Yuliya Efimova (swimming): biography, personal life, family, kids, achievements, photos

Yulia Efimova - honored master of sports in swimming, three-time Olympic medalist, multiple European champion and world record holder, multiple.

Swimming lessons in the biography of Yulia Efimova took an important role. We learn, thanks to whom the champion came to the sport. Get acquainted with the details of the athletes life, reveal the secret of her success, learn about all the achievements in sport and, of course, touch on the personal life of this wonderfully single-minded girl.

Childhood and family champion

Yulia Efimova Born April 3, 1992. The girl was born in Grozny. Two years later, Julia moved with my parents in Volgodonsk, fleeing the horrors of the First Chechen War. From that day biography of Yulia Efimova and swimming are inextricably linked.

Yuliya Efimova (swimming): biography, personal life, family, kids, achievements, photos

With two years girl perfectly kept on the water, and with six years Julia started to swim in the sports school, which was led by her father, Andrei Mikhailovich.

Father in the biography of Yulia Efimova played an important role. That he is her first coach. Mom, Tatiana G., saw the future daughter in sports acrobatics and dancing. Girl obediently attended art school. But dad making out in a little of Julia talent, said the girl should go swimming only.

Andrei Mikhailovich was angry at his wife when she dressed up in dresses daughter and insisted tracksuits. He and Julia gave assurance that it future champion.

Parents Julia divorced when she was 13 years old. A significant portion of his time spent with the girl's father. According to the mother, about the events in the life of her daughter, she had to find out from the media. The woman claims that in all matters of Yulia consults with the pope.

"When Dad and I divorced, Julia was 13 years old. I think our break made her more mature, tempered, or something ... So I do not get involved in the life and sports plans Julia "- said mother Efimova.

Training with the father of

The father went to school on a bicycle, and the girl ran all the way around. So I tempered character, and develop endurance. Classes were difficult. Julia, feeling the love and care of his father, often capricious. I could yell at him if something was not to her liking. Father spared the girl. This is very hurt their joint work and the achievement of the desired results.

It was decided to give the young athlete in the group to the honored coach of Russia Irina Germanovna Vjatchanin, in which the girl was training up to 17 years. Julia, as a teenager, had a ride in Volgodonsk Taganrog on training.

Below photo Yulia Efimova with his father.

Yuliya Efimova (swimming): biography, personal life, family, kids, achievements, photos

Working with Vjatchanin

Irina Germanovna was quite tough coach. She strictly followed the diet Tymoshenko. As a result, the girl managed to lose to the desired weight. Only then can the coach lost control diet of athletes. Vyatchanin strictly forbidden to use cosmetics (except for baby cream and chapstick), referring to the fact that it is a distraction from the training. The girl was upset such restrictions.

Began heavy sports routine. At Julia did not have time to study at school. Training and preparation for the Olympics held all the time. But the difficulty was raised in a future champion a strong character, the ability to never give up under any circumstances. Without these qualities it is impossible to win and stay ahead of strong rivals in the difficult struggle, demonstrating its superiority.

On the path to

In training with his father Julius tried different techniques of swimming. Turning to Vjatchanin, she finally chose brass and finally showed a good result.

"In the beginning I was floating" complex "- breaststroke, butterfly, back. Most of all I liked the butterfly, I always wanted to be a "delfinistkoy". And then, when I was 13 years old went to Irina Vjatchanin finally chose the breaststroke, "- says Yulia.

Yuliya Efimova (swimming): biography, personal life, family, kids, achievements, photos

In Taganrog for future champions the opportunity to train in large swimming pools, competing with strong partners. In 2007, Yulia Efimova became part of the Russian national team in swimming.

Victory and achieving

A change of coach in swimming in the biography of Yulia Efimova brought significant changes.

The first successes were not long in coming. Hard work has borne fruit:

  • In 2007, fifteen Yuliya Efimova became a triple champion of Europe in the 50, 100 and 200 meters breaststroke;
  • at the 2008 European Championships she won gold and bronze;
  • in the same 2008 athlete made at the Beijing Olympics, and finished fourth in the swim for 100 meters and fifth place - in the swim for 200 meters.

In 2008, the All-Russian Swimming Federation announced Julius Ephraim "discovery of the year" and the best swimmer of the country.

In 2008, the Yulia Efimova was awarded the title "Honorary Citizen of the city of Volgodonsk."

Yuliya Efimova (swimming): biography, personal life, family, kids, achievements, photos

In 2009, she won the world championship. The victory was the first in the women's swimming for a long time.

In the biography of Yulia Efimova swimming occupies a central place, but this girl does not stop. She has other interests. Worrying about their future, and being diversified man, in 2010, Yulia entered the Southern Federal University of Rostov-on-Don by department "Regional".

Not content with the successes achieved in the sport to new heights, Julia decides to move to the United States. This decision was not just her. In a short time she learned English in order to work with the leading coaches in the world, and in 2011 at the age of 19 she moved to the United States. California has become a new place of residence athletes. Yulia Efimova became a mentor coach David Salo world size.

Yuliya Efimova (swimming): biography, personal life, family, kids, achievements, photos

The ups and downs

The changes were for the better. In 2012, the Yulia Efimova at the Olympics in London, won the bronze medal.

In 2013 at the World Championships in Barcelona in sports biography swimmer Yulia Efimova Tyumen played an important role. Presenting this area in the competition, she won four awards.

"I first saw the heads, which listens to the athlete, talking on equal terms and does not put himself above I can talk about their problems and help me This is very important -.. She shared -. I do not fully feel Tyumenka, but I has a residence permit, I think it's a matter of time. "

In 2013, the athlete was already a three-time world champion and set a Russian record (200 meters distance) and a world record (distance 50 meters). In the same year Julia was awarded the medal "For Services to the Fatherland" of the second degree.

And then, quite unexpectedly, in an impeccable biography champion swimmer Yulia Efimova happened to a lot of trouble. Analysis of doping, handed over in the autumn of 2013 in the absence of competition has yielded positive results. As it turned out athlete taking a dietary supplement, which likely contained and identified a hormone.

As a result - 1, 5 years disqualification and forfeiture of five medals won at the European Championships in 2013.

Return to the world of sports

Athlete adequately withstand the impact and continued training. She returned to the world of sports triumph. In the summer of 2015 at the World Championships in Kazan Yulia Efimova won the gold and bronze medals, which in its amount accounted for half of all the medals of the Russian team.

But in 2016 another analysis showed the presence of a drug in the blood meldonium Julia. New suspension athletes closed her way to the Olympics in 2016 in Brazil. This time she could no longer remain silent. Julia filed a lawsuit in the Court of Arbitration for Sport. After the hearing, it was decided that Yulia Efimova will participate in the Olympics.

It proved difficult for Yulia these competitions. Athlete took ill after the scandal, its booed and criticized. But she rallied and as a result - 2 silver medals: in the heats in the 100 and 200 meters.

Yuliya Efimova (swimming): biography, personal life, family, kids, achievements, photos

For the brilliant participation in the Olympic Games Julia has received an award from the "Olympians Foundation" BMW X4. She was awarded the Order of Friendship.


For a long time any information about his personal life in the biography of Yulia Efimova absent. Sportswoman them carefully concealed. And only in 2015 it became known that she meets with Nikita Lobintsevym swimmer, winner of the Olympic Games in Beijing and London, multiple world and European champion. Athlete took him Polina Maximova - the star of the series "Babes and Chicks."

Julia placed herself in social networks photo kissing a young man.

Chosen Julia also trained Dave Salo. The couple were together for about a year, they broke up in 2016.

Yuliya Efimova (swimming): biography, personal life, family, kids, achievements, photos

In the biography of Yulia Efimova personal life inferior career. To date, information on any relationship, except for workers in the life of the champion is missing.

Yulia Efimova today

In 2017 at the World Championships in Budapest sports biography swimmer Yulia Efimova replenished with another victory. She produced another gold, two silver and a bronze.

In the same year was established by the Russian Federation of Independent swim team swimmers Efimova Team, which has become the head coach Andrey Efimov. The team came in and Yulia Efimova.

She continues to train in California. US media are trying to discredit the Russian athlete. In February 2018, they were accused ie that she has arranged an accident while intoxicated, for which he was detained. But Julia has denied these rumors. The representative champion Olga Eliseeva and father of Julia Andrey Efimov supported her. All-Russian Swimming Federation has provided information that Yulia Efimova been approached them with a request to provide legal or any other assistance.

In March 2018 Yulia Efimova with swimmer Vladimir Morozov competed TYR Pro Swim Series in Atlanta (USA). Piggy Julia joined by two second places at distances of 100 and 200 meters breaststroke.

The most significant achievement of

To date, Yulia Efimova has 15 medals won at the World Championships, European Championships 8 medals and 4 gold medals in the Universiade in Kazan.

The most significant achievement of the Yulia Efimova to date:

  • six-time winner of gold at the European championships in 2007, 2008's, 2010;
  • a five-time winner of the "gold" at the 2009 World Championships, 2013, 2015 and 2017;
  • six-time winner of the "silver" at the 2009 World Championships, 2011, 2013, 2017;
  • a bronze medal at the Olympics in London in 2012;
  • four-time winner of the Universiade in Kazan in 2013;
  • two silver medals at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.