Julia Barsukov: reviews School of rhythmic gymnastics Olympic champion

Julia Barsukov - popular Russian athlete, who in his career has reached great heights. This artistic gymnast at the moment completed her professional career and opened a sports school. Now she shares her wealth of experience to the younger generation. gymnastics Olympic champion Yulia Barsukova centers opened in large cities of Russia. There are budget and space to talented children from poor families could get a chance.

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Julia Barsukov was born December 31, 1978 in Moscow. Parents took her to figure skating when she was only four years old. For three years, she learned to skate gracefully. Once Julia saw classes in gymnastics and decided to try his hand at the sport. Parents do not interfere with the transition, and soon the young athlete with great diligence studied gymnastics. For great success Julia Barsukov was transferred to the sports Tagansky district school. It was there that Julia improve their skills. Favorable conditions and professional trainers have contributed to its rapid development. In just a few years, Julia has grown into an athlete who was able to speak at international competitions.

Julia Barsukov: reviews School of rhythmic gymnastics Olympic champion

Contact with the national team

At the age of 16 years Julia Barsukov was able to get into the national team. But head coach Irina Viner, the Russian team did not think that Yulia stronger than other candidates. Trainer team noted good training gymnasts, but felt that it lacked artistry. With her opinion did not agree choreographer Veronica Shatkova team and the first Yulia coach Silaeva. They noted ballet quality Barsukov which have not all gymnasts. After a while, Irina Viner still took an artistic gymnast Julia Barsukov Team. At that time, a great coach did not realize he did not want to take the team's future Olympic champion. Barsukov in an interview admitted that she initially was afraid to strict Irina Viner. She, being the star of the Russian rhythmic gymnastics is not offended by Wiener, because she did not immediately took her to the national team. Julia realizes that the location of such an experienced coach to be earned.

Of course, the corona number of gymnasts is an exercise ball, which is called "The Dying Swan". At the moment, there is no team rhythmic gymnastics, which can also nicely do the exercise with the ball. Julia Barsukov: reviews School of rhythmic gymnastics Olympic champion

The first international competition

The first serious competition for Julia Barsukova began in 1998. It was then that she realized how hard living professional athletes. Grand Prix of the year took place in many countries. Gymnasts had to get used to regular crossings each time to adapt to the new halls. In addition, there is high competition in rhythmic gymnastics. Following the tournament budding gymnast was in the top ten best athletes in Europe. Julia Barsukov showed a high level of performance, and all specialists, it was clear that the big wins she is yet to come.

Julia Barsukov: reviews School of rhythmic gymnastics Olympic champion

The first successes of athletes

The championship of Russia, which took place in 1999, Julia Barsukov took the third place. It has once again proved that it is one of the strongest artistic gymnasts of the country. At the World Championships Julia won two bronze medals for the country. The following year came the finest hour for this athlete. It was the first championship of Russia won gold at the Sydney Olympics and in the final of the Grand Prix. At competitions Barsukov supports a large number of fans. Photo by Yulia Barsukova began to appear regularly in sports magazines. For good results, this gymnast was awarded the state award - the Order of Merit and the title of "Honored Master of Sports."

Julia Barsukov: reviews School of rhythmic gymnastics Olympic champion

The main rivalry in the team

Undoubtedly, the main rival of Julia in the team was Alina Kabaeva. It is because of her Barsukov long time could not take first place in the prestigious competition. But the team was not negative. In the life of these two outstanding Russian gymnasts were friends. In addition, competition has contributed to their professional development. Julia Barsukov worked hard and won gold at the Sydney Olympics. Finally, she got his share of fame and written his name in the history of rhythmic gymnastics. Immediately after the landmark victory Barsukov decided to finish his career and went to live in the United States, where she was waiting for a young man.

Julia Barsukov: reviews School of rhythmic gymnastics Olympic champion

Life after the end of a professional career

Julia Barsukov after the completion of his professional career has participated in the popular show "Dancing on Ice". She had an advantage over the rest of the fans, because it is a child went to the skating. Successfully performed, Julia won the jury members. She also performed in the ice ballet.

Julia married to a successful figure skater Denis Samokhin. He strongly supported his sweetheart during the Olympic Games in Sydney. Immediately after its completion, she went to see him in the United States. In 2008, the couple was born the son of Nikita. Barsukova have no problem to grow from a son of a professional athlete. The main thing that Nikita was healthy, not hanging around and accustomed to work.

Julia Barsukov: reviews School of rhythmic gymnastics Olympic champion

Opening own school

In 2010, the Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics has opened sports schools network. There, young girls and even boys from three years get acquainted with rhythmic gymnastics and improving in this sport. Talented children are transferred to Moscow, where Yulia Tymoshenko personally monitors their development. On the territory of the center there is a gymnastics boarding school where gifted children from other cities can comfortably live and train. Successful artistic gymnast likes to work with children and experiencing with them their ups and downs. Julia does not exclude that over time can work, and with the national team. She understands that this is a big responsibility and you have to be ready for this important post. But it is only in the plans, as long as it needs a lot of work to educate future gymnasts.

Julia Barsukov: reviews School of rhythmic gymnastics Olympic champion

Reviews of the school

Parents noted that children who went to school Julia Barsukov quickly progressing. It is no coincidence, because the coaching staff there consists of masters of sports.

Parents noted that children like to do at school Yulia Barsukov as there taught several types of exercises. This artistic, sporting and developing gymnastics.

Parents and children were happy when the school Yulia Barsukova opened in Novosibirsk. Young athletes go to school with pleasure and positive about the coaches.

Julia Barsukov - talented Russian athlete whose career will undoubtedly be called successful. She has won many medals for the country at prestigious international competitions. After completing his professional career, Julia opened the children's centers of gymnastics in the major cities of the country. School calisthenics Yulia Barsukova are very popular.