Face mask "Polisorb": the effectiveness reviews

The presence in the body of toxins, toxins and other harmful components form malfunctions, requiring timely and regular cleansing. It uses a variety of methods, including the use of special drugs. One of these is the "Polisorb". Reviews on the face mask of this powder is very good because of its essential characteristics.


This drug belongs to the group ehnterosorbentov. According to their chemical composition, it is a colloidal silica. His physical form is a white powder with a slightly bluish tinge.

Face mask

He was appointed into the following ailments:

  • different poisonings that have arisen due to drugs, toxins, heavy metals, and alcohol;
  • intestinal infection and problems with the bacterial microflora of the organism;
  • purulent-septic diseases (adnexitis, appendicitis, burns);
  • allergy.

It is recommended to receive people who are regularly in disadvantaged areas, as well as working in hazardous work.

The drug helps to cope perfectly with overeating and makes it easier to feel during menstruation. According to many cosmetologists, purifying face mask with "polysorbate" copes with its task.

The properties of the drug

  • has a purifying and anti-inflammatory characteristics, therefore, relieves irritation and soothes the dermis.
  • It helps improve the immune system, thanks to the epidermis becomes more PROTECTING forces that are beginning to resist the negative influence from the outside.
  • With the help of the drug can obtain protection not only in appearance, but also the deep layers of the cover, so harmful ingredients do not penetrate into its cells.
  • The mask of "POLYSORB" for face lift increases the tone of the dermis and deep cleans. In this case it acts both as a prophylactic and operates to eliminate existing wrinkles.
  • With this formulation, the skin tightens and becomes more elastic look.
  • tool is great for skin care is the type of fat, because it has a slight drying effect. Still, you should not overdo it, because even such a skin can be severely dry.

Features the use of

According to reviews, the mask for the face of the "POLYSORB" is used for the treatment of acne, as well as prevention. The peculiarity of its action is quite noticeable tingling and tingling of the skin, but this reaction is considered quite normal.

The mask is usually kept on the face for 10 minutes until it is almost dry. For owners of a dry skin, this time for the procedure is better to reduce, but for the fat of the epidermis, it is desirable to extend for another five minutes. After the procedure, the mass is washed off with warm water. The epidermis is lubricated favorite nutritious cream. According to reviews on a face mask of "POLYSORB", this procedure is done to repair the skin, which is often still quite over-dry after specific procedures.

Face mask

In the case of a course of treatment in the fight against the black dots on the nose mask is applied only to the affected area without affecting the rest of the skin, to once again not to overdry it. If you use the tool is not very often, the experts recommend to use it fully for all the face.

As a means designed to remove fine lines and wrinkles, but is required to use the component in a complex with nourishing oils. It should be noted that dissolved sorbent actively removes not only a variety of pollution, but also the natural sebum.

According to reviews, the mask for the face of the "POLYSORB" should be used carefully, because at sufficiently frequent its application is likely to dry up even the most oily skin, and it still should be avoided.


This agent is effective not only for inner purification, but is also suitable for the standard of care for the epidermis.

Face mask

Therefore, we can identify the following useful features:

  • when the sorbent is used internally, it improves the condition of the digestive tract, as is well known, quality of the skin sufficiently strongly depends on the overall health of the body;
  • face mask for acne from "POLYSORB" actively fighting not only the pollution that gets on your skin, but also neutralizes the bacteria that frequently cause inflammation of the face;
  • The substance is almost does not provoke allergies, so it's perfect for teenagers, pregnant women and even breastfeeding mothers;
  • because of its shape it mixes well with other ingredients, and in the end it turns out easy-to-use mass;
  • through "polysorbate" can not only clean, but also to actively rejuvenate the epidermis, since it relieves the skin from the harmful ingredients that are just actively cause aging;
  • after the application of sorbent increases immunity, the skin begins to independently cope with the pollution and prevent even the most minimal inflammation.


  • It should be borne in mind that, if there are gastrointestinal disorders (gastrointestinal tract) should not take means inside.
  • For those who want to remove inflammatory elements, you need to know that the mask for acne from "POLYSORB" applied only to problem areas.
  • Pregnant substance use is still permitted, but it is recommended to limit the use of only the outer.
  • Beauticians strongly advised not to use the weight of the sorbent for mature skin, as the agent may dry up too much of her.
  • It is not necessary to apply a thin layer of a substance as it will be difficult to remove, which may further traumatize the skin.

Face mask for acne

"Polisorb" - is an active substance that is widely used in cosmetology for the removal of inflammatory processes.

Face mask

To prepare the masks need to proceed as follows.

  1. Tea spoon sorbent should be diluted in a little heated water. We must remember that the powder in the liquid is added in small portions to form a mixture similar to sour cream.
  2. Further, the composition is applied to the surface of the face except the eyes.
  3. After 10 minutes, the mass is washed off by warm water only, as it is easier to take away the resulting mass.
  4. The skin was then required to cover moisturizer. This is done due to the fact that the sorbent is strong enough dry out the surface of the face.

After a facial mask acne from "POLYSORB" will be completed, a person must feel that the skin temperature drops significantly. This phenomenon is considered quite normal and it will take just a few minutes. After the procedure, the skin around the rash is dry and acquire the tone, close to the natural, and color themselves acne significantly pale. For complete results will require just a few treatments.

Face mask of wrinkles

"Polisorb" in this case, helps get rid of wrinkles and restore natural complexion and tone.

  1. In order to prepare the sorbent need to take a tablespoon a spoon and mix it with half a cup of warm water and add a few drops of vitamin E.
  2. The substance is stirred to obtain a homogeneous state.
  3. Next, the mass is spread on the face, except for the neck area, neck and eyes.
  4. The prepared mixture is washed off not earlier than 15 minutes.
  5. At the end necessarily required apply a nourishing cream.

In order to get a good result similar to a mask is recommended to perform throughout the month. For oily skin, it is not more than a few times a week, and for the normal type - will be sufficient once in 10 days.

In order to make a face mask of "POLYSORB" more effective, you need to also add in the sour cream or yogurt. Still other components that make richer mass and quality are peppermint or lavender oil.

The mask against the black dots

This problem can ruin the mood of any even the most carefree woman. The cause of the contamination is considered to be the pores. Unsightly - it's only one problem, as there is a probability of hitting of pathogenic bacteria into the deeper layers of the dermis.

Face mask

In order to prepare the masses to get rid of blackheads, there is enough effective mask recipe from "POLYSORB", which is done as follows:

  • stirred tablespoon of water with 1 gram of sorbent to obtain a thick homogeneous mass.
  • The prepared composition is applied only to the T-zone.
  • After 10 minutes, wash off the mask with warm water. Most often it is this time is enough that the sorbent is completely absorbed the pollution, and under its influence the pores dry up and diminish fine.

Helpful Hints

Many cosmetologists are working very hard with the drug solution to skin problems.

Face mask

Since the tool is designed for internal use, further describes the main recommendations to use it yourself in cosmetology:

  1. The preparation is diluted with water only, which is required to take in such proportions that eventually turned soft pasty mass. And after only added to it all the other ingredients, if they are needed.
  2. Many people wonder how to keep the mask of "POLYSORB" on the face. This question is impossible to give a clear answer, since it depends on the skin type. It is necessary to note one thing that keeps the mass of no more than 15 minutes and it should not completely dry. If it does happen, and the time is not sustained, it is advised to slightly moisten the surface with water.
  3. When you want to get rid of dermatological problems, it is recommended to use the tool until until they are completely be eliminated. The frequency of treatments depends on the type of the epidermis.


The drug is a non-prescription component that anyone can buy in any pharmacy or institutions that have a license to sell medicines. The sorbent is designed for removal of toxins from the body and to improve digestion, but is often used for cosmetic procedures. Produced in small disposable bags of 3 grams, as well as in vial 12, 25 and 50 grams. Basic rates:

  • single-use sachet 35-50 rubles .;
  • bottle 12 grams of 110-130 rub .;
  • bottle 25 grams of 190-250 rub .;
  • bottle 50 grams of 305-400 rubles.

Reviews on the effectiveness of

As cosmetologists say if the patient will perform a mask once a week, the qualitative results will become visible after 30 days.

Many users say that means they really helped, and at the end of the first treatment, it was observed that the skin became more elastic and smooth, lost shine and well to dry the rash. Once the tool has been used more often, it was found that the pores are noticeably narrowed and diminished fine lines.

Face mask

Also, it was noted by reviews of satisfied users, that if you take a sorbent inside and outside, you can get good and fairly consistent results. Of course, there were also dissatisfied with the response when patients claimed that the facility did not help them, but on the contrary, is very dry up the epidermis. Therefore, to avoid this, you need to with all care and be careful about the frequency of use of the funds.