9 things that anxiety is trying to tell you

We have repeatedly written about how to cope with anxiety, which harms your sleep, productivity, financial condition and relationships. Itself an anxiety disorder is very common and it affects millions of people a year, and millenialy especially susceptible to this disease. But what we always forget to think - so it is that the alarm can not be simply the result of a lack of confidence or prolonged stress, but also a signal that in your life, something goes wrong.

1. You do not have your goal

9 things that anxiety is trying to tell you

You fight with the sudden and causeless panic attacks and feel insecure, even when simply gets out of bed in the morning? Perhaps you had forgotten that you need a purpose for which you are living. Targets can be completely different from the desire to the end of the month to pump an elastic press to dream of their own multikorporatsii. Use our guide to setting goals for the year and think about why you decided to live without desire for something complex.

2. You need personal space

To have a loved one with whom you can share all your worries and joys, - fine. But if you feel anxious, to think about whether enough air in your relationship?

Some of us from time to time need to be alone with their own thoughts. Even if between you right now everything is fine, old grudges could not find a way out, and they should not be pushed into the far corner. Spend your spring cleaning of your emotions alone: ​​let yourself a little shout, cry or tease.

3. You need to stop working so much

9 things that anxiety is trying to tell you

Modern girls are aimed at high performance and simply can not afford to rest. The output is spent on second jobs, extra classes in English and an extra hour of strength training? It is time to recognize that your anxiety - an appeal to the fact that you need a little lazy and forget about the clock efficiency.

4. You ignore what you really want to do

To receive regular promotions and salary, you can attend additional courses and take on cases that are beyond the scope of your responsibilities. But how often do you think about that will bring you to a new place? Perhaps now your post does not mean the team management and higher premium, but you're doing exactly what you fun.

9 things that anxiety is trying to tell you

Much worse, if today you are not working in the occupation for which I wanted to. Think about how you could create a financial cushion and look for a place where you show how the skills of the current scope and capacity to what you really want.

5. You have a toxic environment

Die alone - a popular fear of modern humans, which all need to get rid of. The idea that a bad relationship and friendship is better than none - very misleading. You can easily find new people who will treat you with warmth and care, will not criticize your choice and do not spoil your mood endless whining.

6. You lose yourself in the relationship

Perhaps, deep down you already know that this relationship will not lead to anything good? Think about that missing the important details: the love for a long time does not bring the heat in the chest, a burning sensation, you constantly have to look for a compromise, and in general, you become much more closed and clamped person than before you met.

7. You're trying not to notice the obvious

Sometimes anxiety - just a manifestation of intuition that whispers to you that something went wrong. If you have doubts in their relationship - not the fact that they are without any basis, perhaps you're just trying to ignore the red flags.

8. You need more creativity

You are no longer engaged in creative work, and even if your work is connected with the fact that you need to show their creative skills, it is still being done in favor of the client or management. Think about how many hobbies you have been before and why did you threw them. Someone said that your pictures are far from perfect? This does not mean that you should stop its attempts to express themselves on paper.

9. It is time to see the best

It is highly probable that the anxiety that prevents you feel happy - just the result of what you have forgotten how to see the good in things. How long have you really happy with a new song, or great weather among several cloudy days? In Russia, there is a strong stigma against mental illness, and the person who filed the therapist can begin to judge for weakness. In reality, a request for help from a professional counselor - a sign of strength and what are you going to take your life under control. Even if you have now is not possible to find the money for paid consultation, you can always take advantage of free options.

And if you thought where did your anxiety?