Winter Running on the street - especially the benefits and harms

Most people who are just starting to engage in sports, no longer make regular runs from the onset of the first frost. Indeed, snow and low temperatures performance complicate the process, but that is no reason to interrupt your workout. Running on the street in winter has its advantages, but it requires adherence to certain rules of preparation.

Winter Running on the street - especially the benefits and harms

The positive effects on the body

Outdoor activities at any time of year benefit.

While running, the following changes occur in the body:

  • strengthens the musculoskeletal system;
  • activated circulation process, whereby every cell is better oxygenated;
  • improves the function of the cardiovascular system;
  • together with the sweat from the body out harmful compounds;
  • improved metabolism;
  • reduced levels of "bad" cholesterol in the blood;
  • decreased body weight;
  • increased endurance and performance;
  • normal psycho-emotional background;
  • improves brain work;
  • disappears insomnia;
  • strengthens the body's defenses;
  • increases the potency in men.

As for running outside in the winter, it is an additional benefit as follows:

  1. The body becomes much more resistant to colds, due to its gradual habituation to cold air.
  2. As a result there is no need to interrupt training for a long time there is an opportunity to keep fit all year round.
  3. There is a hardening of the body in a natural way, thereby improving the work of most systems.
  4. After a long run keep fit and in good health, due to the presence of ions in the frosty air.

Despite the impressive list of positive qualities, training in the cold period must be carefully prepared. Benefits and harms of running in the winter on the street due to the observance of this particular condition.

Winter Running on the street - especially the benefits and harms


Before you start the course, you must make sure in perfect condition of health. Even slight runny nose is a contraindication to run outside in the winter, because cold air one sip is enough to make the situation complicated. In addition, it is undesirable to go to the gym for those who are not fully healed injuries of the lower extremities.

Not only in the cold season, but also at any time of the year you need to consult a doctor for persons suffering from thrombophlebitis, serious pathologies of the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system. After the examination, the expert will be able to relate the benefits and harms of running in the winter on the street for the patient. By training can begin after his permission.

Winter Running on the street - especially the benefits and harms

What to do?

jogging on the street in winter clothing should not only retain heat, but also to remove moisture. During exercise, the body releases sweat, the cold season is no exception. But in the summer the moisture evaporates quickly, and in winter it no place to go. The logical result is soaking wet clothes, running in the winter on the street it significantly increases the risk of colds.

To avoid this, you can finish the training session at a time, until the sweat did not have time to cool down. But the most reasonable solution is to buy thermal underwear. Its main task - wicking, ie, the body will always remain dry. Natural fibers do not have this property, so good thermal underwear is made from high-quality synthetic fibers. When choosing, be aware that this type of clothing can be single or double. In the first case only thermal underwear wicks moisture, and it absorbs the clothes on top of it. Second - it retains heat and protects against wind through additional special layer. Thermal underwear can be purchased at almost any store, sports, sales consultants will tell not only about the benefits of various manufacturers, but also about how to dress for a run outside in winter.

Suitable for practicing regular tracksuit. It is important to remember that the neck, head, and hands should be warm. For convenience, it is recommended to wear tight-fitting cap without pompons. If a strong cold wind scarf need not only the neck but also your mouth and nose.

Winter Running on the street - especially the benefits and harms


Only shoes are suitable for this type of training. Jogging on the street in the winter need to buy those that are specifically designed for this purpose. Such products do not have a net basis and are equipped with a sole made of soft rubber.

Thus, the running shoes in the winter on the street performs several tasks:

  • does not get wet;
  • retains heat;
  • provides good adhesion to the surface covered with snow.

There is one caveat - the running shoes for the winter is not suitable for employment in other seasons. This is due to the fact that their sole interaction with the asphalt very quickly erased.


In extreme cold jogging undesirable. When the temperature dropped to 20 degrees or lower, it is better to stay home or spend a workout in the gym. Otherwise, the risk of frostbite is greater than the expected benefits. Do not forget about the wind speed. If the temperature is not lower than 8-10 degrees, but he is very strong, and it is recommended to skip exercise. The same applies to the snowstorm, during which run in winter on the street turns into a torture, because you can not breathe properly and assess the situation around.

Beginners are not recommended to start training in the cold time of year, but if the desire is too high, the classes must be carried out in light winds and a temperature of not less than 7-10 degrees.

Winter Running on the street - especially the benefits and harms

Route selection

Running in the winter on the street - courses in more severe conditions, since the coating is usually slippery. Route selection - it is an important point, any surprise on the way can cause injury.

The most popular places for jogging are:

  1. The central streets. They qualitatively cleared of snow, and the coating is always sprinkled with sand and salt, which is very convenient for the winter run. But if the central streets become a permanent venue for training shoe soles can quickly deteriorate. Furthermore, during running will have to breathe air saturated with noxious compounds contained in exhaust gases of vehicles. Thus, through the main streets run comfortably, but it is important to understand that the environmental situation there is not the best. For safety reasons, it is recommended to wear a tracksuit with reflective inserts.
  2. promenade and park. They also cleaned from the snow, but not always accurately. Typically, asphalt or tile still remain quite slippery. Due to not very good grip running speed becomes small. The main advantage of training on the quays, and the park is clean air.
  3. The city outskirts. Ideal for power training. Road on the outskirts rarely cleaned, and running through deep snow contributes to the improvement of technology. They are unsuitable for pulmonary rehabilitation classes, but perfectly trained raise hips.

Therefore, the need to draw up a route in accordance with the purpose. Suitable for cross-country central streets, for easy running - embankments and parks, for strength training - the city outskirts.

Winter Running on the street - especially the benefits and harms


Many young athletes ignore the preparatory stage, it is a gross mistake. Qualitative workout prepares the body for the upcoming stress. If there is a run on the street in winter to lose weight, it is the "program" it to the active process of burning calories.

During warmer months, the warm-up is not on a very long time, in the winter as it should be done at least 2 times longer. This is necessary for the uniform heating of all muscle groups. There is no specific set of exercises before jogging winter, they are standard and must include an extension. It is important to prepare the muscles and ligaments to severe stress.

High-quality workout with an emphasis on stretching significantly decreases the risk of various injuries.

Run Features winter

Compliance with the rules of preparation before training - a very important stage, but also during the training you need to follow some guidelines.

They are as follows:

  1. Inhalations need to perform through the nose, exhale - through the mouth. Even experienced athletes while jogging may not always comply with this condition, so it is advisable to cover the lower part of his face with a scarf. The result of too frequent mouth breathing may be bronchitis, pneumonia and others.
  2. In winter, the body spends more energy and therefore more quickly get tired, so the intensity of the load must be lower than in the summer.
  3. The end-point should be to run a warm place, as can be frozen during the walk from place to workout at home.
  4. The people who used to run around to the music, it is recommended to buy headphones that are designed specifically for the cold season. They do not freeze and warm ears.

Winter Running on the street - especially the benefits and harms


The onset of winter - not a reason to give up running in the street. At this time, the training body to bring added value, in addition, it is an opportunity to stay in good shape all year round. But the first thing you need to pay attention - this is their own feelings in the classroom. If running outdoors in winter is not a pleasure, and training takes place through the power, it is better for a while to move to the hall.