Protein shakes for weight loss: reviews, composition, instructions

In the struggle for a slender figure women resort to a variety of tools, including a protein shake for weight loss. The drink is suitable for those who do not want to limit themselves in power. It enriches the body protein provides energy and alertness, improve digestion. What is the best protein shake for weight loss? Respond to this question will help in this article.

Based on what cocktail effect reducing weight

This product is quite rich, since it includes a lot of protein, and the body digests them much longer than carbohydrates. This product is also malokalorien. In a review of the protein shakes for weight loss women celebrate their good taste and high ability to reduce appetite. It is this property of the product helps to reduce weight.

By drinking protein shake launched reaction anabolism, which replaces fat muscle mass. Often manufacturers add to the beverage useful for the body vitamins and minerals. They give strength and energy, make a person more resilient. Therefore, this product is used before sports training.

Cocktail with moderate hand harmless to organism. Therefore, it can be drunk for a long time, but it should not exceed the daily rate. The product is an excellent addition to the diet. It will help reduce weight even for those who do not want to engage in sports.

The composition of the protein cocktails for weight loss

Protein drinks are low-calorie. 250 g falls to 200 kcal. They contain nutrients, saturating the body with vitamins and minerals. The basis of this cocktail is protein powder and a water soluble product which is extracted from eggs, milk or yogurt, and soy.

Protein shakes for weight loss: reviews, composition, instructions For the people involved in sports, special drinks produced, the composition of which has a lot of mineral and vitamin supplements. Such a product can easily make up for the deficit of salts that are eliminated from the body through sweat during exercise. To increase the calorie, fat put in a cocktail or sucrose. After addition of these components becomes more protein product and energy. Protein drink based on whey assimilated completely. It does not cause allergic reactions, it helps the body recover after physical activity.

For those who do not like the taste of milk, produce egg cocktails. They are absorbed by the body better than dairy, and have a high biological value, but they can cause allergies. There are protein powders of vegetable origin. This drink is low in nutrients and less absorbed by the body. As a rule, his drinking vegetarians.

Popular protein shakes contain:

  • chromium picolinate. This substance, which reduces appetite.
  • Calcium. It prevents reduction of bone mass.
  • sodium bicarbonate. Quickly satisfies hunger, acting on a psychological level, it promotes better digestion.
  • L-carnitine - increases the body's stamina and promotes fat burning during exercise.

In addition to these ingredients are added to the beverage and other chemicals, and natural substances. The composition of the product depends on the manufacturer. To cocktails was nice drink, they add flavors. If the beverage is prepared in the home, in its naturalness can not be doubted, and the ingredients can be selected on your own. The main thing is that they contain large amounts of protein.

When and how to use the product of

In a review of the protein shakes for weight loss people have commented that they help to lose weight without any additional effort.

Protein shakes for weight loss: reviews, composition, instructions

They can be taken in the morning, in the evening or during the day, between meals. Beverage drunk by these rules:

  • An empty stomach.
  • Two hours before exercise.
  • An hour after the workout.

It is possible to use a protein shake up to three times a day. The best option is to use the drink in the morning on an empty stomach, with a small piece of bread or fruit. This will satisfy the body's need for protein and make up the required number of calories. When consumed regularly drink the body spends more energy than it receives. Due to this and it made losing weight. Instructions to protein shakes for weight loss in detail describes the product receiving algorithm and contains all the necessary recommendations. Also, it is reported that it is desirable to consume the drink immediately after preparation. Ate is not possible, then the product was stored in a refrigerator, after placing in a glass jar with a tight fitting lid. Kept the finished product is not more than a day.

Useful properties of

Inexpensive protein shake for weight loss can be found in a pharmacy or make it at home. What gives this drink? First of all, energy and endurance. It will increase efficiency, improve mood and health, will contribute to getting rid of cellulite, lead to normal metabolism.

Protein shakes for weight loss: reviews, composition, instructions

His participation in the process of losing weight is priceless. After all, even without diet and exercise people lose up to 3 kg per week. When dietary and sports, weight loss was more intense and ranged from 5-7 kg per week. In this case, the muscles do not sag, and maintained prominence and firmness.

drinking cocktails Month achieves results that people receive after grueling workouts and strict diets.

Harm protein drink

You can buy a protein shake in the pharmacy, as you can in specialized stores or ordered online. Some cook the protein product of the house. Before you buy a drink for weight loss, you should consider the negative aspects of its use.

First of all, the product can be used not for everyone. About contraindications is written below. Constantly eating low-calorie foods have a negative impact on health. This food slows down the metabolism, lowers immunity, greatly overloads the liver.

Nutritionists argue that such a cocktail can not drink more than one cup per day, as an increased amount of calcium contained in the product, can cause the formation of kidney stones and cause a number of serious diseases. If there is an allergic reaction to lactose, the drink will cause bloating, cramps and diarrhea. The instructions recommend replacing beverage breakfast and snacks. Due to missed meals in the evening is enhanced appetite, and not everyone is capable of this right. Therefore, there is the likelihood of overeating and excess calories set. That the weight did not come back, you should eat right and exercise actively.

Also, the protein product is able to cause an increase in muscle mass, that is not the best way affects the female figure.


Despite the fact that a protein shake, usually no harm from it should be abandoned under certain ailments. It means to lose weight should not drink in diseases of the stomach and kidneys. Prohibition to drink beverage is kidney stones and gout. Do not apply shake for weight loss for patients with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Do not use the product if there is idiosyncrasy ingredients in its composition.


By drinking cocktails need to give up baking, various sweets, including confectionery. It is not necessary to eat fast carbs and slow the number should not exceed 150 g At the time of weight loss is necessary to give up cigarettes and alcohol.

Recipes home protein drinks

Protein shake for weight loss at home to cook simple. For example, the lemon juice beverage is made from a lemon, two tablespoons of protein powder and clean glass of carbonated water. Before use, the ingredients are mixed in a blender.

Protein shakes for weight loss: reviews, composition, instructions

It will help to cheer up and give strength coffee and protein product. For its preparation 50 g of protein is diluted in a glass of water. The mixture is added to the amount of instant coffee in a teaspoon. Coffee can be replaced with cocoa. Cocktail decorate with whipped cream.

The protein cocktail diet at home is prepared from skim cottage cheese, 200 g of milk and 50 g of milled oat flakes. The mixture is added cinnamon and fruit. All components are carefully ground into a blender. Drink drink on an empty stomach. Protein shakes can be prepared at home variety. The main condition - the content of large amounts of protein.

Overview of the finished product

Protein Drink, if used correctly, will be a real helper for weight loss. It can be prepared at home or purchased at the store.

Protein shakes for weight loss: reviews, composition, instructions

The most popular ready-made products are as follows:

  • "grow thin for a week" ( "Leovit"). The box contains five packages. The cost of 200 rubles.
  • "Turboslim" from "Evalar." The package of five sachets. Price varies between 500 - 530 rubles.
  • "Dr. Slim" from Samara Research Institute. The box is designed for 16 servings. Its cost is 300 rubles.
  • "Herbalife." Sold in packs of 550, the price of 2000 rubles.

Many companies offer protein shakes for weight loss. What of all this variety to choose, everyone must decide for himself, relying on the advice of his nutritionist.

Protein shakes for weight loss: reviews, composition, instructions

Cocktails slimming from "Leovit"

"I grow thin for a week" - the so-called protein drinks company "Leovit". They contain natural ingredients such as:

  • Whole milk.
  • Whey Protein.
  • Pectin.
  • Inulin.
  • phosphate.
  • Fructose.
  • The extract of Garcinia cambogia.
  • chromium picolinate.

The product gives a feeling of fullness and vitality, stamina, the best way affects the digestive process, accelerates metabolism, displays the body of harmful substances.

Drinking a cocktail on an empty stomach. The drink is able to replace a meal. One packet of pure water glass is poured and stirred. The water temperature is not important. The range of two flavors: protein-protein vanilla and chocolate.

About this cocktail has a lot of positive feedback, especially among women. They think it means a real assistant in losing weight. They say that it helps to replace a snack during the day and calms the appetite, keeps the body in good shape, makes up the daily body's need for protein.

Protein shakes for weight loss: reviews, composition, instructions

protein drink "Herbalife"

Protein shake for weight loss "Herbalife" consists of:

  • soy and milk protein.
  • fiber.
  • Vitamins and minerals, which it about twenty.

This cocktail is able to replace a full meal. It is included in the weight loss program of "Herbalife" the company has a highly balanced composition gives a feeling of satiety for a longer period. The company offers cocktails with a variety of flavors.

Reviews of this means there are different. Some say that Herbalife delicious drink gives energy and really helps to lose weight, but subject to a certain diet, which recommends consultant. The product contains a minimum amount of calories. To make it, simply add the powder into a cup of yogurt or milk and mix well. Cocktail is pleasant to the taste, so many drink it with pleasure.

The negative feedback consumers reported that during prolonged use of protein drinks (over 1 month) begin health problems disturbed menstrual cycle, there are pains in the abdomen, the liver is overloaded.

Protein shakes for weight loss reviews

Many people to lose weight drinking protein drinks. Some were satisfied with the result. These consumers have noted that the product works well, especially if they replace one or two meals. He also gives a feeling of satiety and helps relieve hunger. The beverage bag is convenient to take with you to work. Cocktails they make tasty, pleasant to drink them. At the same time, respondents pointed out that without dieting and fitness efforts will be wasted, and the drink will not help to significantly reduce the weight.

There are negative reviews about protein shakes for weight loss. They respondents note that the product is a tasty drink and weight loss is not affected. The disadvantages include cocktails people that chronic administration (a month or more) health is deteriorating markedly.

Some respondents felt the cost of overpriced cocktails and say that it is easier to make the drink itself, or in one of the meals have only protein foods.