6 signs that you drink too much coffee

Each of us caffeine affects differently. Here's how alcohol: someone carries on a glass of beer, and someone will drain a couple of liters, and not notice. For office coffee breaks, coffee shops at every turn and faithful morning habit is easy to overlook that you overdose. Here are some signs that your body is too much caffeine.

1. Do you have a headache

6 signs that you drink too much coffee

Despite the fact that caffeine is found in many medications for headache - for example tsitramona - its use should be controlled. An overdose of caffeine can cause the kind of pain that arises from excessive use of drugs. It is called a rebound headache.

If you suffer from chronic migraines or simply feel that you have a sudden headache, should be particularly careful with caffeine.

2. Stomach problems

Coffee irritates the stomach and heartburn triggers. Moreover, it stimulates the central nervous system, because of which the body produces too much stomach acid.

Even those who have no problems with the gastrointestinal tract, doctors do not recommend drinking coffee on an empty stomach. A strong love of caffeine can lead to gastritis and other digestive problems.

3. Do you feel anxiety

6 signs that you drink too much coffee

Because of the caffeine our body releases a stress hormone - cortisol. When you are calm, it gives vivacity, but if you're tired or already excited, can cause anxiety.

Excess caffeine eventually overload your nervous system and lead to chronic stress. You feel that in recent days has become alarming, try to replace other coffee drinks. What we've already advised.

4. Poor sleeping

Do not underestimate the effects of caffeine on your sleep. American Council a sleep specialist and a member of the American Academy of somnology Dr. Michael Breus says that with age, our body slowly begins to process caffeine. 5-10 years ago latte cup at night does not affect your sleep, but now it may be much more sensitive to the nervous system.

I noticed that became worse sleep, pay attention to how much you usually drink coffee and in what quantity.

5. You have amplified heartbeat

6 signs that you drink too much coffee

Another result of the impact of caffeine on the central nervous system - heart palpitations. In moderate amounts of coffee is safe, but if you feel that the heart is beating for no reason, it is possible that the case in the drink.

This feeling arises when you are at rest, and can last all day.

6. You go to the toilet more often than usual

Caffeine acts as a mild diuretic. But some people may be particularly sensitive to it. If you start going to the toilet more often than usual, try to limit yourself to coffee and other caffeinated beverages.

Do you notice that coffee affects your body?