Instant tan: reviews, description of the procedure

Tan looks aesthetically pleasing and fashionable. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to the beach. Especially if the yard is not the summer. So many people today, even in winter tend to get the desired shade of skin artificially. There are lots of tanning treatments.

Solarium has a number of contraindications. Therefore, the beauty industry has developed a new procedure. It is much safer than traditional UV irradiation. This technique is called instant tan. Reviews of the procedure, and it is especially recommended to consider before visiting a beauty salon.


instant tanning procedure is relatively new. It is called differently. This technique is also called reed, a California tan. It is absolutely harmless procedure that is suitable for almost all skin types. The process of applying tanning does not take much time.

Instant tan: reviews, description of the procedure

This is a salon treatment. She holds a master who has received appropriate qualifications. Many beauty salons offer the inhabitants of our country such a service. If necessary, the wizard can call home. This will save time, carry out the procedure in the comfort for the client.

Sunburn is obtained by applying a special lotion kept long enough. It is possible to create almost any skin tone. It can be mild or profound. There are shades that are the same color of the sea sunburn. Even in winter the skin looks as if a man had just returned from vacation.

Features procedures

To decide on the need for reporting procedures, consideration should be given feedback on the instant tan and the results of this technique. Professional cosmetologists say its high efficiency. To create the selected skin tone, apply a special lotion. It contains the active components, that interact with cell surface. The structure of such means includes a component which generates sugarcane.

Instant tan: reviews, description of the procedure

Presented products are made from natural ingredients. Sunburn in this case is not created with the assistance of ultraviolet radiation. This allows you to apply the procedure provided even to those people who are contraindicated solarium.

Dermatologists, cosmetologists all over the world say that the procedure is safe instant tan. It is not contraindicated, even pregnant women, people with serious medical conditions. The only limitation is the availability of fresh skin wounds, scratches or burns. this procedure can be done in other cases.


Wondering what the procedure is the use of special reed lotions, many are looking for reviews about instant tan. Bronze Glow Moscow is one of the most popular capital salons. To draw conclusions about the cost of the procedure, can be considered as an example of his services.

Instant tan: reviews, description of the procedure

The standard procedure for instant tan is worth 1900 rubles. You can choose a different intensity treatments. skin tone can become darker by 30-90%. In addition to the standard treatment lotion, offers a variety of additional services.

In addition to tanning, cellulite supplement may be part of the funds. She corrects the shape (the price of 400 rubles.). If you want to get a tan within 3 hours, apply rapid tan. The cost of this procedure is 2500 rubles. Also, before applying the tanning can spend peeling (400 rub.). To keep longer the chosen shade, you can perform the procedure with the use of premium lotion. Costs 2300 rubles.

Features lotion

Check prices, reviews and instant tanning results, it is necessary to pay attention to the peculiarities of the applied lotion. Today there are many tools for the procedure presented in the salon or at home.

Instant tan: reviews, description of the procedure

The lotion contains extract from the shoots of sugarcane. This component is called DHA (dihydroxyacetone). It is a monosaccharide, which after application on skin begins to act only on the cell surface layers. DHA reacts with proteins epidermal tissue.

The effect may not appear immediately, but after a day. This should not cause misunderstandings. Chemical reactions that occur in the skin, it takes time. The entire process takes place gradually. The lotion thus may be composed of additional components. This can be essential oils, plant juices, extracts and t. D.

DHA 8-18% may be contained in the composition of funds. Its concentration depends on the shade that will be acquired by the skin after treatment.

Implementation of procedures in the cabin

Considering the reviews of lotion for instant tanning, should also pay attention to the conduct of the procedure. If the selected tool is of high quality, but the master puts it on the skin properly, you can watch the undesirable consequences of this procedure.

In the high-end beauty salons before the procedure required to master tells the client about all the nuances of the future treatment of the skin. After that, if there are no contraindications for the procedure (open wounds, fresh scratches and so on. D.), You are ready to carry it out.

Instant tan: reviews, description of the procedure

The client undresses and goes to a closed booth. Sunbathing naked in a bathing suit or disposable underwear. Using a special atomizer lotion is applied evenly to the skin. Is first treated with a front portion of the body, except the face, and then the back side. Then treated with the inner surfaces of the hands and feet. The last thing a person treated.

Reviews of the procedure

The effect of the instant tan does not appear immediately. Many fear that the desired skin tone does not appear immediately. It will take at least 3 hours before they become visible first results. However, the total time of the chemical reaction of components of the lotion and skin pigments takes about a day.

Instant tan: reviews, description of the procedure

Also, do not be afraid of contact with eyes. During their procedures cover special plates. Therefore, almost all clients of beauty salons say that it is completely safe procedure. If the master got the relevant qualifications, apply quality tools for treatment of the skin, the effect of the procedure is high.

According to the reviews, the procedure lasts about 30 minutes. First spray the lotion on the skin. It takes about 20 minutes. Then another 10 minutes. It needs to ensure that a means soaked in the epithelium. You can then get dressed and go home. Shower not take over 8 hours. Also, you should avoid any other contact with water during this time. It is not recommended to engage in sports or use cosmetics.


Instant tan has many advantages. This procedure allows you to select a shade that will have the skin after treatment. It can be performed either in the salon or at home. If you do not have time to visit the beauty salon, you can use the additional service. Master coming home to the client. He takes with him all the necessary equipment and special canvas tent. This will avoid getting funds for furniture and other surrounding objects.

Instant tan: reviews, description of the procedure

Allows mask instant tan and freckles. Reviews cosmetologists say that saturated shades can hide increased pigmentation. Even birthmarks can become less visible against the dark skin tone. The procedure is completely safe. It can not cause burns, cancer, immune disorders. It can be performed during pregnancy. It takes only one procedure is to give the skin the necessary shade. It does not take a week to go to a beauty salon, as is the case with UV tanning, or get used to the sunlight outdoors.

The disadvantages of

There are some disadvantages procedure. Reviews of instant tan in front of the sea indicate that the skin does not produce after applying lotion protective factors. If it get sunlight can scorch. Only under the influence of UV layer of the epidermis increases, produced melanin, which protects the covers from burns.

after treatment relative to the effect lasts long. The initial hue is maintained on the skin for several days. Then he gradually brightens. This is due to peeling of the upper skin cells. Over time, it becomes your natural shade.

Sunburn spots can take, if sweating after treatment. In underarm areas, under the breast, on the belt, the skin may be lighter in facial T-zone. Therefore, experts recommend to carry out the procedure at home, do not do manual labor for 8 hours. Also, in areas where the skin is renewed faster, brightens the epidermis faster.

How long does the effect of

Considering the price, reviews about the instant tan, you should note the factors that contribute to the prolongation of the effect of the procedure. About them should speak in a beauty salon.

In winter, reed tan lasts longer. In the summer of epidermal glands secrete a lot of fat, sweat. Update it more quickly. Therefore, the shade will brighten faster. Also, contact with water visibly brightens the sun. Particularly rapidly reduce the intensity of the hue salt water, sauna, salon treatments with scrubs. Also use in the process of cleaning hard sponges can quickly reduce the result salon treatment of skin lotion to zero. In order to prolong the effect, it is necessary to eliminate the adverse factors.

The negative feedback

Reviews of instant tan mostly positive. However, there are negative statements. This is due to improper handling of default skin or cosmeticians requirements after the procedure.

Customers beauty salons claim that it is very important to select the optimal shade according to your skin type. Otherwise, in the process of washing the color of the epidermis will be unnatural. This may for example be carrot or yellow. Experienced beautician will recommend suitable options for every skin type.

Also, some reviews say that after treatment lotion may stain laundry. To avoid this, you should not go after salon treatments in public transport. It is better to carry out a skin treatment in the home. This will ensure a smooth tone on all skin areas.

Professionals Tips

Reviews of instant tan also provide professional cosmetologists, dermatologists. They argue that if properly applied techniques presented fake tan looks natural. It does not cause a variety of abnormalities. allergies can occur in rare cases. But almost always, this procedure does not bear serious consequences for human health. The use of reed lotions suitable for both women and men. It is exactly perform cosmetologists recommendations after the procedure. In this case, the result will be long, and even skin tone.

There are special add-ons that allow you to improve the quality of cane lotion. It is possible to achieve long-term preservation of the original color, avoid bright spots and so on. D.

Consider the features of instant tan, reviewed the specialists and visitors of beauty salons, it is possible to decide on the need to apply presented methods.