Phoenix Tattoo: sketches and options

Quite interesting work, which today can often be found in the boys and girls, is a phoenix tattoo. Thumbnails of the images may be different. After all, the art of tattooing - an imagination, diversity, new ideas. So if you want to fill the picture of this bird, but there is no desire for a normal tattoo, you can not be upset. Today there are so many different subjects, which shines in the center of the bird phoenix. Tattoo can get unusual and beautiful - it all depends on human imagination and professionalism of its master.

Phoenix Tattoo: sketches and options

The history of the symbol

Before you fill a certain tattoo, you need to know about its significance. This is extremely important information, because sometimes some people are trapped and do a tattoo that means something indecent. This should be avoided. Therefore, considering the phoenix tattoo (thumbnails), you must know that it symbolizes a mythical creature. But first a little history.

The image of the bird that dies in flames and then rises from the ashes - it is the phoenix. The ancient Egyptians painted its not like we traditionally present. They phoenix was a winged creature, like a heron or, or an eagle. But the Chinese are embodied in the character variety of images. Turtle, rooster, dragon, snake, fish - all these sacred animals could be the phoenix. Most clear are the Russian tradition for us. Because Phoenix is ​​not in them. But we have a Firebird, which, in fact, is his nearest relative.

Phoenix Tattoo: sketches and options


So, speaking of the phoenix tattoo, sketches which will be discussed a little further, it is necessary to touch on the meaning of this symbol. This bird is the epitome of renewal and life cycle. It is closely intertwined with the elements of the sun and fire. This mythical establishment has traditionally been considered a symbol of immortality, as well as the patron saint of the time. And tattoos depicting a phoenix, are a kind of amulets and talismans, the energy that the sun provides. There is an opinion, incidentally, that these creatures are able to increase the duration of human life, and for a long time. So many people seek to protect themselves talisman, having decided to make a tattoo Phoenix.


Nowadays you can do almost any image on your body. Phoenix - a tattoo, a sophisticated and rich symbolism. Also important here is the technique. You can not just fill the phoenix. Many people decide to supplement the story with something else, such as a clock. Thus, a person can show that he was aware - everything in our world evolves in a spiral, as they say, back to square one. Someone leaves this world, but because the other person is born. The main idea here - time revival and the emergence of something new.


Phoenix Tattoo: sketches and options


Today, there are like tattoos, "Phoenix" for girls and for boys. They differ from each other plot. And, of course, the place where decided to fill the image. For example, the guys often selected as a "pad" the chest. Generally, the majestic bird with outstretched wings on masculine male breasts look very nice. A girl is preferably selected thumbnails easier. It may not even be a color image - just as if silhouette shape of a bird. There are already as you like. By the way, the phoenix is ​​also a symbol of femininity, virtue, mercy, wisdom and kindness. So often this tattoo stuffed with people who feel a certain resemblance to that bird.

In general, it looks beautiful, especially if you caught a talented, creative tattoo artist. It can offer several variants - Phoenix with ornately curved long luxurious tail on the background of smoke, tongues of fire, stylized curls. Everyone will be able to choose what to liking to him.