Svetlana Khorkina: biography, personal life, career

Svetlana Khorkina - the legend of rhythmic gymnastics. It took twice Olympic gold. She managed nine times become a world champion. And that's not all - the biography of Svetlana Khorkina is filled with a string of colorful, meaningful and very important event for the country.


Biography Svetlana Khorkina has its origins in 1979. Girl World was born in Belgorod. It flows the blood of Mordovia, as both dad and mom were from Mordovia families. At one time in the future Belgorod parents moved gymnast to earn extra money, but in the end stayed here forever. Svetlana's father worked at a construction site working, mom managed to get a nurse in a local kindergarten.

Svetlana Khorkina: biography, personal life, career

Introduction to gymnastics

When Khorkina was 4 years old, a neighbor on the porch of her mother offered to give the girl at the gym. The section was very good in the city. Mom lit up with this idea, because in the family there was a small gymnast - Svetlana Khorkina.

Class girl like very much, she attended them with pleasure. It should be noted that the features of the physical data Svetlana was not there. Despite this gymnastics coach Boris Pilkin saw a little girl tremendous dedication and hard work. It is these human qualities and help the young to become a great gymnast. Little gymnast Svetlana Khorkina practiced with great zeal all the exercises she repeated a hundred times. And even if they did not, the girl turns out, she walked to the end and definitely reached fantastic results.

Her athletic career quickly went to take off. Once in the capital, she has aimed at the youth team of the USSR. She approached and age, and technical equipment. But because of its provincial origin and we were all looking at talented gymnast down. But this did not break Svetlana. So, in 1992, in the biography of Svetlana Khorkina began a new chapter - it became a member of the Russian national rhythmic gymnastics.

Svetlana Khorkina: biography, personal life, career

The first victory

In sports biography of Svetlana Khorkina had a huge number of different levels wins. But there were many falls. According to the renowned gymnast, these failures and strengthened her character, given a kick in for new more powerful achievements.

was the fall in training one of these failures. It happened two weeks before the championship in Japan. Gymnast quite seriously she injured her back. She struggled to move, about the exercises and do it was hard to say. She could not do without painkillers. As a result, the doctor said that about the championship, which she diligently prepared, it should be forgotten. Light in his sixteen years have been very independent and determined. She agreed to take the full course of treatment, but also on the training did not give up, despite the huge risks. Gathering will fist Horkina well performed in the control exercise. Championship also surrendered under the pressure of Russian strong-willed girl. She became a champion and took several important medals.

The Way champion

Olympics for Svetlana Khorkina became the new target. After intensive treatment, she began to train and prepare for the ascent to Olympus. In 1996, it met Atlanta. This Olympiad was for gymnasts extremely successful, as Khorkina won the gold medal in the category of "bars". She also brought a silver medal for her performance in the team competition. So already at seventeen biography Svetlana Khorkina contained a record of victory in the Olympic Games.

It would seem, reaching the highest goal, she would stop and take a break. But the rest is not for Khorkina. Although she tried to return home and begin to learn in high school, but this kind of life she quickly got bored, gymnast once again went to the capital. After a long work on oneself, Khorkina decides to re-conquer the Olympics. This time she went to Sydney. For the Olympic Games in 2000 the girl was twenty-one and level of preparation was the highest. It would seem that the victory was already in his pocket Khorkina, but all the optimism dissipated after the one of the workouts gymnast severely bruised knee. The cause of this trouble was the wrong set projectile. Despite all the problems, Khorkina still performed well and maintained its leadership in the category of "bars". After winning the girl immediately he said that exactly is going to take the Olympic gold medal for the third time.

Important in the biography of Svetlana Khorkina became 2001. This year, the gymnast has achieved the title of absolute champion in the World Cup. It is worth noting that in the period from 1995 to 2001, Khorkina won absolutely all the championships in which took part. During these years, his personal life Svetlana Khorkina was not simple. All her efforts were focused on the sport and the achievement of results.

In 2003, Khorkina once again became the winner of the World Cup, making it the first in the world three times the champion. Then Khorkina performs at the Athens Olympics. Gold this time she could not take it. Perhaps the reason was overconfidence, or perhaps age. Gymnast failed to reach the final and that's decided to end his career for good.

Svetlana Khorkina: biography, personal life, career


After retiring from gymnastics, former athlete appeared several times on television. With its participation in the screen output shows like "Dancing with the Stars" and "Circus of the Stars". Also, in the biography of Svetlana Khorkina appeared experience of shooting for a glossy magazine. And it is not simple, and designed for the male audience, "Playboy". Here Russian athlete appeared in front of fans in the nude.

Svetlana Khorkina: biography, personal life, career

The political career of

Khorkina first made in the political arena in 2007. In the fifth convocation of Khorkina elected to the State Duma. This information can be seen on the official website of "United Russia". Of particular importance for Khorkina has as Vice President of Artistic Gymnastics. In this position Svetlana tries to do everything to facilitate the development of gymnastics in the country.

In 2014, another important title fits into the biography of Svetlana Khorkina. It is administered after the Sochi Olympics.

Svetlana Khorkina: biography, personal life, career


Personal life Svetlana Khorkina has always been a focus of the journalists. As they did not know for a long time to catch on. And then in 2005 the whole world will know about the birth of her first child - Sviatoslav.

Svetlana Khorkina: biography, personal life, career

media immediately spread the news that the former athlete gave birth to a son in America. Information about the boy's father did not follow, so the journalists decided that it is Levan Uchaneishvili.

Later, the boy with American citizenship, new rumors. According to the media, the baby was born from the union of Svetlana Khorkina and Cyril Shubsky. The man was the official spouse Vera Glagoleva, so many took this suggestion as a rumor. Svetlana Khorkina and Cyril Shubsky, in turn, refused to comment on the situation. It is worth noting that in his book "somersaults heels" Khorkina exactly prescribes the name of the father of her son and called him Kirill. Now the talk on this subject much pougasli. The fact is that in 2011 the personal life of Svetlana Khorkina became much clearer. Former athlete married to General Oleg Kochnova. Children Svetlana Khorkina would like two, but so far it has only son.

Svetlana Khorkina: biography, personal life, career

Latest News

In 2016, by Khorkina received information that it is a project Alexei Nemov was shot with a serious injury. This shows former athlete has demonstrated a perfect execution of floor exercises on uneven bars.

To achieve quality execution of all elements, Khorkina daily spent one and a half hours in the gym. In March 2017 Khorkina intervened on behalf of the Russian team. According to her, it occurred doping scandal is extremely unfair to the Russian athletes. But to deal with this situation athletes are not necessary, as a positive result it still will not. It proposed the creation of a single legal framework and to make the whole program of work of WADA open. Unfortunately, Khorkina went unheard, the Russian team played in the Olympics under a free flag. Russian fans, in turn, supported the former athlete.

"The Champions: faster, higher, stronger"

In 2016, fans of sports activity Khorkina could see her story in the film "Champions: faster, higher, stronger." In the picture are some stories of legendary athletes. Svetlana Khorkina in her plays Christine Asmus. The actress managed to very accurately and truthfully convey the story of success and downs Svetlana Khorkina. Painting is a great pride for their country and athletes.