"Baby, you just space!" Or a couple of stories about a psycho who said they had sex with space aliens

• "Baby, you just space!" Or a couple of stories about a psycho who said they had sex with space aliens

The man - it is a funny creature, which, according to the stories of some very enthusiastic companions can have sex with almost anyone about anything. Some fans of "brawn" doing it with the corpses, other "animal rights" take the example of Panin. About not exactly healthy, but has not yet been surveyed citizens who make love with tractors and inflatable mattresses or argue that managed to hold hot and passionate night of love with a ghost, we already told you in our previous articles. And now, finally, it's time for what we have all been waiting for. Yes, dear friends, today we have in the program "Good night, kids" protagonists will be those most reptilians and anal probe!

But seriously, then, yes, this also happens. In our wide world there are not a dozen gifted "patients" who, hand on heart, say that they had a real sex with space aliens. Well, guys, stocked wet wipes, because today we will tell you a couple of stories from the picturesque crazies who say that they are lucky to sleep with the green men.

The MP, who changed his wife with a space pussy

Meet this Simon Parkes, the former deputy of the city council of a small English town, who claims to have not only got himself a mistress from another planet, but managed to close up the child to her. Parkes says that the first sex with an alien came from him when he was only six years (and this, comrades, is already an article for the sexual abuse of minors), and it was, quote, "simply divine".

The alien creature called herself the "Queen of Cats" and was a poor boy in the form of "green growth being 210 cm in a purple robe." No sooner had six young Simon to depart from the shock of familiarity with green slag as a strange creature quickly jumped to his bed and began to undress.

The man said that the bed was very alien even nothing, and he continued to turn the affair with her, and later in life. To date, the "Queen of Cats", which allegedly bore the unfortunate deputy alien daughter visits him exactly four times a year. Parkes wife refers to his mistress space with understanding and does not dare to condemn her husband's infidelity with a creature belonging to the highest form of reason.

Happy Father 50 alien children

But a man named David Huggins, who claims to be a happy dad 50 alien "tugoser". Mama its invisible offspring Huggins calls some sexy blond the alien, which first attacked him in 17 years, when the unsuspecting guy came in the evening to the lake for some fresh air.

His favorite man affectionately known as "Crescent", says that sometimes she takes him on a spaceship so he could look at his gray-green offspring, and when they indulge in a gentle and passionate love watching them aliens crowd -uchenyh in white coats.

Space rapist-pimp

But the girl named Suzanne Brown relationship with an alien lover, who, according to her, called Myrick, have developed very clearly. She described her boyfriend as a space pretty blonde in tight jumpsuit 150 cm in height. Moreover, if you believe that nonsense that tells Suzanne, it is this insidious alien "very gently and carefully," deprived of her virginity when she was only 12 years old.

However, the candy buketny period for the girls did not last long. After Suzanne visited on a visit at her partner, she looked at the little gray offspring, and under the impression from what you decided to get away from the ordinary earthly man, green man decided to use the poor girl to complete. Susan said that her alien boyfriend, God forgive me, used his power of hypnosis to seize control of her mind and turn it into an intergalactic ... prostitute.

And yes, after over half enslaved Suzanne outraged the entire galaxy, insidious aliens came to her in the night and cut her from the womb of their offspring. And no, it's not the best scenario for the Japanese porn decade, she says in all seriousness that it has developed and its sad fate.