How to start jogging? All the answers here

Running - it's the most affordable and effective sport because jogging is enough to go out and just start to run, and this does not need to have any special skills and equipment.

How to start jogging?

How to start jogging? All the answers here

Probably everyone renounce run in the mornings, but not all of it out, at least for a long time. Here are some tips to answer the question of how to start jogging in the morning:

1. The most important thing that you need - is motivation. Only serious reasons will take you early in the morning and get to run out into the street. No matter what reason you made for jogging, it is important to remember it and try to achieve this goal. Running should be your main useful habit, you have to know where to start the morning. Develop the habit can be for one or two weeks running.

  • Not bad run with player and headphones - it gives strength and longer you remain in form.
  • Prepare everything you need to run you need in the evening to the morning you did not have excuses.
  • Bring a friend - to run together much more interesting, and will be an additional motivation (you are waiting and can not be late).

2. The second thing you need - a form. It can be sports trousers or shorts with a t-shirt, jacket or vest. In any case, you need to wear it, what you are more comfortable and more comfortable to run, because running in the morning - this is the beginning of the day, and how it will take place, depends on the rest of the day.

3. Be sure to consider jogging route. It must be determined in advance. To run best in a stadium with a special coating, but if this is not possible, you can run through a forest or a city sidewalk.

4. Often runners forget about load balancing. Start from long distances difficult, and perhaps this will be the reason why you refuse to run. Therefore, choose the distance you need a progressive rise.

5. Before running you need to warm up the joints to protect them against damage, so you should start with walking, gradually increasing the tempo.

How to start jogging? All the answers here

All of these items you need to remember before you start running in the morning. It is important to remember that the race - it does not work. You have to enjoy the process of running and having fun. And most of all, the question of how to start jogging in the morning, would never arise. have breakfast before or after exercise?

Since you start jogging, sorted, we go further. Need to run only after 2-3 hours after a meal, but, as we run in the morning, then we transfer the breakfast at a later time.

How to start jogging? All the answers here

have breakfast need not less than thirty minutes of jogging, jogging but before you can drink a glass of water, milk or green tea. A perfect for jogging - is 10 hours (pre-breakfast at 8 hours).

Does the morning run for weight loss?

Yes, it helps. Running in the morning is more useful than the evening or afternoon. The human body is designed so that during exercise to produce energy at first in the course are carbohydrates that are stored in the body as glycogen, less frequently the body uses stored fat for energy. So, in the morning, before your breakfast, all the glycogen stores are lower than in the evening or during the day, which is why fats are burned faster on a morning jog than a day.