Exercises on your abs gear

To gain the desired relief, and the amount of

Often bodybuilders athletes ignore the work gear with abdominal muscles. As a result, when loaded with the general group, serrated abdominal muscles, because of their anatomical features, almost did not work.

Exercises on your abs gear

Pump up those muscles can only be performing a special set of exercises designed exclusively for them. And to make it easy, even for the pros it sometimes takes more than one season to ensure that toothed muscle gained the desired relief and volume.

Where are they?

Toothed muscles are located on the sides of the chest and, despite the fact that they are not large muscles are highly visible. Emphasizing all the other muscles of the torso, they are visually make the body of the athlete in a holistic and harmonious. Well developed serratus show the high skill of the athlete made them in a detailed training.

Exercises on your abs gear

So, how to build muscle gear?

Their training consists of exercises related to compression and stretching of the chest, as well as the abduction and bringing the hands to the body. Serratus indirectly loaded with the muscles of the chest, back and shoulders. It is further proposed some of the most effective exercises to pump up the serratus anterior muscle. Exercise number 1

One of the most effective exercises performed on the bar. Making vis, it is necessary to slowly raise the leg until it touches the knee opposite side of the chest. In the upper position the leg is delayed by three seconds, and then slowly returns to the original. The same steps must be repeated for the second leg. Total optimum number of repetitions is six times for each leg. For greater impact should try to reach the knee to the shoulder.

Exercise number 2

Another exercise for the muscle workout gear is performed in the supine position. This exercise repeats the above described, except that it is lying on a bench sport. Must also alternately lift your legs and reach the knee to the opposite side of the chest or shoulder. You can (and should) every time you approach change the angle of the bench.

Exercise number 3

Another effective exercise is carried out with the rod. Weight rod each athlete should select for themselves their own, and if the bar has a serious weight, be sure to invite a partner who would be able to insure you in the capture and lowering of the projectile. Rod rests on the shoulders of the head. Then, with the body movements necessary to describe it ends right eight. Four eights and four in the clockwise - counterclockwise.

Exercises on your abs gear


Catching workout gear, it must be remembered that they refer to a small group of human muscles, physiologically designed for continuous operation. These muscle groups do not like the big weight and a small number of approaches that are more important than the quantity, rather than quality. Therefore, in the preparation of training plans need to include a large number of repetitions, it should not be taking a lot of weight. As in everything else, for the development of gear abdominal muscles some people by nature have a greater potential than others, and therefore the number and severity of training for all will be different. But without the beautiful and vividly highlighted serratus muscles can not achieve good athletic shape.