Tattoo "Lizard": the full transcript of the multifaceted character

Tattoos of lizards are fairly common in contemporary art telomodifikatsii, but not everyone knows that this character could be seen on the bodies of ancient Aboriginal New Zealand. What does this sign and whether it should be used as a thumbnail image for underwear? In fact, the tattoo "Lizard" - a positive symbol having a plurality of values, to try to understand the most interesting of them and to know who this tattoo fits best.

The Lizard in the culture of the different countries of the world


It is believed that the first image is applied to the skin of lizards became the indigenous people of New Zealand - Maori tribes. animal's body was curved and resembles a modern letter "S". This figure was considered a magical talisman against evil forces and potustronnih entities. Tattoo "Lizard" has a very different value in the Greek tradition. According to the inhabitants of Greece, the animal is a symbol of Mercury, patron of eloquence and trade. But the ancient Romans believed lizards image of death and following resurrection. According to the ideas of inhabitants of ancient Egypt brisk reptiles represent logic and luck. If you asked, meaning the tattoo "Lizard", the residents of South and Central America, they would not hesitate, would answer you that it is a sign of sexual energy and fertility. Africans believe that the animal represents a compromise and the ability to negotiate and according to the North American Indians, we have the personification of deceit. And if Africa is believed that the wisdom of the lizard is able to prevent the war, the population of North America, in contrast, believes that it is unclean thoughts, combined with cunning reptile lead to conflicts.

The total value of the tattoo


The lizard - a sign of skill and cunning. Surely each of you as a child was trying to catch a reptile is brisk and marveled at his ability to drop tail, and eventually grow new. Make a tattoo with the image of the animal will be useful to people seeking to become more resourceful and learn to solve any problems. Often, such a tattoo is done by women who want to become more interesting to the opposite sex or the dreams of children. Do not forget that a lizard - a symbol of sexuality and fertility in many cultures. Associate it with the resurrection of the animal is not accidental, because it really falls into a deep sleep and wakes up after hibernation. Accordingly, lizard tattoo for those who want to upgrade, wants to start a new life and "reborn." If you nabete this sketch it is with these thoughts, you will not apply all and good luck will accompany you in all matters.

What else can mean lizard image?


Many reptiles seem incredibly wise animal. Let us turn to history: lizards, snakes, turtles and alligators live on our planet since time immemorial, and thus virtually unchanged. That is why the tattoo "Lizard", whose value is multifaceted, it is possible to decipher as well as a symbol of wisdom, dexterity and eternity. This sketch can be applied to the skin as a talisman. Very often in the form of a tattoo lizard selected businessmen and politicians - in fact it is so necessary oratorical talent and the ability to quickly solve any problems. Do not forget that the image of underwear does not need to have a deeper meaning. If you really like the tattoo "Lizard", do it for the sake of beauty, without thinking about the deeper sense.

Choose a place for tattoo


Sketch lizard for tattoo can be large or small and realistic and stylized, contour. Locate a tattoo can be almost anywhere in the body. Most common options - a tattoo, "Lizard" on the leg, the arm, back, girls - on the back or lower abdomen. Some very extreme people tattooing with the image of this animal in the neck, chest or behind the ear. Remember the cardinal rule: if the new underwear picture for you - it's charms, place it where, if necessary, you can always hide under clothing. But if, on the contrary, to have a tattoo, "Lizard" - a decoration, place it where it sees each.