7 ways to cope with the hatred of the

For many, the summer - time career crisis. You remember that for a long time was not on vacation, trying to ignore the barrage of photos from a holiday in the news and miss the days when summer officially been a period of inactivity for you. I have collected a few tips to help you survive the "holiday syndrome" and to overcome the aversion to start work. While on vacation is better to go down.

1. Be realistic in your expectations

7 ways to cope with the hatred of the

"I should love my job, but it is not so" - if you frequents this idea, perhaps you have idealized notions of what should be a job.

Sometimes love for the cause of the process kills the bad organization, bad colleagues, misunderstanding with the management.

The main thing that you must do: get a clear idea about your business, what you can expect from it, and what will never get. Instead of thinking, as it should be, focus on how things really are.

2. Find the benefit in position

During the holidays, or a lack of staff additional duties are entrusted to you.

From a situation where the "burn" at work and it seems that everything depends on you, too, can benefit. Now you have probably more leverage to talk with the boss to increase wages or new positions. If the work is too stressful, you should not put up with it. Try to resolve the situation and tell management that does not stand up.

3. Plan your week and prioritize

7 ways to cope with the hatred of the

The first time a new job or position is difficult to understand what the problem is - too high load, or that you can not deal with it. You feel depressed and blame the failures.

Try to change the approach to the workflow. To set priorities for a week or every day. Do not try to do everything and always start with the main thing. Spend 15 minutes at the beginning or at the end of the day, to make a plan and see if it helps to better manage their tasks.

4. doubt yourself - consult with a colleague

Another way to objectively evaluate their work - to talk with someone who knows her. Better if it will be a colleague and not a boss, who on duty should be demanding.

Opinion from will help to understand if you do not really suitable for this position, or too critical of yourself.

5. Do not invest too much emotion into the work of

7 ways to cope with the hatred of the

Excessive emotional involvement in the work of keeping you in constant stress. Negative feelings difficult to turn off for a weekend or leave on your office desk at the end of the day, so often recalled that for the trouble you do not get paid. Ask yourself - whether it will be important for the company or for you in a year? Most likely, the answer is no, which means that you are wasting your nerves.

6. Seek pros

The bad moments try to focus on what is giving you this job. Maybe it's a good salary and a convenient schedule, the ability to learn new things and nice staff. It will remind you why you're here and why once chose this company.

7. Get out if the job seems unbearable

7 ways to cope with the hatred of the

You do not have to stay at a job that makes you unhappy. We often forget this simple thought. Yes, change places - it's stressful, but in the long run you get a deal that will love.

The decision on dismissal should not be impulsive. Assess all the risks and analyze their situation: maybe it's not that the company has become worse, you just outgrown this job?

The idea that serfdom was abolished long ago, and you yourself choose what to do, help in another way to perceive everything that happens to you. Perhaps you will understand that still love your job and you just need a vacation.