15 phrases that are not worth talking about yourself

There are lots of things that we do not want to hear, but often find themselves saying: hidden boasting, begging for compliments, unnecessary excuses, complaints and gossip. The list goes on endlessly. What we are talking not only affects our personality, but also in relationships with other people. Psychologist and consultant Jonathan Bennett says: "If you have to apply yourself so that you begin to annoy those around you, you will not be taken seriously." I gathered 15 sentences that put you in a bad light, so you no longer say them once and for all.

1. "I suck"

Try not to give yourself and do not point out flaws. No one likes such comments, because they put people in an awkward position: now it is necessary to prove the opposite? In other words, an excessive self-criticism looks as an attempt to run on the compliments. Plus negative words affect the subconscious. If you're overly blame yourself, then you will start to believe it was true. So much better to love yourself and highlight what you like in yourself. Thus is formed a healthy self-esteem.

2. "In this I look disgusting"

Who among us has not showered bait to draw out the coveted compliments? If you're doing it all the time, sooner or later get tired of praise surrounding you. It's one thing when you want to make sure that all is well, or get support. It is quite another when waiting for confirmation that already know. To save time, said to himself, his strengths instead of asking others to say the same thing. 3. "I do not know why I have raised"

There's nothing worse than showing off humble. It would be correct to speak about their achievements, otherwise it come across others on the wrong ideas.

15 phrases that are not worth talking about yourself

4. "I'm sorry that the dinner is so-so"

Many of us apologize unnecessarily, and in many cases this puts others at a disadvantage. "I'm sorry for what I have not cleaned" or "I'm sorry for what I can not buy an expensive gift." Stop judging yourself for what would never have condemned your friend.

15 phrases that are not worth talking about yourself

5. "I keep spoiling"

Do not go to the territory of self-deprecation. Such humor is appropriate when you are a child: it is easier to make fun of themselves on their own, than to let others do it. As soon as you get older, you need to show people how to treat you should, and still be kinder to yourself.

6. "This is the old me? I took it on sale "

Everyone likes to hear compliments. But when someone praises your sweater, I do not say that you took him to second-hand. This puts the person in an awkward position, because he genuinely wanted to give you a compliment.

7. "Most likely, I do not get"

You talk about your global plans, and then interrupts the story with "still does not work"? Stop. Why pick off his wings before the flight? Look at the situation positively and think through a plan B, and then people will treat you with more respect. 8. "It's worth XXX rubles"

Some people do not want to know anything about the prices, especially if it is a veiled boasting. When you talk about a new purchase or trip, it is not necessary to repeat how much you spent. In the end, emotions are important, but not the cost.

15 phrases that are not worth talking about yourself

9. "I absolutely always ..."

Saying that, you expose yourself to a man who never let you down, but no one is immune from mistakes. The more often you break your promises, the less credible. Use "I aspire to," "I try," instead of "I always ....".

15 phrases that are not worth talking about yourself

10. "I'm so lucky that I have a relationship,"

When you're just an affair, constantly talk about his happiness to others is normal and close friends you will not be condemned. But remember: you do not know what is currently experiencing other people. Maybe your loved one now experiencing discord in the relationship, so the last thing he wants to hear - how much your love is perfect.

11. "You will not believe what happened to me,"

We do not share stories as if they were a unique and mind blowing event, especially if they come to the word at the time of another story. When people talk about their achievements, no interlocutor is worse than the one that interrupted to insert the word.

12. "I still have so much to do,"

To abandon the meeting because you have a busy schedule, it is normal. But if you always find reasons not to participate in something, one day you may be excluded from the list of invitees. Yes, you have a lot to do, but believe me, in your friends, too! Employment - a lifestyle. No one wants to hear the complaints and excuses. 13. "I do not like my nose / bags under the eyes / ears"

If you do not like something in itself, it is constantly on the point - it means to put people in an awkward position. Focus on what you love about your appearance, highlights the pros.

15 phrases that are not worth talking about yourself

14. "Pf, this is nonsense"

If someone thanks you, then accept gratitude rather than shrug. People are uncomfortable when their compliments are somewhat insignificant.

15 phrases that are not worth talking about yourself

15. "I hate myself"

The quarrels and conflicts, each of us at least once, but blames himself. But such behavior is fundamentally wrong! Self-hatred is destructive both for nature and for the relationship as a whole. Rather than apologize to the person you keep talking only about myself. This if you're trying to shame people: "Look, because of our quarrel, I hate myself!". You're asking the other to be responsible for a showdown, and in adults it is called selfishness.