Shellac Pedicure: design ideas, performance technique

What is a well-groomed woman? This is the lady who keeps track of their appearance from top down to the heels. The fair sex should bear in mind that nail care is not only a beautiful manicure, but also in the pedicure. Especially feet must look gorgeous in the summer. And come to the aid shellac pedicure. This is undoubtedly a fashionable, stylish and elegant!

Shellac Pedicure: design ideas, performance technique

How to care for the nails on your feet?

Many women neglect pedicure, considering it unnecessary, but they are wrong! Groomed feet and unsightly nails they look downright ugly. No matter how beautiful no matter your sandals, trendy pedicure Shellac must complement your image.

Pedicure primarily involves hygienic care of the legs, and has only then proceed to the decoration of the nail plate.

Allocate these types of foot care:

  1. Spa treatments.
  2. Maintenance using machines.
  3. Trim pedicure.

You can use all at once, this is called a combined pedicure.

The difference between the trim from the hardware pedicure

Edging pedicure is carried out using wire cutters, tweezers, nail scissors, but the hardware maintenance is carried out using a specially designed for this machine, which has a cutter and caps.

Compared with the trim hardware more gentle care, and the risk of infection when it is minimal. Nevertheless, classic pedicure is cut.

Shellac Pedicure: design ideas, performance technique

What is the classic pedicure?

Classical includes the following procedures:

  1. Getting rid of the dead skin with exfoliation procedure.
  2. Appearance of nail plates. Giving them shape.
  3. Steaming the skin on the heels and its mechanical cleansing.
  4. Getting rid of the cuticle.
  5. Making nail ridges.
  6. Use of nutritional oils and moisturizing lotions.

Trim pedicure is not intended to decorate the nails. But remember: if you decide to decorate nails, do it after the fifth stage of the procedure. And oils and lotions already apply to the finished design.

The modern world can boast a variety of vibrating grinding saws and floats, so enjoy the combined pedicure can afford any woman at home.

When it is not necessary to do a pedicure myself?

Indeed, not necessarily go to the master, to make yourself a pedicure, but there are factors which suggest that self prodelyvat procedure is not necessary. What are these conditions?

  1. If you have a very thin skin on the feet, you can cause injury.
  2. Do not make yourself a pedicure if you have a fungal disease.
  3. If you find yourself an ingrown nail, pedicure procedure before should visit a surgeon.
  4. When the tendency to ingrown nails go to the salon to the master.
  5. The presence of varicose veins should also alert you to the independent exercise pedicure procedure.
  6. Lack of experience to perform the pedicure said that the need to seek professional help.

If these conditions has left you out, then get started!

What do I need to have on hand to perform a pedicure with his own hands?

Let's see if easy to do yourself a pedicure? What should lay up?

  1. set of tools for manicure or pedicure.
  2. Cosmetics for nail care.
  3. Sea salt to remove calluses and corns.
  4. Towel.
  5. The basin of steaming feet.
  6. A decoction of herbs.
  7. Liquid soap and essential oils.
  8. A polyethylene film and a cloth impregnated with an acid solution for an acid peel.

Tools for creating decor

To create a shellac pedicure at home, you will need the following tools:

  1. Basecoat for shellac.
  2. Shellac desired shade.
  3. Fixer.
  4. The UV lamp.
  5. Degreaser. You can use boric alcohol, if no special tools.
  6. Napkins free cloth to remove the sticky layer.
  7. Means for removal of a sticky layer. You can also use boric alcohol.
Shellac Pedicure: design ideas, performance technique

Technique pedicure coated with shellac home

Thus, the tools are prepared, we begin to clean up your legs. Consider the entire process step by step pedicure Shellac:

  1. Use an acid peel to eliminate cracks and abrasions feet. For this is applied to heels napkin with an acidic solution and covered with their plastic bags. Exposure time - from one to two hours.
  2. Give the correct form of nail plate. They must be cut a flat line.
  3. Pour into a bowl of warm water, dilute it in liquid soap. You can add decoctions of herbs, sea salt and essential oils. Pamper your feet a bath for half an hour. Or as much time as you need to for their good steaming.
  4. Using a nail file or grater for heels, carefully dispose of the stratum corneum.
  5. Push the cuticles using an orange stick or remove it.
  6. Cut hangnails tweezers.
  7. Process buff the surface of the nail plate from peeling and cracking. Nails zapilivaem not worth it.
  8. Using a lint-free cloth, degrease the nails a special tool or boric alcohol. After degreasing Do not touch it, or shellac will not hold them long enough because of the accumulated fat particles.
  9. apply a thin layer on the nail basecoat and send them under ultraviolet light for two minutes. Before buying a lamp, pay attention to its power. For example, under the LED-lamps dried basecoat 30 seconds.
  10. Apply a thin layer of shellac selected hue and dry it in a lamp for two minutes. For summer pedicure Shellac, choose bright, saturated colors.
  11. If the color is bright enough, apply a second coat of varnish and repeat drying.
  12. Put on the nail plate hardener and two minutes send fingers under ultraviolet rays. Fixer is for a good polish on the nails socks. Well done design shellac lasts from three to four weeks.
  13. Completed pedicure procedure with shellac boric alcohol, wherein the soaking is removed, lint-free cloth and an adhesive layer formed on the nails during their residence time in drying.

Remember! During the whole procedure, do not touch your fingers to the nail plate, the remaining fat on them will contribute to the fragility of a shellac coating.

Shellac Pedicure: design ideas, performance technique

Pedicure Ideas (shellac)

It is always advantageous to look one-color cover. You can choose the soft and subtle shades, such as pink, light gray, beige, or bright, saturated colors - a red, coral and even a yellow.

Keep in mind that the combination of colors for a pedicure is not suitable, more advantageously, they look at the fingers.

A good idea would be to create French design on the nail plate foot fingers. For the summer colored jacket fit perfectly. It can be covered on the basis of natural or colored. For example, it is very nice combined with white blue, green and pink shades.

What sort of an interesting design can be issued nails on the toes?

Decorating nail

I love to decorate nails with rhinestones? Then, use the shellac pedicure with rhinestones.

The original idea of ​​decorating with a photograph. Case nails neutral colors and decorate with rhinestones several fingers and all.

Shellac Pedicure: design ideas, performance technique

Design coat

French manicure sign each of the fair sex. It involves the allocation smile area, wherein if a classic, the smile on natural white transparent manner. If this trendy colored tunics, then use a variety of color shades.

It is interesting to look at a pedicure with Shellac combination of red and green, yellow and purple, orange and blue. You can make a jacket with matte shellac.

Shellac Pedicure: design ideas, performance technique

Solid pedicure

Pedicure in one color is always fashionable and attractive. Use the blue, red, beige shades. Interestingly it looks white, decorated with rhinestones or sequins.

This sleek, discreet and beautiful design which is suitable for both work and for everyday life.

By choosing this option, you'll always look stylish and attractive.

Shellac Pedicure: design ideas, performance technique

The acidic color

Many women prefer bright shades of marigold. But it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances before applying the acid colors. For example, bright colors are not for every woman, and wear them should be in the summer season.

Do not decorate pedicure shellac acid colors metallic sequins and Shimmer.

Shellac Pedicure: design ideas, performance technique

Use the yellow, green, red, hot pink shades. Combine them together, paint each nail in a separate color, using such elements of decor, as rhinestones, bows, flowers, stickers.

Look at the picture the best ideas summer pedicure and experiment!