How to wash away the tan evenly?

The need to wash away the fake tan is dictated by a variety of causes. The most popular - it's getting the wrong shade. There are times when the facility goes straight, then there is the question of how to wash away the tan quickly and efficiently. Few people want to go to spots. It is also a common problem - a carrot color staining.

How to wash away the tan evenly?

It should be noted that professional cosmetics washed off much harder than cheap, from which will be over after the first shower. Your attention is a popular and effective ways to remove artificial pigmentation using readily available means.

How to wash away the tan quickly

1) The first step is to take a hot bath or visit the sauna, as the paint is better to go with steamed skin.

2) Some means for rapid tanning can be removed using a scrub (natural coffee or salt) and washcloths.

How to wash away the tan evenly?

3) Darker or hide undesirable hue can by the means for removing makeup. Milk-tan (or any agent on alcohol) to help in the fight against sunburn cheap, but quality cosmetics will not succumb to such methods.

4) It is very effective is applying to the skin of the undiluted alcohol. He accurately removes any tan. However, alcohol has its own significant drawbacks: it has a pungent odor and dries the skin hard enough. After this procedure, you need to use moisturizers.

How to wash away the tan evenly?

5) The majority of the female population gets to eliminate sunburn special gel. Tanning inexpensive series is eliminated in the shortest possible time, the display quality is much more difficult. 6) Hydrogen peroxide is also considered a good remedy. It is necessary to apply the solution on a cotton pad and rub the skin, which has acquired the undesired sunburn. After this procedure is necessary to moisturize the skin, since peroxide is very dry.

7) Make a smooth and light tan to help folk remedies, which include lemon juice and vinegar diluted with water. These products must be applied to the skin, then take a shower and to moisturize it.

8) Another good alignment means is a mask undesired sunburn clay.

The above tips will help you understand how to wash off tan using improvised means without harm to the skin.

What if your own is impossible to achieve the desired?

How to wash away the tan evenly?

If the above procedure did not help you, you must seek the assistance of a specialist. This problem will help you cope in any salon where services are performed applying fake tan. You can seek help from a hairdresser. There are special tools, by which the ink from the skin can be removed easily.

Apply yourself or not?

To obtain the desired result to apply tan better in specialized salons. Then you do not exactly have a question about how to wash away the tan quickly and without harm to your skin.