Anastasia Anastasia Valeryevna Zuyeva: biography and career in sports

Russian swimmer Anastasia Valeryevna Zuyeva is the first in the history of Soviet and Russian world champion of swimming in the outdoor pool. it is also the owner of "silver" the Olympics of 2012 and a number of other prestigious awards. Looking at the list of achievements of athletes, it's hard to believe that fifteen years, she gave no sign of hope in swimming and was an outsider group.


Anastasia Anastasia Valeryevna Zuyeva (nee Zueva) was born in the suburban Voskresensk 08.05.1990 year. As a child, she did not think about the swimmer's career. Nastia parents were far away from sports people and just wanted to teach her daughter to swim. To this end, at the age of five years, they gave the girl in the pool. Children in the sections were a bit older Nasty, but it being a tall, did not differ from their appearance. To engage in a future champion frankly do not like: often absent, distracted in training. But in school I studied well: love the Russian language and mathematics.

Anastasia Anastasia Valeryevna Zuyeva: biography and career in sports

The swimming section of Anastasia Anastasia Valeryevna Zuyeva still exist, but fifteen years of age did not show results. Suffice it later became the master of sports. And then suddenly he won a school sports contest and got into the youth team. Coach Natalia Kozlova was initially not happy with the flooring. Soon, however, I noticed that her complexion is perfect for swimming: the girl has an innate flexibility, mobility in water and mobility of joints.

The first successes of

Kozlov helped Anastasia Valeryevna Zuyeva finalize the crown discipline. Athlete doubted between backstroke and freestyle. After experimenting, mentor and Trust came to the conclusion that on the back of Anastasia progresses much faster. Soon swimmer moved to Penza, to train at the school of the Olympic reserve. Higher education in the Penza Pedagogical University at the Faculty of Physical Education.

Anastasia Anastasia Valeryevna Zuyeva: biography and career in sports

At sixteen Anastasia Anastasia Valeryevna Zuyeva won her first Junior World Championships and selected for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. At the Games he took fourth place in the discipline of two hundred meters backstroke. In 2009 at the world championships in Rome in semifinal heats in the hundred- and dvuhsotmetrovke Nastya has established two world records. At both distances in the finals she showed even better results, but there were a rival that can surpass it. As a result, Anastasia Valeryevna Zuyeva won two silver medals.

Trauma and Recovery

The talent swimmers were open all the way, but in 2010 something unexpected happened. Anastasia was vacationing with friends in the water park and went to take a shower. Bending down to the floor, she was unable to straighten up. Athlete was taken to the hospital and a few days rolled in a wheelchair. The survey found that Anastasia Anastasia Valeryevna Zuyeva has a protrusion of intervertebral disc - disease, which resulted in the segment of the spine becomes unstable.

Anastasia Anastasia Valeryevna Zuyeva: biography and career in sports

Three days after the incident, Nastia was supposed to participate in the world championship. But she went there only as a spectator. Upon his return he was convened council of physicians, which held that if the girl will continue swimming career - will become invalid.

Anastasia Anastasia Valeryevna Zuyeva did not believe the doctors. In her heart she was sure that will recover and continue to swim. Athlete found good specialist, and it means many hours of physical exercise helped her without pills and injections to his feet. Faith in their own strength adds what mom and coach swimmers have always been there and supported it.

The new victory

One year later, Nastia returned to form. At the World Cup in 2011 in Shanghai, she won the "gold" on pyatidesyatimetrovke and "silver" in the hundred-meter race. At the London 2012 Olympic Games Anastasia Anastasia Valeryevna Zuyeva was second at a distance of two hundred meters on the back, and one hundred meters finished fourth. Even a year later, at the Universiade in Kazan athlete set a new record and has won top prizes at distances of fifty and one hundred meters backstroke. Then part of the Russian national team became the winner of the combined relay 4 * 100.

Anastasia Anastasia Valeryevna Zuyeva: biography and career in sports


In the summer of 2013 Anastasia was married to Sergei swimmer Anastasia Valeryevna Zuyeva, bronze medalist of the Olympic Games 2012. In June, the couple had a son, Max next year. Now the kid for four years and he regularly visits the pool. The couple say they do not have a goal to raise the son of a swimmer and his lead in the section for common development.

After the birth of Anastasia Anastasia Valeryevna Zuyeva swimming is gone. According to her, it was foolish to give up the chance to win a gold medal. At the Games in Rio in 2016 was unable to make it to her. Now the goal athletes - Tokyo 2020. We wish her good luck!