How do the splits for 1 day: recommendations coach

For information on how to do the splits for 1 day, looking for a lot of girls. Of course, to do it on the first try without training it is impossible, but a specific set of exercises will help get closer to the goal. All that is necessary for the twine - a well-developed muscle elasticity, persistence and willpower.

How do the splits for 1 day: recommendations coach

Types of twine

Before you learn how to do the splits for 1 day, you should deal with his views. To date, there are strings:

  • cross (legs divorced in hand);
  • longitudinal (one foot in front and the other - in the back);
  • Vertical (one foot clearly rises up);
  • provisnoy (performed on elevations, for example, on two chairs);
  • standing on hands (may be any of the above, but performed in a rack on the hands).

Is is possible to achieve results in a day?

Often the question of how to do the splits for 1 day, occurs in girls and even some of the boys, which is a skill you need to practice dancing or some other sport. In the absence of contraindications (trauma, fracture of bones, high blood pressure, pain in the lumbar region) can begin to stretch.

The answer to the question of how to do the splits in the home, can not be meaningful, because from scratch it can be done in 1 day. Of course, if some of the skills already and people do standard exercises for stretching every day, something like the splits can happen, but for beginners to do this in such a short period of time will not succeed. There are several reasons:

  1. flexibility not found "on click." For its development in different people leaving different amounts of time. One is enough to be two or three days, while others have to go to the purpose for months.
  2. untrained person is difficult to fulfill all the right, if there is no coach. If you incorrectly modify the formulation of the feet, it can be less elastic and without nenatrenirovannye muscles.

Patience and strict adherence to the recommendations of these athletes will help to quickly do the splits. 1 day it will be done, or a week - it depends on the person.

How do the splits for 1 day: recommendations coach

Recommendations made by

Often newcomers are trying to achieve any success in the sport on their own, without being interested in the opinion of experts. In fact, this is one of the main reasons for failure.

Those who can not understand how quickly the splits, coaches recommendations will be just right. With their assimilation should begin training. Professional athletes certainly know how to do the splits for 1 day, so they can give good advice. The main ones are:

  1. Do the usual stretching exercises should be every day, and if possible - a few times a day. And not only have to stretch the leg muscles, but also other groups.
  2. The most effective is the morning stretching, because the body has not yet had time to warm up.
  3. Before class, be sure to take a hot shower to relax your muscles and make them more flexible.
  4. Do not set yourself on the fast results, so do not be upset when failures.
  5. is better to start with a longitudinal type of twine, as it is much easier to achieve, in contrast to the cross.

Train to stretch

When the body is properly warmed up and ready to workout, it's time to start the exercise itself. Their number is not so large, so the occupation will not take long.

The first exercise to be performed on a mat in a sitting position. Both feet should be to close and pull forward. On the inhale the whole body should be pulled forward. At the same time we must try to take hold of the heel. Back is required at all times to keep a straight line, and legs - firmly against the floor. All you need to perform three sets, each with 12-15 repetitions.

How do the splits for 1 day: recommendations coach

For the second exercise is required to stand up, place the feet shoulder width apart and a cross between the fingers of both hands. Then you need to gently bend down to the feet alternately, and the gap between them, pulling his hands to the floor. As in the previous exercise, the back should be kept straight. In this case, you will need to do no more than two sets of 15 repetitions.

How do the splits for 1 day: recommendations coach

The third posture, to answer questions about how you can do the splits for 1 day is done sitting on one leg. The second leg should pull back, stretch it with the toe to the floor and feel the stretch in your hip. This exercise allows you to stretch the muscle groups are relaxed and slow. There will be sufficient to perform three sets, while in the pose for 10-15 seconds.

For the following exercises require the wall. Standing on both legs, you need to rely on it and perform a few strides forward, sideways and backward. In this case, it must necessarily be felt tension, otherwise the effect will not be any. Run need 3 sets of 15 repetitions for each leg. The final is the well-known exercise that is borrowed from yoga - "Butterfly". It is sitting on a rug. To do this, bend the knees, pulling the foot as close as possible to him, and then deploy it to each other and stops them together, knees apart in different directions. Hands at the same time can be placed on your lap or take them for the toes. Next, you need to quickly raise and lower the knees as close to their floor, but raising no more than 10 cm from it. The exercise is performed in three sets, each of which needs to be done for 20 reps.

How do the splits for 1 day: recommendations coach

Login twine

At the end of the training comes a long-awaited moment - the entrance to the twine. Starting position: standing, feet shoulder width apart. On inspiration both legs at the same time driving around in a hand, without bending at the knees. Lowering to the floor should be continued as long as the pain will not be felt. The maximum low position fix should pose and allow the muscles used for 5 minutes. When the pain subsides, we can continue the approach to the floor. The ultimate goal will have to go centimeter by centimeter, but in the end it will still be achieved.

The reasons for the failures

Knowing how to get into the splits position at home, should not immediately begin to engage, as before that definitely need to learn about the causes of failures, not to repeat the mistakes of other people. The most common causes are:

  1. Training with pain. If you know that there are any problems with the ligaments or muscles in any case can not do the exercises, because there is a chance to further worsen their condition.
  2. A dynamic entry into the twine. This method is widely used in various sports circles. He, of course, is effective, but too dangerous if done independently, without recourse to the coach.


When you exercise you need to be extremely careful. Be sure to remember that:

  • stands most to protect the knee joints, as they are the most vulnerable;
  • when stretching hamstring knees need to be bent a minimum;
  • in the case of cross-twine load on the knees can be removed, turning the toes up.
How do the splits for 1 day: recommendations coach


Ironically, twine has some contraindications, which in any case can not be ignored. These include: leg injury, spinal or pelvic department, dropped uterus and inflated blood pressure. If you try to do the splits with such problems, you can get hurt, because of which will never be able to achieve the desired result. So before you exercise, be sure to consult with your doctor and personal trainer.