Rules of Life of Marion Cotillard

• Rules of Life Marion Cotillard

Rules of Life of Marion Cotillard

I WANT TO BE JUST actress. I do not want to be "of the French actress."

A long time ago I feel like a little girl, which unfurls endless gifts.

In childhood I was insane. Crazy, but not crazy.

The first American film that I saw was "ET" Spielberg. What is happening on the screen so shocked me that I burst into tears and sobbed so loudly that someone said, "Lord, yes, output from the hall that girl!"

I grew up in a house where there was always a lot of different adults. It seems that it is better than any kindergarten.

My father was a mime. So I know how to get invisible wall, how to ride a bike without a bike, how to bite the apple without the apple and how to climb the stairs without a ladder.

In America, I send only because there were too few actresses from France.

I still feel like HOLLYWOOD, as if for a long time looked at pictures of movie stars, and at one point, these pictures came to life and spoke to me.

I LOVE LOS ANGELES - despite the fact that there are no angels there, I have not met.

I ADMIRE Greta Garbo, although I never wanted it to be. I wanted to be Charlie Chaplin, and I wanted to be Peter Sellers. But with age, I do not like it more and more to be herself.

You know why I became an actress? A chance to be someone else helps you understand who you are.

ROLE - IT IS ALWAYS AS A FIRST DATE: suspense, hope and fear.

WHY AM I HERE? Why do we exist? What is my purpose? Stop asking questions that never get an answer. I do not know how each of us along life, and if we transform into someone after death, but I want to believe that death - a "pause" button, not the "stop" button.

Someone says, in the woods to breathe easier, and I say that in the forest it is easier to think.

I'd love to see dreams that the animal is removed.

Do I have the gift even if you wake me up in the middle of a dream, I can go back to sleep and watch what it was over.

In my dreams I'm pretty active club life.

I always wanted to be a musician in a large group. Light, of course, directed to the soloist, but back there, in the shade and in the dark - I.

Like everyone else, I was a little ashamed of the past and a little afraid of the future. I love the moment.

Most of all I love those moments when an idea suddenly begins to take shape.

All stories are different, all the films are different and all directors are also different. I'm awfully tired of talking about the secondary - if only because they, too, are secondary.

The easiest way to overcome obstacles - do not ignore them.

BEST IN THE LIFE OF COUNCIL GAVE ME Daniel Day-Lewis. "Do not work too hard - he said. - And even more do not have to work all my life. " And it is in general rights.

Every actress sometimes feels like a prostitute.

People who are passionate about plastic surgery, primarily driven by fear. No matter what they fear - of losing youth work or something else, but it is fear, and I do not want anything in my life it was dictated by fear.

I'm not afraid of old age. Ever since I became a mother, I only think about how to quickly become a grandmother. I was literally obsessed with this idea, so I hope my children will not hesitate in order to make their children, as once I was. After all, I want to be a young grandmother. Becoming a mother, you suddenly realize that now your primary duty - to be happy.

While you are alive, your life could be better.

We grow old when they stop to look. The search for truth, the desire to change - that's what makes you young. I remember a documentary about a man who is seriously wounded shark. He almost died, but then he went to travel around the world, killing sharks. He became a famous hunter, but at some point, more fear lodged in his head. He thought, "I've killed a lot of these creatures. What if they just disappear because someone like me? "At one point he became a defender of sharks. I remember this picture: he was standing in the boat, and on shark behavior specialist tells him that sharks are not monsters. "Touch it," - he said, and that person touches the nose of the shark swims by. We see how his face changes, but in fact we see that the whole life can change in a moment - of course, if you continue to search.

I'm much easier to understand in things bigger and more complex than in some insignificant and simple. It seems that this is what makes me real French.

NOTHING sweeter unknown. That it makes me shiver and teaches me patience.

WHAT I REALLY? Stubborn, passionate and curious.

I was always afraid that at the right moment can not find the right words.

Very soon I am going to be happy.