Strida folding bike: an overview, features and reviews

Strida folding bike - a symbol of originality and ambition of the owner. He stands out among this kind of transport unusual frame design with the letter "A". When the producer in the mid-80s of the last century presented to the consumer one of the first of its models, a lot of people for a long time perceived it as a casus cycling industry.

Strida folding bike: an overview, features and reviews

Today, demand for compact and mobile bikes are actively growing. Popular and Strida bikes. As a result of the commercial success of its development to date, the manufacturer is ready to offer several extravagant models.

Features geometry

At first glance, Strida is very similar to a cross between a large scooter and wheelchairs for the disabled, but it is still a real bike. Unlike the usual geometry of the bike, this structure consists of elementary triangular frame. Instead of a chain drive is used Kevlar drive belt. Almost all bikes Strida have only one speed and are equipped with disc brakes. The main differences in the design of models is of overall vehicle size and diameter of the wheels.

All models "Strid" have been created for people who have to make long trips daily in a large metropolis. Simplicity and ease of design allows you to quickly add a bike. Strida is compact, it can be transported on public transport. Transformation bike this brand takes less than 5 seconds.

Strida folding bike: an overview, features and reviews


One of the tasks of the developers was to create not only small and mobile bike, but also easy to use. The result was the first model, which weighed about 10 kg and fits easily in the trunk of a compact car. The assembled such transport is like a big shopping bag that can carry on the street or on public transport. The compactness of this model is sometimes surprising: assembled it will fit easily in a closet or under a desk. Strida bikes can be easily disassembled. Design features of this mode of transport makes it easy to maneuver in cramped conditions, traffic jams. Its maintenance does not require much effort. If repairs are required, you can easily find any accessories - professional sporting goods stores always have a choice footboards, brake calipers, pads, pedals, belts and other accessories for the data structures.

Strida folding bike: an overview, features and reviews

Varieties of custom bikes

Overview of folding bicycles "Strid" includes a description of the most popular models on the market. If you treat them with the practical side, you can see how users liked these unusual stories. Those lucky ones who have already purchased this mode of transport, to understand how their life has become simpler: to this bike can not only comfortably reach any point of the city, but also easy to smuggle it into the underground trunk of a car or on a bus. It can take with you in any public place, without having to worry about the safety of the iron horse, abandoned on the street.

Modification compact bike Strida 5.2

This version refers to the classical model. It consists of already familiar A-frame, direct steering, a belt drive, a comfortable saddle, reliable disc brakes. Light aluminum construction and small diameter wheels 16ˮ provides lightweight bicycle - total 9, 6 kg. Maximum simplification of the folding technique on other key elements of the bicycle frame provides the possibility of transformation, pedals and steering wheel in a few seconds. It is possible to adjust the height of the steering wheel.

Strida folding bike: an overview, features and reviews

Strida LT model of

All the same specifications, supplemented by the ability to adjust the seat height. Feature differences between this model of fellow is the original 5-spoke wheels and the presence of the plastic boot. At first glance it may seem that the design of this bike is very fragile. In fact, all its basic elements is sufficient reliable and durable. This construction weighs about 11 kg.

Strida EVO

Bicycles of this modification are distinguished by the speed selector. Despite the fact that many believe is the implementation is not quite appropriate, empowering line for urban models of this type in general - a good solution. Let this innovation has not added to the bike any special performance characteristics, but apparently innovative basting manufacturers already have.

Strida SX

The main difference between this model - fitting more robust 18-inch wheels. It is due to their use while driving in this city bikes are more comfortable conditions. Due to the small differences in the configuration of the frame and wheels increased weight of the model is 11, 6 kg.

Strida folding bike: an overview, features and reviews

Model Strida SD5

From other members of their family, this model is characterized by the presence of special protection for the stars. Due to the wide carriage wheel "Strid SD5" capable of withstanding heavy loads. Reliable and trouble-free disk brake system deserves special attention. Weight model - slightly more than 10 kg.

What do cyclists?

Truly appreciate the quality and attractiveness of the design can only those who have experienced the pleasure of a ride on a folding bike. Reviews of Strida say that the first reaction to the unusual shape of a miniature bike - a mixed sense of irony and interest in such models. But it is necessary to test the vehicle in fact, as once you understand the philosophical ideas of developers.

Strida folding bike: an overview, features and reviews

Cyclists note that these bikes are convenient and easy to use, does not require special maintenance costs, compact and maneuverable enough when driving. This is particularly noticeable in terms of narrow and close streets filled with the flow of people and cars.

The total weight of the reviews about folding bikes are positive, but there are conflicting opinions about them. It is believed that due to the compact form, such models are not able to provide even the minimum ride comfort. To some extent this is true, especially if you choose a transport for long journeys and travel.

And one moment. Tricks and speed riding - it's not convertible bike. "Strid" - purely city bike, for which the optimum operating conditions to be asphalted sidewalk or bicycle path. The maximum speed that can develop miniature handsome, - up to 20 km per hour.

Operation of the autumn-winter period of

For obvious shortcomings of this model is the presence of certain restrictions. Firstly, for a comfortable and efficient riding it requires more or less smooth pavement borders and without any hindrance. Operation of the bicycle in winter conditions may require periodic cleaning of the basic units adhering snow bicycle. With the arrival of spring folding city bike need diagnostics service. Most likely, the Master will have to adjust or replace some of the details.

Nevertheless, the owners of city bikes always have a distinct advantage: while motorists are stuck in traffic for hours due to the large number of accidents, difficulty of movement or as a result of engine failure, the cyclist without too much trouble can get to your destination.

Strida folding bike: an overview, features and reviews

Other folding bikes

"Strid" - is not the only brand that produces folding bicycles. Strida counterparts today there are quite a lot. Many companies follow the example of the developers mentioned the brand, and today there are a lot of similar vehicles. However, only Mark Sanders - chief designer of this model - was able to bring the bike configuration to perfection and minimalism. That he managed to cut the geometry of the forms "Strid" to a minimum, while leaving the necessary reserve for easy handling and good functionality of the vehicle.