Chocolate "Slim" for weight loss: reviews

Many holders of lush forms or simply dissatisfied with their figure of a woman certainly caught himself thinking of the series: "What such to eat or drink in order to lose weight?" The search for simple solutions often lead us to a sensational novelties that promise a quick effect in a short time. One of these products is an innovative chocolate "Slim." But is it good for? Can I use it to get rid of excess weight or its use will only lead to losing your wallet? Are investigated in this article.


Overview of the product, or what we promise manufacturers

Chocolate "Slim" - a relatively new product belonging to the category of dietary. According to manufacturers, it was specifically designed for rapid combat obesity. Moreover, this drink is considered to be complex, since, by the assurance of the manufacturer, in addition to excess fat, it eliminates a number of the following problems:

  • visual defects of the skin (removes acne, pimples, "orange peel");
  • improve protective functions (increased immunity);
  • improves mood and reduces depression;
  • reduces cravings for sweets and starchy foods;
  • reduces the feeling of hunger (creates the effect of "full stomach");
  • cleans the body of toxins or harmful toxins.

Chocolate "Slim" contains only natural ingredients. It is suitable for home, and most importantly, self-application. The manufacturer promises fast and 100% results in just 1 month. But is it really? And is it realistic to lose weight with the help of this tool in such a short period of time, lying on the couch?


What is in the package?

The package is hermetically packed powder, resembling the color and smell of cocoa. In some responses, in a pack may be 1-2 such package. It also placed the instruction, which describes all the miraculous properties of this cocktail. It also describes the principle of the use of funds and the rules of breeding in a teacup. Some users also describe the presence of measuring spoon or cup with a convenient dispenser.


Features reception and treatment

According to the instructions, chocolate intended for everyday consumption. The very tool you need to use the course. He is 2-4 weeks. In this case, the manufacturer promises to improve your mood, relieve cravings for sweets and starchy foods, reduce appetite, increase the amount of useful energy and melt the excess fat only on problem areas.

What is included in this product?

So, if you look at the composition of chocolate "Slim" does not contain any harmful ingredients. It does not indicate any presence of dyes, disintegrating agents, and even flavors. In short, in the composition has the following ingredients:

  • goji berries and acai.
  • The fragrant cocoa powder.
  • extract of ground green coffee.
  • extract mulberry mysterious fungus ganoderma.
  • Chia seeds.

As you can see, the manufacturer did not disappoint: the composition is quite natural. But it corresponds to chocolate "Slim" for weight loss? And have there been any impact on the extra weight of these components? Let's look at each component in detail.


Spectacular goji berries: truth and fiction

Goji berries - fairly well-known product which is firmly entrenched in the minds of dieters. Of course, this popular data berries are required to advertising and the skill of experienced marketers. But, in fact, the berry itself is quite ordinary. They in no way affect the weight, but contain a high percentage of vitamin C. This is just the berries, which can be replaced by our usual fruits of raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and currant.

Strange and exotic acai

Asai - second known berries, chocolate included in "Slim". For weight loss and reduction of excess fat, they are also not suitable because they are ordinary, if somewhat exotic berries. By the way, it is considered the birthplace of the Amazon. It is here that they are used by local people for food during their maturation. In fact, they can be compared with the more obvious we gooseberries or raspberries. However, unlike the latter, the acai is not too pleasant to the taste. But they are great smell, enhance the immune system and helps relieve stress. Interestingly, at the manufacturer's website in the photo does not show the acai, blueberry and plain. And of course, no one mentions the fact that the effect of these berries on the human body are not fully understood.

Features cereal seed chia

Cereals chia seeds also come in slavnoizvestny cocktail chocolate "Slim." This plant has another name - "Sage Spanish." It is considered the birthplace of Southern and Central Mexico, Guatemala partially. It is known that the plant contains many natural fats, calcium and dietary fiber. When you use it in food is a rapid saturation of the body, hence the partially reduced hunger.

Due to the huge percentage of protein contained in the seeds of plants, chia is highly valued in vegetarian fans. However, no scientific evidence that these seeds help to reduce the weight found. And this is only part of useless ingredients that make up a product such as chocolate "Slim." User comments largely confirm this fact. So, many of them believe that behind exotic names lurk common berries, grains and other components, does not affect the rapid weight loss.

Below average Chinese fungus Ganoderma

Lingzhi is also called the "mushroom of longevity." According to recent research, it is he has a strong antitumor effect, a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, liver and even some treats lung diseases. Again, where is says on the slimming effect?

Externally ganoderma little attractive, but very useful from the point of view of alternative medicine. For whatever reason it was included in the chocolate "Slim" (responses are also faced with this dead-end issue), it is hard to say.

Effective Is Green Coffee?

The benefits and dangers of green coffee go to these legends. This controversial in all respects ingredient is often added to various foods for weight loss. A controversial call it for one simple reason - the scientists have not managed to reach a consensus on the effectiveness of its use. So, one of the researchers say that the extract of coffee, although allowing to lose weight, leads to a lot of negative consequences. For example, taking a green coffee people observed frequent headaches, vomiting, and abdominal distension and severe indigestion. Therefore the substance does more harm than good.

But as used in chocolate extract, not natural grain of green coffee, the benefit and harm from its use will not be too noticeable. So feel free to drink chocolate "Slim." Weight loss (real testimonials confirm this), it is not suitable, as they say, and its components. Rather, it is a regular coffee beverage, but with a couple of exotic berries, mushrooms and herbs. By the way, many experts interested in the issue of the composition of these questionable ingredients.

Delicious and healthy cocoa

And finally, last but not the worst ingredient - cocoa. Based on numerous studies, this substance is not only delicious, but also very useful. With regular use it is possible to get rid of stress, strengthen your immune system, to get rid of chronic fatigue.

Cacao smells and looks. It is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cirrhosis of the liver, helps to normalize pressure. And, yes, in itself it is not conducive to weight loss. That's such an unusual, but not very effective cocktail - Chocolate "Slim." Reviews of disappointed users are forced to reflect on the appropriateness of its use.


A few interesting facts about the product

On the manufacturer's website says about effective weight loss. "Now to get rid of excess weight is easier and more delicious!" - says the advertising slogans. In addition, the manufacturer promises rapid weight loss of up to 24 kg. However, is it possible to lose weight so much, and yet so fast? Unlikely. Although a publicity stunt, which in this case uses the manufacturer, it is quite logical. He suggested that if a long time to drink chocolate "Slim" for weight loss (real user reviews describe some of these cases), it is quite possible to lose 1-2 kg. This will be the promised "up to 24 kg."

But this effect can be achieved by merely observing a certain diet and actively engaging in sports. In itself, as is evident from the composition of the drink does not bring long-awaited diet.

Special attention is given not only the chocolate "Slim" (for weight loss). "Real reviews" supposedly real people shown on the manufacturer's site, also in need of some overhaul. If you pay attention, they are all written in the same type of format and resemble laudatory odes rather than present the views of users. And all these "wow" and "wow" pale in comparison to the review of real people. By the way, among them very few admired and really lost weight. Tell us about it in more detail.


A few words about popular doctors and nutritionists

On the merchant's website and the official website of the manufacturer "Slim" advertise mysterious dietician. It just so happened that in the advertisement of various means often flit men in white coats.

They recommend and talk about the benefits of a particular agent. Similarly, it is with the coveted product for weight loss, which did not respond the existing doctors. Moreover, many users believe that their photos are taken from the photo stocks and the experts themselves invented to attract attention. So whether it's really hard to say.

So what do they say about the wonder drug?

According to the stories of many fans of fast weight loss to lose extra pounds, regularly eating the cocoa drink, they have not succeeded. Many of them talk about this tool as a simple and delicious drinks that can be consumed for a change. Others complain that once again bought into beautiful advertising, we spent a lot of money, but did not have the desired effect.

Some naively believe that you have purchased is not the chocolate "Slim." At the pharmacy, according to them, it can not be bought, and the Internet mass counterfeiting. There are other opinions. For example, among them you can meet fans and funds that have managed on the basis of chocolate design your own diet. So, for breakfast they eat mostly oatmeal without sugar and salt. Complement it with a piece of wholemeal bread and a cup of the coveted chocolate.


For lunch they eat portion of salad or vegetables and boiled chicken breast and brown rice. And, of course, wash down all this drink for weight loss. According to their own stories, they managed to lose a few kilos, eating in a similar way. However, these are isolated cases, depending on many factors such as the size of servings consumed, from the self-hypnosis forces between meals, and so on. D. And, of course, absolutely nothing to do with chocolate so popular today, "Slim." Reviews real people helps to understand and reveal the truth between this action of the drug and come up with an advertising strategy.

How to eat chocolate correctly?

According to the manufacturer, the dissatisfaction of many users may well be due to the misuse of funds. The main condition without which drink "magic" beverage will be a waste of time and money is predilution 2-3 spoons means in a beaker of hot water. Then, this mixture should mix and infuse for about 30 minutes. The resulting chocolate "Slim" (exclusive reviews confirm the rule) should not drink, starting with an afternoon time after a meal.

Do you have a cocktail contraindications?

The undoubted advantage of the means is the lack of sugar and fat, as well as harmful synthetic additives, thickeners and other substances. But, in spite of the natural component of a cocktail of ingredients, it is not as harmless as it may seem at first glance. Thus, chocolate is not suitable for diabetics, who need at least partial replacement of sugar. Pregnant and nursing mothers also should not use chocolate "Slim" for weight loss. Reviews of many ladies who are in an interesting position, have a very negative connotation. And the thing is that this tool could well cause an unexpected allergic reaction.

As a permanent component of chocolate is caffeine, the drink is contraindicated in persons suffering from hypertension, gastro-intestinal diseases and having liver problems.

In addition, chocolate "Slim" (real testimonials confirm this fact) can cause headaches, insomnia, nausea and other ailments associated with individual intolerance of its individual components.

According to physicians

Before buying a new chocolate drink, supposedly promote weight loss, you must first consider the views of doctors and experts. According to them, if the tool has been created with the necessary sanitary standards and does not contain any part of prohibited ingredients, it is quite suitable for oral administration. However, they have doubts about its effectiveness, although they do not deny the opposite.

Some experts believe that means, on the contrary, can lead to weight gain. And the thing is, chocolate drink itself vysokokalorien. Despite the lack of sugar in it, its regular consumption can lead to the opposite effect, and set the unwanted kilograms. Moreover, in the composition of chocolate has rapidly digestible carbohydrates. They not only quickly and easily processed, but also can be converted into fat. In small quantities of the same drink is useful for the cardiovascular system, as is the prevention of heart attacks and other health problems. So, no matter where you were trying to buy the chocolate "Slim" for weight loss - whether pharmacies (which is hardly possible), or on the Internet - do not expect a miracle.

Chocolate - this is not the BAA

One of the positive aspects of chocolate is the fact that "Slim" is not a biological additive. Therefore, it is completely safe. This message is indicated directly on the packaging, where it is said that the device - not dietary supplements.

Why do so many positive reviews

Some people are confused by a large number of positive comments about this vehicle. They are representatives of the fair sex in unison, singing the same song, that with the "Sliema" they were able to lose weight, get rid of bad habits (for example, some like to eat at night, or jam sweets their problems and hardships), eliminate cellulite and even return husband. Naively believing that they are all real, people immediately rush to the phone and make a call to the manager coveted company. Well, in principle, do something that is calculated and cunning advertisers and marketers.

It is possible that some of them really solve their problems. However, most of these reviews has nothing to do with real users. They are written to order and with a specific intent - to force the buyer to make a purchase.

In order to make a real picture of the views that have developed about chocolate "Slim", it is necessary to examine not only the obvious positive, but negative feedback. Some of them are often supplemented quite convincing picture. Therefore, before making a decision, weigh the pros and cons, as well as analyze the responses of different directions.

Is it worth paying more?

So, the stories of most users, this tool has the smell and appearance of the cocoa powder. That's just to get it can only be through the Internet or in some retail representatives. As a result, you get a small, although beautifully designed packaging weighing 100g It resembles an ordinary cocoa. However, it is several times more expensive. And the effectiveness of this cocktail is a huge question mark. Therefore, whether to pay for advertising and the impossible dream, think for yourself.