How to sit down on a twine at home? The splits from the ground up: exercises, tips, reviews

Excellent stretch has always been one of the most important signs that a person is completely healthy. And it is absolutely correct. Anyone who knows how to do the splits without any problems, able to boast excellent muscles not only the feet, but also back. For it is not afraid of diseases such as osteochondrosis. salt deposits are not prevented from moving with ease, as they simply do not. Everything else, even if a person is engaged and dancing, gymnastics or yoga, then splits for him is just a necessary condition.

Not everyone has the opportunity to use the services of a professional coach, who in the shortest possible time will be able to make sure that the body was fully prepared to carry out such an exercise. In this regard, the question arises as to sit down on a twine at home.

What kinds of twine distinguish?

How to sit down on a twine at home? The splits from the ground up: exercises, tips, reviews

The first step is to define what is meant by string. This exercise stretching, in the course of which the human legs apart in directions opposite to each other, forming a line. 180 degrees - such angle forms the inner thighs line.

There are several types of exercises, you should be aware if you want to answer the question of how to sit down on a twine at home.

  1. Longitudinal. The athlete spreads her legs back and forth. Such kind of exercise is divided into two categories - the right and left twine. Everything will depend on what people will put a foot forward.
  2. Cross. Legs should be diluted in opposite directions on either side of the body.
  3. Vertical. This type of exercise is mainly performed by those who are fond of dancing and gymnastics. This is a slightly modified form of longitudinal twine. The whole difference lies in the fact that the athlete has to stand on one leg. The second at this time must be raised vertically upward.
  4. Provisnoy. In this exercise, the inner thighs line exceeds the angle of 180 degrees.
  5. twine, which is performed standing on hands. Required for some acrobatic tricks. In this case, the legs of an athlete in the air. He stands on his hands, spreads her legs apart. Twine in a given situation can be both transverse and longitudinal.

Main nuances to be aware of

How to sit down on a twine at home? The highest popularity, judging by the reviews, use the first two kinds of twine. More exotic perform is not necessary, since that also follows from the sad experience of those who decided to experiment, without professional training can be seriously injured. To perform the exercise, you must have a lot of patience and be able to do the necessary set of exercises. With their help, will stretch the muscles.

How to sit down on a twine at home? The splits from the ground up: exercises, tips, reviews

So, how to sit down on a twine at home? Experts recommend as a time to practice to choose the evening. It is at such moments the muscles are able to more easily resist stretching. Before starting any exercise, you must warm up thoroughly. The best option would be to warm aerobic exercise. It is about running, jumping rope, squat and m. N. In the event that perform these types of exercises is not obtained, the muscles can be warmed with hot water. Take a bath or go to the shower. Take it for about 10 minutes and can proceed to the main training complex.

The complex of exercises in a sitting position

What exercises should be performed for the twine? They are listed below. The main thing is said to athletes, it is necessary to make them up to that time, until the first pain. The body is in a certain position, it will be necessary to delay for approximately 15 seconds. The first set of exercises should be carried out, sitting on the floor.

  1. Take the necessary sitting position. One leg will have to be pulled forward. The second should be bent at the knee. Foot, it should be placed on the inner thigh. As much as is necessary to perform a forward lean as possible, moving along the leg that is extended forward. Fixing body at the end point for 15 seconds, to be taken to its original position. My legs, exercise is performed again.
  2. In the initial position is required to bring the feet together in front. In this case, the foot with each other it is necessary to squeeze hands. Pressing his elbows on his knees, divorced in different directions, it is possible to achieve the necessary muscular tension. If more people to train, he may, arms stretched forward, slowly lay down on the breast clasped each other feet. Exercises for this type of string needed to stretch the groin muscles.
  3. You must sit on the floor. Both feet are placed straight. You will need to bend them. Stops at the same time it is necessary to clasp hands. After this, in turn, try to raise the legs with his hands. Doing this will require as high as possible. Pausing for a few seconds at the maximum point, it is necessary to do the exercise again.
  4. You will be required to kneel. The feet thus have to be diluted to different sides from each other as far as possible. After this you should try to sit on the floor. With each new repetition amplitude should be increased. How to sit down on a twine at home? The splits from the ground up: exercises, tips, reviews
  5. In the initial position sitting on the floor, you need to try the straightened front legs dissolve from each other as far as possible. After that you should start to do simple forward bends. By doing this exercise, try to get a breast to the floor.
  6. It is necessary to sit down on one leg, leaning with the heel in the buttocks. The second leg should be flattened, as her muscles will stretch. Being in this position, you want to start to perform leaned forward. Each new slope should be accompanied by efforts to embrace the toe using your hands. Fixing the position at the end point, it is necessary to repeat the exercise again on the other foot.

The complex exercises in a standing position

In order to answer the question of how quickly the splits required to remember another set of exercises. they must perform, ranging in a standing position.

How to sit down on a twine at home? The splits from the ground up: exercises, tips, reviews
  1. One leg should be set aside, turn the sock forward. That limb, which extends, must be perfectly straight. This is an important condition for this exercise. After that, you must start to squat on the other foot. We must try to get as low as possible. Subsequently legs are changing, and the exercise is repeated.
  2. It is necessary to stand up straight. Leaning forward, we should embrace his knees. This exercise directionally stretching the back of the thighs.
  3. One leg should be set aside sharply forward and bend at the knee. The second must be left in the same place and see to it that it remains absolutely flat. Being in such a situation, it is required to try to get as low as possible.
  4. You will be required to dissolve the knees apart, crouch as low as possible and fix the body in this position for a few seconds. Over time, you want to begin to perform the movement from one side to the other. It should take turns to straighten his legs.

The most optimal exercise

In that case, if you do not know how to do the splits from scratch, we can turn our attention to another set of exercises. A lot of them, but all is unnecessary. You just have to choose the most optimal and start them regularly. In the first place is always performed lunges forward. Making them simple enough. One leg should be bent at the knees and put forward. The other should be set aside earlier. It should be straight. It is also required to make sure that the spin and was in a level position. Otherwise, anything can become jammed. Make necessary about thirty such squat on both legs. The exercise should be every day. Each time, the task can be complicated by a foot, which would simply dismiss back further and further.

Another exercise that will help stretch the muscles

The second exercise is necessary to select the shallows. Reviews say it is the best if you want to figure out how to do the splits at home. Feet need to place the well. The housing should be kept straight. You will need to sit down on one leg. It must see to it that the second leg is not bent. It is necessary to carry slowly and carefully his weight from one foot to the other. At the same time, try to make sure that the movements are performed parallel to the floor.

It is necessary to carry out exercises on your back and

How to sit down on a twine at home? The splits from the ground up: exercises, tips, reviews

If you really want to do the splits, you will need to stretch not only the legs, but also back. To perform the third exercise you need to sit down on the mat. The legs should be extended forward. At the same time try to pull the sock. Keep an eye on your back, it should not be bent. Leaning forward, reaching for hands to toe socks, will fix its position. After 15 seconds, take an initial position. Perform necessary at least twenty times.

In order for you was a good stretch, you have to lie on your back, raise your legs, forming strictly a right angle. You will need to separate them in different directions at the maximum possible distance from each other. The position should be made to stay for approximately one minute. Then, after a rest of about 10 seconds, it is necessary to repeat the exercise. At the outset it is necessary to perform about 10 reps. Every day the number of repetitions should be increased approximately 2-fold.

How to sit down on a twine at home? The splits from the ground up: exercises, tips, reviews

If you regularly perform all of these exercises, the question of whether you can do the splits, will be fully resolved for you.

Teach children to sit down on the string

The fact that the twine for children is very useful, says a lot of facts. In the case of children, this exercise is not a problem, they will have a flexible and strong muscles. In addition, they will have a direct bearing, which is quite an important issue.

So how do the splits child? It should immediately be noted that the best for this age is 5-7 years. It was in this period, the muscles become the greatest elasticity and flexibility. And, therefore, teach the child to sit on the string will not be hard.

What should I do?

Optimal exercise for stretching will kick their feet. The child should stand sideways to a solid support, to lean on her hand. The second hand should be placed on the belt. After this you should start to perform mahi first forward, then in different directions. Make sure that the child pulls the sock is good enough. Also, the legs should not bend at the knees and the back should be straight.

We perform static exercises

How to sit down on a twine at home? The splits from the ground up: exercises, tips, reviews

The next exercise is static. We are talking about bending forward. The child should try to get to the floor with his hands, stay in this position for a few seconds, and then return to the starting position.

Right hand is necessary to take the right foot, which is to be bent. You need to try as much as possible to pull the heel to the buttock muscles. The exercise is performed on both feet alternately.

At least it is necessary to perform the splits itself. The child should gently fall on the twine. It can be maintained by the shoulders. It is necessary to make up the time until there was a small sensation of pain.

Who should not do the exercises

Many intensive training carry certain contraindications. With stretching exercises is the case as well. Engaged in similar kinds of loads can not be in the case if the person:

  1. previously been seriously injured spine.
  2. There is inflammation of the blood vessels of legs.
  3. It is enough to have high blood pressure.
  4. previous occasions bruises feet.
  5. There is pain in the lumbar region.

In the event that the person is completely healthy, full of energy and desire, he is doing exercises for stretching, sit down on a twine in a relatively short period of time.