"Sunlight": staff reviews and jewelry buyers

Every girl wants to receive a gift of a sweet nice little piece of jewelry store; in extreme cases, to indulge themselves. And then the choice depends on the mood, trinkets cost, design, material compatibility with the article of clothing ... So, choosing a souvenir for friends, make sure you know her preferences accurately. No such certainty? Then come to the aid girl's best friend - of course, real diamonds! It is too loud? Perhaps you imagined two-tiered necklace studded with diamonds processed, for which will have to pay almost a fortune? In fact, diamonds are no longer something accessible only to the chosen. The most common girls wear them, buying cheap products "Sunlight", which allow feedback to rely on the manufacturer, the more that the company - an exceptional phenomenon among the mass market.

A little bit about the company. Quality mark of

"Sunlight" (reviews and useful information you will find in the article) - is a Russian brand, a trademark of the company "Onyx", which was launched recently, but had time to positively establish itself on the market for 20 years of existence. Most brand 10 years. It is an enterprise engaged in manufacturing and sale of jewelry made of gold and silver with diamonds and other precious stones. Products you can buy in retail stores, known as hypermarkets, and in ordinary jewelry showrooms. However, you can place your order over the Internet.

Brand Name means "sunlight". It is not surprising: According to the manufacturer, all the products of this brand are a light - it's not just a game highlights on the edges polished, but the positive energy and good luck, owner protection. Buying products "Sunlight", you bring sun into your life. However, the beautiful legends and have confirmation: all products are made by hand on the advanced enterprise-class "A" in Hong Kong (do not be afraid of Chinese origin ornaments "Sunlight": reviews generally indicate first-class quality products). In addition, each sample is stamped decoration and logo: large letters SL. Materials used both imported and Russian origin: for example, Yakutia diamonds. Despite the fact that our brand, quality and design of its products meet all standards and the best quality mark "Sunlight" company - reviews of workers who are present on the jewelry, "kitchen", and, of course, satisfied customers. Not enough of others' opinions? "Sunlight" offers electronic certificates confirming the quality and origin of the materials used for decoration.

Sunlight inside. Feedback from staff "Sunlight"

Consider the pros and cons! Now rational buyers are looking for not only the views of customers, but to be confident in the integrity of the company, and feedback from staff. "Sunlight", according to the company's employees, provides a really good service both outside and "inside": clean, comfortable, fresh atmosphere. Perhaps this is one of the secrets of the unprecedented success of the company. However, if you want to join the big family called the "Sunlight", then be prepared for the pitfalls. For example, some of the feedback from staff indicate that an excessive amount of communication in the workplace; prepare to be up to twelve hours a day. From pluses it is worth noting the high salaries and bonuses, as well as career opportunities; Of the minuses - lack of training. However, this does not affect the level of service rendered in the salons of "Sunlight", customer reviews confirm this.

Professional criticism

Advertising advertising and that's what gets a company "Sunlight" reviews jewelers? First of all, they confirm the authenticity of the material, though gold plated not resistant to environmental conditions. High quality stones fixing: even under a magnifying glass you will not notice a defect, just a flat track. Speaking of the boxes: it is not only diamonds, but topazes, rubies, sapphires, garnets, emeralds and pearls. As for precious metals, the brand uses a sample of 585 gold: yellow and white and even pink; and "sterling" silver 925.

There is an opinion that cut stones (especially diamonds) is not in line with European benchmarks, however, this does not affect the quality of the products. Jewelry plated with rhodium. It protects against corrosion and gives extra shine and sparkle. Also noteworthy is the mount in earrings, bracelets, pendants. Unfortunately, on this piece brand "Sunlight" (reviews jewelers and buyers in the match) to work. All products are not only quality control of the enterprise, but also checking the State Inspectorate for assaying supervision. Each unit of production is worth a proprietary label, referred to earlier. It's kind of a sign of quality and protection against counterfeiting. However, the jeweler, she can not say anything about the product as well as a sample in some cases. But the real measure is considered to be a stigma - so-called lady in the headdress. So if the quality of the purchased decorations disappoint you, look for distinguishing marks or refer to the jeweler.

I recommend!

For many, the most reliable source of information about the brand, "Sunlight" - customer reviews. It is not surprising, because it is not known how much advertising is different from reality. However, in the case of "Sunlight" these differences do not usually arise. However, production of "Sunlight" feedback received both enthusiastic and indignant. So, on the one hand, customers noted the high service, a wide variety of jewelry, very reasonable prices and reasonable relationship with their quality, a lot of promotions and discounts, proximity to the customer, professionalism, original design and its lightness, the constant updating of collections. Indeed, there is plenty to choose from!

On the other hand, there are product brand "Sunlight" and negative customer reviews. So, in the first place - the damage to the goods, which are often contrary to the promise of free service and guarantees not reimbursed. For example, out of the ring the next day after buying a stone fell; ring is deformed and lost some gilding; He broke the clasp; Gold showed a high content of copper; decorations lost their luster. By the way, the latter can be avoided. To do this, remember to care for rhodium silver or gold: Avoid prolonged contact with water, aggressive media, as well as getting the cream on the product; when working with the ground or remove the ring strap or wear gloves; do not sleep in jewelry. Part of the review comes to poor service. And expressed distrust of the really low price with high quality guarantee. However, belonging to the low-price segment - that is to say, chip companies. Someone annoying solicitations shares. Others believe "Sunlight" is not far removed from the jewelry. So if you do not know what is "Sunlight" quality feedback will help make a complete picture. This decoration for the middle class with real diamonds and quality level.

Jewelry "Sunlight"

Reviews have inspired? Then go to a jewelry store in search of jewelry under the sun sign. Brand offers all kinds of rings, earrings, pendants, watches, bracelets, brooches ... A special place is a true men's jewelry: bracelets, cuff links, tie clips, wallet accessories. As already mentioned, the gold "Sunlight" (reviews recommend it, as there is no doubt about its quality) uses three types. And each girl can choose a favorite, because it affects the number of combinations of metals and precious stones, woven in a design that will please any fashionista, even one that is not used much to spend on the little things.

Jewelry "Sunlight" calculated on young beauties, and a business woman, and the ladies who are going to shine on the red carpet, and on the excellent wives, mothers and housewives. This is due, firstly, to the fact that designers are in the collections of the true classics, as it is known, is all. In addition, they look at the future, and therefore in each update a lot of attention paid to the fashion trends of the season. "Sunlight" and he creates trends! And finally, is the "Onyx" company special pricing.

rings for all occasions

So, very popular serial jewelry - bracelets with charms that are "calling card" of the brand. What else special offers "Sunshine"? Note the ring. One of the "Cosmo" They even awarded. Readers liked the simplicity and elegance - is what distinguishes all the rings of this brand. Each containing at least one diamond of the highest purity. But they are used very different from synthetic, but not different from the natural to the noble Yakut; from transparent and slightly yellow to cognac and black. So ageless classic steel rings made of white gold with a scattering of small diamonds and a large sapphire in the center. Emeralds on refined tangles of the same gold look magical.

For lovers of minimalism - The thin ring with a single pebble. However, discount and large bright ring, for example in the form of poppy. A Party - flashy valuables with black stones in the form of lobes or inserted into the skull or snake. New, conquered all - decorate with colored enamel. It looks impressive, bright, original, and most importantly - it is the versatility of enamelled rings. It also contains diamonds or phianites. You can not go wrong if you choose such ring for your wedding or engagement. Paired rings accentuate youth blossoming bride and groom restraint and dignity.

A perfect match: earrings and pendants

"Sunlight" produces earrings, which are suitable for each type of appearance, face shape, eye color and hair. For everyday wear earrings are available with English lock and lock-pin. They are small, have no hanging or protruding parts. For them, using a combination of white and yellow or white and pink gold, unchanging feature - a scattering of diamonds. Enameled earrings accentuate the individuality of the hostess. Stud earrings distinguished by simplicity with elegance and richness of gemstones. Terrific choice - earrings with an insert made of coral. Great demand for jewelry with cubic zirconia - a synthetic analogue of the diamond. He looks no worse, and the price - an order of magnitude less. Earrings with cubic zirconia usually laconic.

With the suspension can be supplemented his image: they are perfectly combined with other items in the collection. Most often it is small kulonchiki on an elegant chain of white gold, so are ideal insertion of diamonds and sapphires. They can also become talismans: there are so-called "nominal", made in the form of letters, there are those that symbolize wisdom (triangle), love (heart and cross), good luck (a horseshoe).

Collections hours and not only

But watch "Sunlight" feedback recommended as an excellent functional accessory. several groups can be distinguished among them. Firstly, it is a classic watch with a discreet design (minimalist design of the dial and leather strap), which are suitable for both men and women who do not want to miss a single minute and successfully do business. Those who are in the business setting want to stand out, fit skeleton watch. Sporty young people like models, made in bright colors uncluttered, with a rubber strap. Romantic young ladies fit accessories that can be attributed to vintage: a watch with a leather or suede strap and dial, decorated with pictures of birds and flowers. And what about the hours of enamel bracelet? By the way, the clock - it is a separate line of "Sunlight", as they are not only brand Sunlight, but Sergey Gribnyakov, Samanta Messi. Collection I Love Tokyo dedicated to sunglasses.

Bracelets. Sharma - exclusive collection of

And finally, what is the basis of brand popularity - Bracelet "Sunlight". Responses about him say that this jewel and universal and unique. To begin, we note that this brand bracelets pretty much from almost rukodelnyh baubles to exquisite fine jewelry wrist; from accessories for very young girls to jewelry, worthy to be worn on secular reception. However, the popularity gained thin braided bracelet. What's the secret? The fact that he is the only basis for jewelry that anyone can make itself! It is called: Bracelet for Charms. It is made in different colors. Typically, this is a classic steel or silver clasp. It can be worn without charms, but, as is customary, there are a few basic complete.

What is the charms? These are small items of different materials that serve as a supplement to the base bracelet. They are sold separately, so you can create your individual set and change the design of decorations on the mood. In addition, the choice of charms is simply huge! Of steel in the form of small animals for the children to refined gold with diamonds for adult women. They are also produced thematic series.

Sold under the trademark "Sunlight" charms reviews are extremely positive: firstly, it is a great gift for those who have a basic bracelet, and secondly, they can be used with the bracelets, "Pandora", but at a much more affordable price. Become a fan of charms is very easy because of the bracelet makes them as a gift with the purchase of a certain amount, or with the assistance of partners in the actions of "Sunlight". You can purchase and silver bracelet, which will be the base for the charms.

Interesting toy for fashionistas - Bracelet "Sunlight". Reviews ensure that you will delay the process of collecting charms to help you express yourself. But how much is all this fun?

Diamonds for all

Leaving the Russian market, the company "Onyx", in particular "Sunlight", has set itself an ambitious goal: to make diamond jewelry available for every woman. Indeed, the prices are quite reasonable, responsible quality. You can buy diamond jewelery worth one and a half thousand rubles. During normal earrings with the same stone be prepared to pay up to ten thousand (although there is an exceptionally cheap and very expensive). The most simple diamond ring in one hundredth of a carat, covered with enamel, will cost you fifteen thousand rubles. Sharma have cost a thousand rubles to five. Therefore, everyone can afford to come back for a gift in jewelry salon "Sunlight". Reviews only encouraging! What is the secret? The company did not disclose it, but jewelers say it's all about cutting: diamond contains three times fewer faces than in the standard European version. In addition, gold - not the highest standard, which affects the cost of the goods, but not on quality.

E-shop "Sunlight"

If you do not want to go shopping, then go to the online store site "Sunlight". There you will not only find a complete list of products, but also create your own catalog, read the comments. Particularly pleased with expert advice. You can also make an order based on bonus points, which are credited to your account.

Privileges and shares

You can join the club "Sunlight" by acquiring a certificate or having collected the required number of checks. This will give you permanent discounts and the opportunity to receive nice gifts. In addition, by subscribing to the newsletter "Sunlight" of the company, you will be aware of all new products, promotions and discounts. mailing customers give the suspension, discount cards. Surprise from "Sunlight" may be unexpected, because the brand collaborates with many shops, sites and companies. Warm up your life with sunlight!