Gangster style of dress

Gangster style that respected the bad guys and who admired chic girl, originated in the 20th century. In the 30s it was very urgent, combining elements of retro style, pathos, uplifting and promiscuity.


Young people who choose this trend, wearing suits with an element of a kind of "highlights". Clothing is official: white or light-colored shirt with a clean hue without adding different patterns and designs. Black jackets and trousers, which are decorated element in the form of light, typically white, glossy bands.

Gangster style of dress

Of course, the costumes must be combined with the hair, shoes and tie. Last accessory should be dark, preferably black, or approaching it in color. It differs from the traditional version that makes this tie with shiny fibers, referred to as lurex.

An integral part of this image are cufflinks. Their material depends on the material conditions of the gangster and his status in the society. The higher status - the more expensive material. Usually it is gold or gold-plated. It is also about the importance of a gangster in a society say the clock: the bigger in size and richer, they look - the more influential people.

The final element of the image - shoes. Shoes should shine on a mandatory basis, which means that the gangster style means exclusively patent leather shoes. They need to be with a rounded nose, so their owner looks solid. In order to complete the image, you must wear white gloves, hat, and be sure to have a cane with an engraving.

Gangster style of dress

For women

Gangster style for women is characterized by elegance, lightness and femininity. It is necessary to use only two types of dresses: short or luxurious black evening dress with rhinestones and sequins. In order to add flavor to the image, you can choose an option with a small strip of fur in the neck. Shoes also should look lacquered, as in men, but only on a thick heels or stilettos - it all depends on the personal preferences of the girl. It is also an indispensable accessory for women should be a little hat, which can be decorated with large fluffy feather. Addition is fur cape. It should look rich and beautiful. Instead capes suit silk scarf, but it should be exclusively under the black dress.

Gangster style of dress

For any of the dresses good fit necklace of diamonds or pearls. When you do not have enough money for the original, top-quality fake perfectly replace them. If a woman prefers earrings, stones must be precious, and it is desirable that they were from the class of crystals.

It so happens that the opponent's dresses are found among female companionship. They fit a halter top and shorts with a high seating position with white stripes. Such together need to add a lift, thanks to which the image will look finished. Required clothing should contain elements of masculine style.

Evening activities

An integral part of the lives of people who have chosen a gangster style are the theme parties. It is possible to arrange a holiday today.


Depending on where the party will take place, you need to choose the appropriate attributes. Must be a decoration in a retro style, ie pictures with well-known gangsters 30s or any of the pictures in the same direction. You can use a picture of the night cities in which there are gangster elite.

It is worth emphasizing that these decorations must be in black and white. Tables and chairs can be decorated in the style of "decoupage", because only in this area there is a delineation of those times. Also in the form of fine scenery is best to use some old props. For example, artificial guns, pipes, cigars or a few a couple of boxes of them, maps and other antiques.

Gangster style of dress

Photos on the memory

Party in gangster style implies the absence of alcohol in any form. To maintain the best way to use the camera, which should look like the old. Would be the best camera is the instant printing. Even if it is a modern, nothing will prevent or decorate pasted it to the style of the mafia. Welcome guests with a camera will take them into the last century, because this is what you need to achieve. In addition, images that have been made, you can also give the guests at the entrance. Most importantly - do not forget about the music and table for snacks.

Musical preferences

As for the musical subjects, here are best suited to jazz and blues. This music should be played softly, so that you can communicate with each other. Good live sound will go down in such an atmosphere. You can order a musician, primarily a guitarist or saxophonist - he will underline that there are parties in a gangster style. In addition, live music will provide a more active communication and the free atmosphere, and the owner of the event will be held in high esteem.

In order to entertain guests who are tired of the secular conversation about the bread, should include a rock 'n' roll or the tango. Each person is unique, respectively, and each dance is different. You can have fun and learn something new.


Snacks should also correspond to the topics. No festive salads on the table can not be. Only fresh products are: must be vegetables, meats and several kinds of snacks. You can bake some of them on the fire, such as potatoes.

Deli meats should differ juiciness, large size and excellent taste. In the 30s people who prefer gangster style of dress, we loved the bloody steak, which was an ornament of any feast. Nowadays, thanks to modern technology, will not be difficult to find a suitable recipe for this tasty dish and cook it. Here you can dream up with snacks, special restrictions exist.

Gangster style of dress


Naturally, the parties need to find the right outfits. Gangster style will suit everyone, the main thing - to choose the clothes that fit the subject. Men need to dress up in suits with white stripes. They can be as narrow or wide. Mandatory hat with a wide brim, patent leather shoes with round toe and rare revolver as the top image.

But for women there is a variety of outfits. The main thing - to see to it that the image based on such an important attribute as a dress in gangster style. Jewelery and accessories should look rich, no matter what the cost they have. It is necessary not to forget that the shoes should be chosen solely on the heel.