She listened to the album all the way and did not know what the author was sitting in a chair

She listened to the album all the way and did not know what the author was sitting in a chair

Many of us are dreaming, as if by chance encounter with a favorite actor or singer, for example, in a shop. Or perhaps not quite accidental, but it is currently planned, to finally give vent to his idol love and adoration. In general, to get at least some opportunity to get closer to the object of his admiration. The main thing to know it in person.

31-year-old Dutch singer-songwriter Dotan (Dotan) flew on a plane and noticed that sitting in a nearby chair she listens to his album. But in the course of the ensuing conversation musician I realized that Alicia (the name of the neighbor) has no idea that he was sitting next to the author of the music that plays in her headphones. And the more Dotan tried to hint to her on it, the funnier it became. History of meeting the singer shared on Twitter.

She listened to the album all the way and did not know what the author was sitting in a chair

Dothan, author and performer of songs.

And his first tweet about the strange, but funny meeting. "Okay, I'm sitting on the plane (hello, dorogushchy wi-fi), and the girl next to me listening to my album. Every song is straight. "

"It's a bit confusing, but at the same time enjoyable. Especially after she met, she asked me what I was doing ... "

"I replied that I was writing music ... and it is still not realized. The more I said nothing, and she continued to listen to my music is. "

"I thought, if she signed me in Twitter ... Well, hello, the neighbor on the plane. Thank you for listening to my music and sing along softly. " When the musician said that she listens, she replied without blinking - Dothan. He pretended that he had never heard of this name.

Fans of the singer, signed him on Twitter, offered to sing a neighbor that she finally realized, with someone sitting (he refused), or leave the girl a note asking to read after planting.

"Update: still no clue. He asked me if I love live music and I write the language texts - English or Dutch. "

"I replied that I love concerts, nothing beats a live sound. And I write in English. "

"Me:" How did you know about the music just listened to? "

She "heard in the soundtrack of your favorite TV series. It calms me. ' "

Until the end of the flight, Alicia continued to listen to music, not knowing that he was sitting with the performer. She even made him listen once his own song. When they landed, leaving the aircraft Dotan gave her a note. "I do not want to spoil this wonderful experience, or to put it in an awkward position. In fact, the main thing - the music, and it's the most pleasant compliment that can be obtained. I would be unoriginal and say that everything is great motivation. I come back tomorrow to the studio. "

A girl came out of the plane, finally unfolded the piece of paper and read the note. Dothan and wrote:

"Dear Dothan! I do not even know where to start. First: I can not believe what a fool I was not to know you, and ignored all signals and clues that you give me. For some strange reason I googled your name and do not know what you look like, but downloaded the album to hear a song in my favorite series of "original". Since then, I listen to him without stopping. I would like to personally say how grateful I am to you for the music. In fact, I would not know, and half of their favorite artists, because basically only interested in music. Even thought that Dotan - a group rather than one singer (shame on me). It is unfortunate that you did not say in the plane who you are. When I read the note, then I clung to his mother. We now have a difficult period, and your songs are great helped us. Even more than you can imagine.

My mother and I with great pleasure that we come to your concert in the fall. I can not believe that you were so generous and gave us tickets to a concert, especially after my shameful failure. Please continue to write great music and stay in the same modest. I promise more will not happen again. Never.

Love, Alice. "