Communication group "Tatu" with the bombing of Yugoslavia

• Communication group "Tatu" with the bombing of Yugoslavia

The "Tattoo" is the most successful project in the history of Russian pop industry. It is the only team of the former Soviet Union, who won world fame and to lead the charts in Russia, Australia, the UK, Germany and the United States. We thought we knew about Lena and Katya everything, but it was not there - showbiz reluctant to part with the secrets, letting the public know just what is needed for the growth of the popularity of the performers.

Communication group

Secrets of pop music, which can be called "technical" usually emerge years later after passed the peak of popularity. Telegram channel "Russian shuffle" shared information about the birth of the "Tattoo", which was allegedly obtained from a reliable source.

Author of the article says that the story of "tattoo" of the group began in 1999 simultaneously with the first bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO aircraft. The first song performed was still the only member of the team Lena Katina, was called "Yugoslavia". Yulia Volkova appeared in the group and later became a popular team already as a duo.

Communication group

The author of the first songs of the group was the composer Alexander Voitinsky that his creative work wanted to protest the actions of the North Atlantic alliance. "Russian shuffle" claims that Alexander had wanted to go to Yugoslavia to fight for justice, but lost heart and contented "song-apology". After the release of a new song, the famous writer Ivan Shapovalov clips asked the owner of a large computer company Boris Rennes inviting them to participate in the project, to sponsor young performer. Businessman has allocated 60 thousand dollars, which were immediately invested in the promotion of "Tattoo". Shortly thereafter, there was Julia Volkova and girls in the group, "forced to kiss."

Communication group

Almost immediately after the sudden change group format with the military-patriotic on lesbian-erotic Alexander Voitinsky goodbye to the "Tattoo" and left the project. After that, the band opened many glorious pages in the domestic pop music and went on a world level. In 2003, "Tattoo" took 3rd place at the "Eurovision" and was the only Russian team received the IFPI award for the number of sold musical albums.