Bad advice: how to become a drama queen

To destroy your life, you do not need to exert much effort - enough to all your problems is screwed on each other, like a snowball. Today, we have gathered a few guaranteed ways to grow a grudge against the whole world, to spoil the mood and relationships with loved ones.

Do not think that you made a mistake

Bad advice: how to become a drama queen

Some people analyze their behavior and even write a list of errors, but you do not need to spend so much emotional resources. If you change something in your life, you will cease to be a bad situation, and the quality of life will improve. Forget about it - you do not want your career thrived!

Even if you think you've done all the trouble - most likely, you're just tired. Get some rest, and in the morning it is all forgotten.

Do not seek to change the

Bad advice: how to become a drama queen

Creative people tend to be more receptive to change, so if you are a man of this type, be very careful in their actions. The more changes you face - the greater will be your fear, so let him win.

Either succeed or you will lose everything, no middle ground in this, so do not risk it and stay in the unpleasant situation in which you are. Avoid any opportunity to get out of the hole - all of a sudden it will take you more strength? Let all your negative feelings build up and the cherry on the cake will be the regret with which you you look at your life in a few years.

Watch other people's social networks

You do not have time and money to live their lives, so that they begin to keep an eye on everything that others do. Write down important details: how much is your odnogruppnitsa spent or how many suitors came from your colleagues. Pay attention to which brand wearers - and repeat the trend for them. Compete with people around you, you have turned to ignore their needs. I am sure, in the future this will lead to the greatest number of experiences and suffering.

Bad advice: how to become a drama queen

to spend more time with the aggrieved people

A good mentor will help you find your way, so make sure you are surrounded by people who complain a lot and do not do anything. From time to time you may appear the desire to follow a dream, but these people will open your eyes.

Why learn English, if you never go away from his native village? Sense to give up the sweet, if your genetics will all the same reason that you raspolneesh. Think about how much money you spend on travel, but would have to have a baby!

blame yourself for things that you can not control

If you regularly work on our mistakes, relationships, career and socializing with friends, do not panic - there is still a way out. You can not control the bad events surrounding life, be it divorce, someone's sudden death, or even flooding the apartment. Blame yourself for it to cease to strive for a happy life. You simply do not deserve a good relationship until someone from your family is sick.

Do not argue and stop defend their opinion

Bad advice: how to become a drama queen

The people around you are interested in how to teach you how to live right. Parents want you to go to a particular profession, your boyfriend wants to get an heir, head - to squeeze out of you the maximum benefit, adding even more challenges.

Do as ask - and not to defend their opinion, losing strength. Yes, you can have your own ideas about how you want to live, but do not let it grab you unrealistic goals. Put priority on the opinions of others - your friends and family are unable to advise something bad. After a while the tension inside you accumulate so much that you start to hate both himself and others.

Forget about the success of

Bad advice: how to become a drama queen

While some people always think of what medals they earned and how successfully held a presentation - you should focus on their failures. Make sure that you constantly reinforce the idea that it does not work you have to do not appear confident that you can handle anything.

are jealous of other people's results of

Stop to admire the people around, and strive to be like them - remember that they just lucky enough to be at the right time in the right place. In addition, it is their fault that you did not happen the same.

Constant work, sacrifice and effort - just two of the plot for a good movie and it has nothing to with real life. The world does not work, and there is no hope of success, so now you can begin to ensure that hate everything for you.

What do you usually do to ruin your life?