The whole truth about the pubic hair

The whole truth about the pubic hair

What unites all of humanity? That's right, pubic hair. There are no people whose "charm" did not touch a hair carpet. It does not matter, you shave them or not, the fact is that they were originally.

This place has a lot of names, many stories associated with it. About the appearance of "pussy" is still waging a fierce battle, so let's examine the issue from a scientific point of view, starting with the purpose of pubic hair and ending their britom.

Why pubic hair

Pubic hair can be pheromones, or chemicals that your body produces. Their mission is utterly simple - send subliminal messages to other human "animals", including potential partners.

One theory is that the scents that exude your pubis, working as a sex trap for the guy who was just passing by. All of us - animals, no matter how trying.

Many scientists believe that the apocrine sweat glands, which are found in abundance in areas of the pubis, where many of the hair follicles do not work before puberty. This idea fits perfectly with another theory about pubic hair, saying that it is possible to signal his comrades that the girl has matured, it has gone through puberty and is now able to produce offspring. In the most basic sense of pubic pheromones - is a signal of maturity.

However, there are quite a different point of view. It is quite different. Radically different. It may seem strange, but the pundits and the virgin, who is clearly something wrong with pheromones, consider if any of pheromones do not exist.

This uncertainty, however, it does not affect the third theory that the pubic hairs act as guardians of purity and innocence of the Virgin. Not in the sense that in a bushy jungle is impossible to break ardent young man, inflamed with lust, pornography 70s proved the opposite, and that the hair protects the vagina from the pollution and getting to different infections. Some went even further and gave them the honorary title of "cushion against friction during sex or other physical exercise." It sounds exotic, but quite real. On the other hand, let's not forget about the temperature regulation, which are baked almost all body hair. They are fighting for your warmth, and you remove them!

shave or not to shave

The whole truth about the pubic hair

to declare at once: we are not trying to enter the fashion for extravagant overgrown with sample pages PlayBoy commercials '71. Simply, there are based on scientific studies the theory that getting rid of the "bush" leads to bad consequences. From 2002 to 2010, there were about 11 700 "grooming injuries" in the genital area. The really dangerous and bloodthirsty hygiene.

Still, many people understand what risk, but do not change habits.

95% of the people interviewed in the 2015 US national medical journal, shaved pubis at least once every four weeks.

For many clean-shaven pubis - a synonym for cleanliness and attention to your body and health. But the presence of pubic hair is not automatically equal to the unflattering term "dirty" Snatch! As they say many gynecologists, if every day to wash the pubic area with soap and warm water, then there will be no difference. Just do not stuff the soap inside the vagina, it is fraught with serious irritations of the vaginal microflora, and everything is so tender. This is fine if you personally feel cleaner, shaving pubic area, but do not feel "slut" because you will live a few days without shaving.

Men to hairy ladies are different. Interviewed all in the same medical journal in the majority (60%) expressed over the smoothness of intimate places.

Great figure. Many in fact literally force their girls to shave. Of course, there are fans of "lush exotic" or asks those who want to understand with whom he is having sex - with a woman or a girl. As Hank Moody used to say: "When I'm at the bottom, I would like to see the curls of pubic hair. I'm not talking about the lush bush of PlayBoy 70, and about something that will tell me what I'm doing cunnilingus adult woman. " But be that as it may, no one has the right to force their partner to shave intimate thicket just because they like more. "You could not cut through a path to your clitoris, but then I have not seen" - is no less disgusting than that, "Fu, so you've got there hair!" Some idiotic obtained.

And there's only one good reason for shaving, waxing and other

If hair removal makes you feel very much sexier then shave on health. Do what you see fit, so if you are comfortable, then remove. Only a sense of aesthetic purity can justify all the pain and trouble of the process. As you can see, no concrete "for" nor monumental "against" does not exist - there is a matter of taste and patience.