How to feel comfortable on the beach during menstruation

In our country, not as a long summer to abandon a beach holiday at the time of menstruation. PMS - it is not a disease, and modern hygiene products and a variety of swimwear allowed to remain active and feel confident. The main thing is to prepare for outings. I'll tell you how to relieve their summer holidays during menstruation.

Choose a comfortable swimsuit

How to feel comfortable on the beach during menstruation

In addition to bikinis in your wardrobe must be closed swimsuit, the benefit is now a huge range of styles.

The ideal option would be svim-dress - it combines swimsuit and gown. Such models recommend lush girls, but they are for everybody. This swimsuit will hide problem areas. The length can be different, some models do not distinguish from a beach dress.

Another good option for menstruation - sports type swimsuit with long shorts.

Choose dark-colored swimsuit, then you do not have to worry about leakage. For inspiration, read my article on how to repeat the beach images of cult films.

Pumps sunscreen

This should be done always, but PMS sun protection is particularly important. As a dermatologist Whitney Bowe says many women during menstruation reduced pain threshold. Sunburn is more painful than usual, so it is better to take extra caution.

Choose a means free of oil, which is designed for the face. During PMS, some girls skin becomes fatter and appear rash on the face. Proper sunscreen will not cause additional redness. Some antibiotics, painkillers or herbal supplements can enhance your sensitivity to the sun. To make a long stay on the beach and not feel discomfort, take an umbrella and a hat with a wide brim.

Take the right snacks

How to feel comfortable on the beach during menstruation

The beach is full of tempting and unhealthy snacks. Avoid salty, spicy, fatty and too sweet food, so as not to feel worse.

The best choice would be the fruit: bananas - a source of vitamin B6, oranges - a quick way to cheer up, watermelon, which will satisfy cravings for sweet natural sugars. Leafy vegetables will raise the level of iron in the blood, which can fall at the time of menstruation.

Take a beach blanket

Take care of you to be as comfortable as possible. On the blanket you can stretch out for fun or exercise stretching. This is one of the most effective ways to relieve menstrual pain.

Be active

How to feel comfortable on the beach during menstruation

PMS few who makes you want to play sports, but try to diversify your beach vacation activities. Swimming or playing volleyball help alleviate cramps and bloating. When you move, the heart rate quickens and the body releases endorphins, so that only sport can help you recharge your batteries.

Do not listen to those who say that you can not swim during menstruation. The main thing is to choose a reliable hygiene and regular visits to the toilet, but otherwise you can relax as well as on ordinary days.

Try menstrual cup

Tampons certainly simplify our lives, especially on the beach. But try other means, for example, the menstrual cup. One can not say this is a good way to experience PMS or not, because here everything is very individual.

You will need some time to get used to the feel and learn to use chashoy. Perhaps it will be the most comfortable means for you. There are models that can be continuously worn for up to 12 hours. With it, you will be safely swim and outdoor recreation. Even if you take a swab or a bowl, which are designed for a long time, take the spare funds in the event that menstruation will be more abundant than you expected, or have to stay on the beach.

Drink plenty of liquids

How to feel comfortable on the beach during menstruation

During PMS you need to drink a lot especially. Water helps relieve bloating, of course, it should not be carbonated. Tampax recommends drinking 10 glasses of fluid each day during menstruation - and it's not even in the days when you spend many hours on a hot beach.

And that helps you to feel confident on the beach during menstruation?