitable habitats.

Waiting for a miracle

Tattoo "ship" is suitable for creative people. It says that a person is in a constant search for inspiration and strives for new horizons. For the avid traveler and eternal migrant such a tattoo becomes a symbol of the desire of thrills. it also signifies the continuous pursuit of excellence. Sailboats indicate inconstancy and daydreaming. They decorate the young girl. Scarlet Sails tell that young lady is waiting for her prince. She believes in miracles and invite them into your life. It is believed that a tattoo can change destiny. Therefore, they must be chosen very carefully.


power Symbol

ship tattoo for men - a symbol of the desire for conquest. In such cases, it represented a sea vessel with screens. Serious people are inclined to permanence, choose exactly this image. A solid man with firm principles and long-term goals has every right to wear a similar tattoo. Thus, this symbol values ​​a lot. Everyone can choose what he likes.

The possible motives

Experts argue that the location of the tattoo is of paramount importance. Depending on what part of the body is the image, one can understand its meaning. In most cases, using a tattoo a person tries to tell itself a kind of information. In addition, it can adjust the carrier itself behavior. Drawing on an open area of ​​the body indicates that the person is trying to change the attitude of society to itself as a whole. Meaning tattoo "ship", if the pattern is applied in a hidden location associated with family relationships. A more specific interpretation can be obtained by considering the body part on which the tattoo is applied.

Parts of the body

If a person has made a tattoo on his neck, he means - a person cautious and wary. The individual does not seek to tell everyone about their feelings and hopes. His freedom-loving nature and creativity to open only after a closer acquaintance.

The tattoo on his head - a desire to gain recognition in society. But tattoo "ship" on the hand - a direct message of people around. If the pattern is applied to the left hand, then the person will achieve the desired roundabout way. The symbol on the right hand says about annoying straightness. The media will find their way ahead, not caring about the opinions of others.

The image of the ship on the chest symbolizes the originality of thought. Often it is contrary to the generally accepted norms. Sailboat on the back says the huge domestic potential. "Tatu" on the lower back sometimes indicates unsatisfactory sexual relationships. Media dreaming of new and exciting emotions and experiences.



Thus, the tattoo "ship" may have a very different meaning. This is a beautiful decoration for men and for women. But remember that your desires, sentiments and aspirations of the years may have changed. A pattern will remain the same. Therefore tattooing - a crucial step that requires a serious and deliberate approach.