The legendary Belarusian footballer Alexander Hleb

Alexander Hleb - a Belarusian footballer who currently plays for the moment for Russia's "Wings of the Soviets." This year he will be 36 years, so that his career is definitely on the decline. Alexander Hleb played the position of playmaker, but can also be shifted to both flank attack if necessary.

Early career

Alexander Hleb was born in the capital of Belarus, Minsk city May 1, 1981. It was there that he began playing football at an early age - as early as six years he was in the football academy of Minsk "Dynamo". There he spent his childhood and teenage years, played for the youth of different age categories, while in 1999, when he was 18 years old, is not got a choice for the future. As a result, Alexander Hleb signed a professional contract not with the "Dynamo", and with Borisov "BATE". In his first season he left the field 13 times and marked his first professional goal and celebrated winning the first tournament after his club won the championship of Belarus. The second season of "BATE" he had begun as a player base and managed in the first half to play 12 matches and scored three goals, when it drew the attention of clubs abroad. Talented young Belarusians showered with lucrative offers, and in the summer of 2000, he signed a contract with "Stuttgart", which paid him 150,000 euros.

Moving to Germany

The legendary Belarusian footballer Alexander Hleb

Alexander Hleb - a player who was the most influential in their period, and it all began, of course, in the "Stuttgart". The first season at the club, Alexander took out, to adapt to an unfamiliar environment. He appeared on the field only nine times, but even then it was clear that he is a player with great potential. And already in 2001 I began to unfold this potential - for four consecutive years Hleb was not just a player base, but one of the key players, "Stuttgart". For four years, he appeared on the field 166 times and scored 19 goals. He was the conductor of the Swabians attacks and, of course, was the real star. Therefore, it was obvious that he did not spend his entire career in the "Stuttgart": in the summer of 2005 the German club received an offer he could not refuse. English "Arsenal" has paid for Belarusians to 15 million euros.

Go to the "Arsenal"

The legendary Belarusian footballer Alexander Hleb

Alexander Hleb, whose biography includes both ups and downs, at that time was on the rise. In the "Arsenal", he quickly won a place in the starting lineup in the first season had 39 games and scored three goals. In total, the London club he spent three years - during which time he appeared on the field 129 times, to celebrate the tenth hammered balls. For 27 years he reached the peak of his career, and it paid off - the summer of 2008 to the "Arsenal" asked one of the strongest clubs in the world, "Barcelona." Naturally, Alexander Hleb, whose statistics for the current and previous clubs impressed, could not refuse. Then he knew that he was committing the biggest mistake of his career.

"Barcelona": the beginning of the end of

The legendary Belarusian footballer Alexander Hleb

Hleb moved to the "Barcelona", which has just been appointed the new coach, Pep Guardiola. The first season of Alexander periodically appear on the field, with a total of 36 games, but much good club did not bring - he just could not adapt as quickly as demanded Guardiola results here and now. As a result, Hleb was sent to the rent, "Stuttgart", then to "Birmingham", and then in the "Wolfsburg" - but it did not make it closer to the base of the Catalan club. When he returned from a "Wolfsburg", his contract came to an end - and the club has not deemed it necessary to renew it. Thus ended the glorious era of one of the best Belarusian football players in history.

After the "Barcelona"

30-year-old Gleb was already far from that star that was expected in all European clubs. He signed a contract with the "Wings of the Soviets", where he spent a season before returning "BATE" to his native club. There he played for one and a half years and then moved to Turkey where he spent a year in "Konyaspor". He then signed a contract with "Genclerbirligi" and within two years periodically played for the Turkish club, then for "BATE". In winter 2017, when its next contract with "BATE" has expired, he moved to the "Wings of the Soviets", which entered into an agreement for six months.

for the national team appearances

The legendary Belarusian footballer Alexander Hleb

In the national team of Belarus Gleb was first invoked in October 2010, but played his first match only a year later. During his career he played 78 matches for the national team, scoring 7 goals and gave 12 assists. Despite his age he is still a member of the national team: the last match he held in November 2016.