Stylish manicure. Fashion Nails ideas

Neat little fingers - so cute! This feature groomed girl that monitors an up to the fingertips. But the concept of "stylish manicure" everyone interprets in his own way. Someone thinks that the style is expressed in the details, and someone on the color accents soul. Be that as it may, the fashion in manicure is very capricious, and makes the girls their demands. Whether to follow them? Decide for yourself. But be sure to check out the fresh trends in manicure, which will be relevant in 2017.

Stylish manicure. Fashion Nails ideas

What was that?

Stylish manicure implies conformity to the day today. After all, called "Sweet Home Alabama" Man, we can not only beautiful, but also dressed nice, elegant and neat. In this case, it can not be in the form of ostromodnyh accents, but all will be harmonious and Onion correct. So it is with a manicure. At all times relevant and stylish considered covering basic shades with varnish. Also timeless monochrome matt coating. Always nice to look clean nails of medium length with a colorless varnish. That is why it is so popular and versatile jacket. Suppose for a podium leave stylists long, sharp nails, which are terribly uncomfortable in everyday life. Also exclusively for the beautiful picture suitable long square plate, decorated with large rhinestones. You do not want to nail outweighed you? Believe me, in fact, in the fashion manicure pretty conservative and offers not much new for the season. But stylists from around the world are trying to come up with something new for us. What are they going to surprise in 2017?

Stylish manicure. Fashion Nails ideas

What will be left?

No need to dramatically change their habits in decorating nails. If you are caring for handles, you can safely remain faithful favorite trends. Still in vogue natural shape of the nail, ie a soft oval or square, as well as medium and short length. Stylish manicure has a cleaner look, without the beads, rhinestones and other bulk decor. Still in favor nyudovy manicure, since it is close to natural. In this case, we can safely follow the natural desire to bring the spring at least in manicure, cosmetic brands since released spring 2017 collection of lacquers with turquoise, scarlet, coral, peach and pastel shades.

Stylish manicure. Fashion Nails ideas

Highlights of the year

Still, 2017 th dictates certain rights. For example, the color was recognized Marsala, which means that without varnish burgundy shades - anywhere. But the main trend is recognized manicure metallic. But at the same time no restrictions on the colors that you prefer, so you can easily create beauty in their pens.

Yes, the nail industry is already so extensive that it really is possible to do. Especially if you trust their hands on the master, which can translate into a small form of perfection. Here you need to know when to stop and realize that the exhibition and stylish manicure - are two different things. Prefer grace and elegance. From the square-shaped nail care to the oval. Experiments with the varnish is not allowed, but the practice shows that the average length oval Marigold looks especially beautiful dark colors, such as burgundy, blueberry, dark-blue or shimmering black. Stylish manicure on nails short in 2017 suggests the game with the drawings. The new trend - chaotic varnish drop on the nails. This manicure is performed effortlessly, but with a little bit of accuracy desired. First apply the basic tone, and then - drawing drops. Simple and incredibly stylish. For a more complicated pattern arm tassels.

Matt lacquer is not losing ground. He is still popular, but in 2017 allowed the combination of matt finish with high-gloss design. No additional deokra not necessary. Remember that all the laconic - in a trend.

Stylish manicure. Fashion Nails ideas


Oh, this jacket!

Stylish manicure ideas which year mean different variations with the French. This is good old classics, sometimes requiring some retouching. Can vary nail line and shape is complemented by sculpted lines. The color palette is also subject to change. It turns out that the classics can be not only white, but also a combination of black and red, tan and green, blue and yellow. Let the white parts only will remain. To summarize, the following can be noted: although versatility jacket, it is applicable to unconventional approach. This year the coat must be bright. Try red, the eternally fashionable and incredibly sexy color. It looks unusual and very stylish. This, incidentally, is a unique choice for business lady, and for the extraordinary people who love to shock the audience. For glamorous girls allowed nail decoration stones or sequins. The classic version - translucent rhinestones-crystals. This manicure will not be pretentious and overly festive.

Stylish manicure. Fashion Nails ideas

For those who are in the trend of most nails

There is a category of women for whom follow fashion - is like a guiding star to follow, step to the left and at the same time is a crime. Fashion for them - as the Bible, and because they blindly repeat all the news, as demonstrated on the catwalks and magazine covers. That's for them in 2017 could become a test of strength, because stylists offer bizarre images with rich gloss for every day. Traditional boundaries manicure greatly expanded, and today bright stylish manicure can be a sweet, childish, neon, that is, absolutely anything. one condition - it should be neat and original.

Sharp nails - in the past, so quickly get rid of them. Also, forget for a while about the shades of fuchsia. It is possible to develop the theme of the gradient on the nails. His, by the way, also called Ombre manicure effect or change color.

Stylish manicure. Fashion Nails ideas

I love red!

A separate topic of conversation - a stylish red manicure. This color does not become obsolete. He is always relevant and elegant. Red nail looks spectacular on long nails, but can beautifully emphasize the short nails. Pick a shade of their skin type. If you are the owner of dark skin, then you will approach wine shades, rich cherry or raspberry varnishes. Snow White should pay attention to more bright colors, bordering on pink or even pastels. Concise coverage is always in fashion, but always interesting design sets the mood. Try fresh trend - glossy horizontal stripes on a matte finish. It is also very refreshing mix of red and white. Playing with the color red, you can try out the idea of ​​the moon manicure. It enjoys an enviable popularity. But there is a caveat: to take care of the moon manicure will have to carefully, because the slightest plus the length of the nail breaks the beauty and harmony of the picture. It looks moon manicure in red feminine and sexy.

On the mural

Fashion Season-2017 offers a variety of stylish manicure, but almost every one of them can be completed painting. Each case involves a kind of drawing. You can use different labels or application. Types of labels exist in abundance. Do not be afraid to look like a child, even if you want to paste on nails image Sponge Bob. But remember that the best - the enemy of the good, and the two trends in one manicure can ruin the whole idea. For example, the abundance of colors on the label and the moon manicure not get along together. But different trends can work perfectly in tandem, if with their help decorate the different nails. Then in 2017 the first no limit to creativity. Cover each nail a different color, do wells variative in shape and cover stickers selective marigolds. There is nothing strange; such a trend should be even world stars.

Stylish manicure. Fashion Nails ideas

for the biggest holiday

Girls love to do a stylish New Year's manicure, because in a small form can express the idea of ​​a holiday, good mood and the prevailing atmosphere. Still in 2017 will be popular for the traditional red and green colors, as well as blue and white. For decoration you can choose crystals and beads, shimmering finish and velvety sand. The latter, incidentally, is relevant not only for the New Year's nail art. It will allow interesting beat pastel paint and create a gentle maiden manicure. Also suitable for holiday varnishes wine shades that look expensive and noble. In a special decor, they do not need, but may be in a special tune, if you use painted bright patterns.

Stylish manicure. Fashion Nails ideas

According to the list

So that prepares women of fashion in 2017? He brings to the peak of popularity nyudovy manicure with golden horizontal stripes. For the release of the actual Hollywood chromium manicure effect simulating a smooth metal coating. Vtirkoy can cover the entire nail or do with it using wells. Fresh image obtained from the drawings in the style of pop art on your nails. In particular, it is all sorts of hearts, exclamation marks, question marks, and cartoon characters. Performance style - deliberately sloppy and colors - bright. Beautiful and unusual. A Christmas stylish manicure may involve the abundance of sparkles, the presence of liquid stones or even sided manicure resembling shoes from Christian Louboutin. Repeat the last is difficult, but it looks really cool.