Terms of the life of Alexander Vassiliev

• Rules of Life by Alexander Vassiliev

Terms of the life of Alexander Vassiliev

I can do MUCH HAND. Hammer good drive in nails to hang pictures. Hang pictures - my passion.

Childhood I REMEMBER to such an extent that even remember being in the crib with pacifier and toys. I had a giraffe, and I am very worried that the nanny, Claudia Pechorkina, broke his neck when retracted into a box. I told her that could never be forgiven.

I married a French woman, and went to Paris in 1982. This proved to be a very difficult test - dive into another country. I remember that on the second day after arrival - along with his wife and her friends - we came in a Paris cafe, and I said, "What will you drink?". I asked: "What is?" - because I used that in the Soviet cafe was nothing. And when I was the waiter said: "There are," - it was a shock for me. I could not understand how it is - everything.

NOW RUSSIAN ABROAD like to criticize the MENU: "What? You do not have tea with leaves of violets? "-" Yes, this tea is not. " - "I saw it in Japan." She believes that if she saw him in Japan, then, of course, he, too, should be in every restaurant. "So what do you drink?" - "Fresh raspberry juice." - "We do not have it". - "God, where I come!" It's so funny.

In Europe really rampant anti-Russian mood, but it started as recently as the 1990s. Once Russian emigration, which arrived in Europe in the 1920s brought with them a new culture. It was fine, and then everything changed. Emigration nineties came for the sausage, and the emigration of the 2000s came with money to escape from justice.

In XX century K RUSSIAN HUGE treated with reverence. They saw artists, dancers, singers, actors, poets and writers. They have seen the inventors, military leaders and fashion designers. But all this has disappeared. Now they see Russian crude boors with lots of money, and that image will not fix any one agency. Just shut RIA "News", and will instead "Russia today". But it will not help until the Russian abroad will steal in supermarkets, swearing and shkodnichat. I would like to still accustomed some Western values ​​in Russia. For example, respect for the person.

RUSSIAN MAN paradoxical. Most people think of surrounding cattle, but God forbid a foreigner say about us that we - cattle. We immediately shout: "Scoundrel!"

RUSSIAN DRAMA - abundant women. We have 55% of their population, and Russian woman - kooky sex. Everybody wants to be young forever, dye their hair, nails glue, used Botox, silicone heels and want to present yourself sexy. What the hell? The answer is: because they want all the time bedding relations. Because the 70 years they have not allowed to do. In communal apartments not clear when all the neighbors hear, not very pokryahtish and postonesh. And if parents sleep next? And if a dog came up, who wants to smell what you're doing there?

When I spoke, it is usually room for several thousand people. And so I go on stage, and there sat the thousands of women and eight and a half men. And I have three hours - one without dancers and music - they cast a spell so that when leaving they said, "Witch! Our favorite magician "And I am able to, even though I do not understand - how. Here I've just been in the Kuban region, so there came a woman from the village, fell at my feet and said, "The Divine! Let me kiss your hand. " Well, we live such a life.

I have the whole year - a continuous working week. Weekend I come in August when the two weeks vacation. I look forward to August as August - this Saturday.

ONLY BURLAK my ship - it is I. I pull himself.

What is self-indulgence? Here I drink with you tea and self-indulgence, not because thousands of women to broadcast something, and you alone. This is the holiday for me. Many say: "Vasiliev - an upstart. He is everywhere. " And I say: "Work, as I'm working, too, will be everywhere."

ME often called to play a movie, but there is always some Barinov, and never for some reason this does not end here. I even auditioned for the role of Napoleon. In 2012 we had to shoot a film about Napoleon's invasion, but not removed.

I do not want work less. I want to work more.

PROCESS cultivation is long, but it is necessary for everyone, if he wants something to pass on to children. If you are not a damn thing you know, the kids will know the half. And the grandchildren?

Love of fashion came from FRANCE. Not fashion, namely love of fashion.

FASHION - THIS IS NOT A HEALTH SPA. This is a terrible competition and heavy production. It is, rather, a juicer: take a man suck from it the idea, and when they run out, throw it, and comes next. Some ladies think: "I want to become a designer, I'm dreaming." But it is no use to anyone - your dreams.

I support the idea that women wore feminine, but this will never happen. My "for" is not enough. The woman became so brave that she had never feminine will not. Femininity can only be Kept.

WOMEN'S CLOTHING less comfortable than men. Men have always worked, and women started to work only in the 1920s. The women later withdrew corsets, late hair was cut, it was too late to smoke in public, it was too late to wear pants. It all came very late, and women's clothing, a very beautiful aesthetically, in practice, proved to be imperfect. Women still believe that the dress better, feminine and sexy. But here, sorry, winter. And you think that tights and skirt for winter better? I think that the pants warm pants and much more convenient. On fashion influenced mainly by sex and religion.

WANT to distract from the true issues - that's my opinion on the debate about same-sex marriage. In Russia, are thriving corruption and theft, which are now acquiring a new dimension to the great projects. Take the Grand Theater, the bridge to the island of Russian, Sochi Olympics. And now that the people have not thought about it and was not indignant, they are given a scarecrow: gay marriage, oo-oo-oo, gore-gore.

BEST RUSSIAN EXAMPLE NO 1917 - is Finland. Anyone who wants to find out what would be Russia without Bolsheviks, even goes to Helsinki. The whole of Russia would be such.

I believe that Russia can not be this racism. Yes, we say: "We, the Chechens! We, the Armenians! We, the Ukrainians! "But we are always happy intelligent Chechen, Armenian, intelligent and talented Ukrainian. For example, I am very happy.

GLOBAL ISSUES must decide not fashion historian and probably the government.

I LOVE kids. Tell me, how many children do you have? And as you created them - the old Cossack way? Tell them hello. They see me on TV sometimes? Show them somehow, some uncle sends them greetings. They would have been nice.

I WOULD LIKE TO INTERVIEW WITH ME DOGGIE take, but it would be pushed here. He's very handsome. Black pug named Kitty. He recently poisoned when licking their paws after walking on the pavement with a reagent. He had diarrhea for two days, and I panic. I travel a lot with him, he is a very good man.

IF I learned about the imminent end of the light, we will do the same thing: a holiday drink champagne, dance, and even buy a vintage dress and property - because it probably will fall in price all. Any prediction never is valid until the end. People are panicking, all sold out - and then have to buy. I economic man. I do not have beautiful handwriting, but I try. For many years - almost thirty - every day I'm at the hands of a diary. This is very interesting, and I would ever publish it. I'm sure I was attacked on the mass of publishers and offer a lot of money.

I do not write quickly without writing abbreviated. I write beautifully, with all the punctuation marks - with commas, colons, dashes, and the sentence begins with a capital letter.

I have long enjoyed the normal key "NOKIEY". Its keyboard reminds me a computer or typewriter. I do not like "iPhone" with a glass surface, because they do not believe the letters that can not touch.

I AU esemesok - a day I can send at least fifty.

It's such SEXY JOKE when you girl say: "The post anything meat in his mouth." They like. They at once: "Oh, well, not so well." Wonderful joke. So that girls repeat: "Nothing of meat in his mouth."

Eternal youth does not happen, but there is an eternal struggle for the youth.

I always know that sign.