How to sit on the cross twine? Effective exercises for the twine. Transverse twine - photo

Everyone wants to have a good stretch. The reasons for this may be different: someone engaged in gymnastics, acrobatics, martial arts, and someone simply trying to become flexible and mobile. In any case, the information about how to sit on the cross twine, will be useful for many people, regardless of the purpose and reasons. It should be noted that the cross twine - the most difficult type of stretching, and not everyone has the strength to master this skill. However, in some sports twine is a mandatory element of the program: in rhythmic gymnastics, sports aerobics and so on.

How to sit on the cross twine? Effective exercises for the twine. Transverse twine - photo

The benefits of stretching

As is known, stretching on the cross twine can bring your body to a lot of useful, but it is not necessary to develop the perfect flexibility and learn to sit on it. However, if your goal - that's it, stocked with patience and stretches until it is reached. If we talk about the time that you have to spend on something to sit on the cross twine at home, here it is difficult to put any time. It all depends on your specific situation - age, physical fitness, body condition, and so on.

The complexity of the cross twine

If you are thinking about how to stretch out on the cross strings, then you need to realize that this is much more difficult to master than the longitudinal. For this reason, better to start all the same with a simple version (longitudinal). Only after that can do the exercises for cross-twine. In this case, the legs should also be perpendicular to the body, but they need to breed in hand.

How to sit on the cross twine? Effective exercises for the twine. Transverse twine - photo

The transverse split is also called male. According to the majority, to master it in adulthood is almost impossible. Of course, if you have joint problems, you'd better not to think about how to sit on the cross twine, so as not to harm your health. But if your body is able to withstand the physical stress, you can count on a good result.

Preparation for classes

Before you start training stretching it is very important to prepare the body properly. Remember that exercise for cross twine to be performed in a warm room. The body warm is becoming more flexible and pliable. Sports uniforms must stretch well, so as not to disturb you stretch. It is also important to choose and the right shoes. Classes are best done on parquet or linoleum, you can easily slide on the floor. Let's go back to the shoe - it can be Gym shoes or socks, which will help you to make a landing on the cross twine. Photo, which shows how to do this exercise, you can see below.

How to sit on the cross twine? Effective exercises for the twine. Transverse twine - photo

A simple workout to warm up muscles

Before you start to exercise, you need a good warm up your muscles in order to prepare them for the stretch. To this end, we developed a set of useful exercises. Typically, the workout includes exercises on rotation at the ankle and hip joints, flexion and extension of the knees. Also for warming up the body can use simulators such as a treadmill or exercise bike.

How to sit on the cross twine? Effective exercises for the twine. Transverse twine - photo

Warm joints

Before you sit down on the cross strings, you need to prepare joints. Simple warm-up will help reduce the pain in this area arising from the stretch. To do this, in turn, rotate the feet, knees bent. This will help stretch your hips. Next, sit down gently and repeatedly describe the knees circle. Then place your hands on the belt and describe the range of housing. After that you should do a few tilts forward, keeping your legs straight. Try reaching out with the chest to the back was as straight as possible.

How to sit on the cross twine? Effective exercises for the twine. Transverse twine - photo

Effective for warming up the body and are simple exercises such as lunges. Spread your legs as much as possible and grasp the shin hands, and then pull the toe of one foot slightly to the side and bend the leg at the knee. Keep your hands on the shins. Second leg put on the heel and toe to pull the side. Make springy movement on the bent leg. Then repeat the same on the other leg.

Stretching on the cross twine

Once you via workouts prepare the body for stretches, you can go directly to the training. Your main goal - to stretch the pelvis, hip and knee joint. Without it, the right to sit on the twine is impossible.

stretching exercises "Butterfly"

First you need to sit on the floor, bring together and feet, pressing his hands on his knees, trying to put his feet on the floor. In this case, your feet should be kept. It is worth noting that the closer you align your feet to the pelvis, the harder and more effectively to this exercise. Perform stretching with it better in pairs, but in principle it can be done independently. Doing this exercise helps to work out and stretch both the hip and knee.

How to sit on the cross twine? Effective exercises for the twine. Transverse twine - photo

Exercise "Paperclip"

To perform this exercise you need to kneel, then, helping himself with his hands, slowly and smoothly to lie back on the floor. First, you can go to straight to his feet, and later on foot possible to dissolve in hand, knees at the same time to connect. Exercise "Paperclip" best contributes to the elaboration of the knee, which is very important to do before you go on a cross-twine.

Useful exercise for cross-twine with books

The book is in the house almost everyone, they can be very effectively used for stretching. So, try to sit on the cross twine, stretched out as much as possible as you can. Note the approximate distance from the floor to the perineum and pick up the appropriate number of books. Put them in a pile, creating the desired height. The essence of the exercise is to the muscles gradually get used to the extended position. Every day, watching TV, you will be sitting on the books, and then, when you feel that you can move forward, to clean up one by one. So you will constantly fall below and will be able to overpower the twine over time.

How to sit on the cross twine? Effective exercises for the twine. Transverse twine - photo

Tilt to stretch

Considering the effective exercises for the twine, not to mention the slopes. So, stand with your feet as wide as possible and get to the slopes. Hands crossed her and drag to the right leg first, then the middle, to the left leg. We need to do a few approaches at least 70 repetitions each. At runtime, tilted his legs are a little sprawl will occur and painful, but it can not be avoided. A nagging pain that occurs when you try landing on the string, you need to be patient, but if it is too strong, it is worth a bit to ease the pressure, otherwise you can damage the cords. The hardest part - making the slope in the middle, trying to reach the elbows floor. Thus it is necessary to control the position of the back, it must be straight.

How to sit on the cross twine

As already noted, to begin training with better settling of exercises that will help you catch a forward split, and only then can complicate the task and move on to the more difficult option. Take the starting position - legs wide apart, feet parallel to each other. Then start slowly raise the legs to the side and at the same time lower the pelvis down to the moment when you feel a stretch in the muscles of the inner thighs. In such a situation should be fixed for 15-20 seconds, until you feel that tense muscles relax. Please note that with diluted towards the feet should be developed and the foot. Try to keep your balance, using any support or floor, permitting your stretching. As your body becomes more flexible, you need to go below. Take care that during widening of the feet heel remained pressed to the floor and your feet looking up. So you move the majority of the load on the inner thighs, without impacting the knee ligaments.

And the last. No matter what the experts or novices, but the best way to warm up the body before stretching exercises is running, morning exercise and a hot tub. While running or charging work all the muscles in your body that promotes good heating. hot tubs benefit is that it is well warms up all the joints and muscles, making your body limber and flexible, which is especially important in order to properly get down on the twine.