Stretching at home. Stretching exercises

After a training set of exercises performed, the body requires stretching. For beginners athletes it is necessary that the body remained flexible. Otherwise, you can turn into a kind of robot.

Flexibility should be maintained

Stretching at home. Stretching exercises

Over time, the muscles lose their elasticity. The functioning of the body may not be complete due to immobility. And as a result - weak bones and muscles. The trouble is that every day people move less and less. And it is through stretching can maintain their health.

In order to acquire the flexibility necessary to perform certain exercises. To date, there is a huge amount of literature that explains how stretching can be performed at home. It is cited as an example of some of the basic types of exercises that are required to make regular. First, however, it should highlight the main points that will help in the implementation of stretching.

The main factors to be aware of

  1. Exercises should be done after the basic training process.
  2. It should work with all the muscles and joints, not just those that are heavily loaded. Particular attention must be given to the waist, back, chest, shoulders.
  3. Stretching at home on every single muscle should last about 15 seconds. Gradually, it is necessary to increase the time of fixing.
  4. Do not make any sudden movements. Stretching should be performed smoothly, otherwise may result in injury to muscles, ligaments and joints.
  5. Stretching at home will be the most high quality made in the case where the voltage is sensed, rather than pain. Do not just try to achieve great success. Everything should be done gradually.
  6. can not hold your breath. Inhaling / exhaling must be carried out quietly, deeply. You must inhale through your nose and exhale - through the mouth.
  7. The thoughts must be as smooth as movement.

Exercises on the upper muscle group

Stretching at home. Stretching exercises

So, we proceed to the discussion of exercises. Stretching home top muscle group can be made as follows:

  1. It is necessary to kneel down next to the chair, his arms crossed. On the edge of a chair is necessary to lean his elbows. Inhale, bend the spine is required. In this case, you should try to lower the chest toward the floor. If you see a discomfort in the shoulders, should try to change the position of the hands. For example, a clasp elbows or forearms.
  2. Stretching the muscles of the upper back, shoulders. Initial posture - sitting or standing. Hand it is necessary to move aside. It can not bend. Use the fist of the other hand must be supported elbow. Exhale, try to slowly put her hand over the pectoral muscles. To enhance the effect, you need to turn your head towards the shoulder, which is subjected to stretching.
  3. It is necessary to stand in front of the support, which will be located at waist level. For example, before a window sill. Feet need to be combined. Legs and back should be straight. We must bend, take direct hands of the chosen support and to try as far as possible to bend in the spine.
  4. Stretching the arm muscles. You must stand near the doorway, and a firm hold on the hand of the jamb at shoulder level. Exhale, begin to twist a limb. Decompress the brush can not be at the same time. It is necessary to try to turn up the biceps. Rotate around your arm should be without prejudice to the shoulder muscles.
  5. In order to stretch the triceps need a short towel. Sitting on the floor or standing, it is necessary to lay a hand behind his back. Its need to bend at the elbow. The other hand, which will be in the towel, it is necessary to have a head. Catch the bottom edge of the hand towels, exhale and begin to pull it down, while trying to brush the upper arms drop as low as possible. It is necessary to repeat the same exercise, changing hands.
  6. a good stretch in the home of the neck muscles is as follows. It is necessary to straighten his shoulders. The head should be positioned right, you need to look ahead. You need to start to lower his head to the side, then - in the opposite direction. Thus it is necessary to make sure that the shoulders do not move.

Practicing the lower part of the body

Stretching at home. Stretching exercises

proceed to stretch the muscles of the lower body.

  1. It is necessary to stand near the wall or door. They act as a support. It needs to bend, for example, the right foot and take up her hand appropriate in the instep. Exhale, try to pull your foot as close as possible to the buttocks. Knee at the same time should not move back.
  2. How do stretching the hips? It is necessary to sit down across the bench, put on one of her legs. Foot in the second leg at the same time must firmly rest against the floor. Hands need to lay his head. Exhale, try to lower the body by touching the breast of the knee. The body in this case should be straight. Themselves determine what state will be stretchable leg - in a direct or slightly bent.
  3. In order to stretch the thighs and buttocks, it is necessary to sit on the floor. Back to rest against the wall is required. The legs should be straight. Bending one leg, get her foot thigh other limbs. Hand it is necessary to maintain one foot in the knee, and the other - in the area of ​​the ankle. Carefully need to try to pull the bent limb to the chest.
  4. To stretch the lower back, need to sit on a chair and place feet. Exhale, lower the body as close to the knees.
  5. of stretching the leg muscles. Sit down on the floor. The back of this should be directed to the wall. Legs should be bent in such a way that the feet are connected to one another. With the help of the hands they need to draw as close as possible to the body. Exhale, try as much as possible to tilt the body to the floor. Note that in doing so he has to be absolutely right.
  6. It is necessary to stand on the toes of some fairly high support. Breathe out slowly and begin to lower the heels to the floor - as low as possible.

Exercise should be regular

Stretching at home. Stretching exercises

No exercise for stretching, as you see, is not needed. If you regularly perform all of these exercises, you will be able to maintain flexibility and even improve it. Therefore, ignore the acquired knowledge is not necessary.

Twine - a passion of many people

Recently, a very pressing question of how to do the splits. You must know that for this leg and back muscles should have good flexibility. However, it is not necessary to be upset right away if you have the situation is somewhat worse. There are special exercises, doing that, you can achieve the desired results. So stretch the splits - what to do?

The basic exercises to develop flexibility,

  1. It is necessary to lay down on the floor. Perpendicular to the floor it is necessary to arrange the legs bent at the knees. They need to start breeding in different directions, without bending at the same calf. Gradually, the amplitude will have to increase.
  2. It is necessary to adopt the lotus position sitting. It should rest against the foot of each other. You must start slowly to try to squeeze your knees to the floor. In this case, the hip must also move apart slowly.
  3. to do the third exercise sitting. Sitting on the left heel, it is necessary to straighten the other leg to the side. Sock, pull yourself. Making the exhale, begin to lower the body. It is necessary as much as possible to lean against the thigh. At the time of the exercise palms need to be located on the feet or legs. A minute later, the same movement done by changing the legs.

Such stretch the splits will fully prepare all the necessary muscles. Only then should begin to exercise the most important thing - twine.

An important exercise that should be performed

Stretching at home. Stretching exercises

It is necessary to carry out another important exercise that was a good stretch. For starters, it should be one of the main. Legs spread in different directions, you should try to sit as low as possible. Many beginners learn to do the splits wrong. No need to do the exercise by the power through the pain. The result in this way will not work to achieve.

In the event that the leg muscles strong and trained, then perform the splits will be very difficult. Nature would have it, a person can not hurt yourself. At the time of the peak voltage, the muscles will prevent stretch ligaments. Deceive the body is not so easy. However, this can be done. The whole essence - relaxed breathing. Doing the exercises, you need only think of what brings you joy. Breathing should be relaxed.

What should be remembered?

Stretching at home. Stretching exercises

Before starting the exercise, you should do two reps. In this case it is only necessary to squat to maximum point. In such a situation can be even a little walk. Should climb without the help of outsiders. After two attempts are made, you can start to fulfill itself splits. In order to return was the highest, it is necessary to perform five visits. Two - before training, after that - two and a maximum voltage. The latter approach is not on full force. Small training required to perform regularly, every day. It does not take much time. It is necessary to do all the exercises that were described above. About one in every three days try to do the splits to a critical point. The training process is best left for the evening. There is one advantage: with exercise you can watch TV.


Stretching at home. Stretching exercises

In this review, we have led the main types of exercises with which you can improve your body flexibility, physical health. If training will be regular, then after a short period of time you can indulge in excellent stretching sitting on splits. Only it should be understood that for the exercises should be approached with great responsibility. Otherwise, nothing good comes out of your efforts will not work.