The main value of a tiger tattoo

Tiger - an animal that combines many positive qualities. He's a smart, strong, graceful, noble, and at the same time beautiful. Its unique coat color immediately catches the eye. And so there is nothing surprising in the fact that when choosing a sketch for tattoo, many people choose a tiger.

The main value of a tiger tattoo

But did you know that each image is applied to the body, it has its own value? Tattoo Tiger also has its own history and symbolism. And with them should know before fill pattern on the body.

The history of the tiger tattoo

This animal has always symbolized the courage and strength. We used to take the lion king of beasts, but, for example, all the more important in Asia is considered a tiger. If you read Chinese legends, it is possible to find among them the story of the five tigers. They were considered the guardians of the world - the center and the four cardinal points. Also in China there were several superstitions associated with this predator. For example, it was believed that if a sinful man attacking a tiger, this means that he was sent to punish the gods. Also, some of the deity depicted next to these animals. So the god of wealth, who was considered the patron saint of the risk and excitement, always depicted sitting astride a tiger.

The main value of a tiger tattoo

No less celebrated this predator was in other Asian countries. In Japan, with its image of the samurai were never apart. He was to them as talisman to bring good luck and protect from enemies and evil forces. In India, the tiger is depicted on the emblem of the soldiers as a sign of courage and valor. In Thailand, he also paid a lot of attention, but here he had a slightly different meaning: in this country it symbolized passion and human sensibility. If you examine the mythology of ancient Greece and Rome, and there you can also find mention of the tigers. For example, these graceful predators harnessed to the chariot, which was run wine god Dionysus.

As for the West, in its culture, this animal is almost never mentioned, so we can safely say that the cult of the tiger image came to us from Asia.

The value of the tattoo with the image of a tiger

Learn a little about the history, then you need to explore the most interesting - the values ​​of the tattoo. Tiger in this regard represents a lot of different effects depending on the image. This animal has two sides - the dark and the light. On the one hand, it has its own bloodlust, rage, cruelty, aggression and unchecked power. But if you look on the other hand, the tiger is also the personification of courage, heroism, glory, power and honor. About this duplicity says even the unique color of the animal. It's like a combination of sun and shade, the two opposites - the passion and wisdom, ferocity and fury. It reminds us that every man has two sides, like a yin and yang in Oriental culture. And, depending on the selected thumbnail, you set one of its sides show.

The main value of a tiger tattoo

The most common tiger depicted on the body in a realistic way. In this case, the values ​​tattoo (tiger) also differ. For example, if it is stolen prey, it shows restraint and dedication. If the animal lazily lies in the sun, it means peace of mind and strength. a tiger in a jump - a symbol of the movement to victory. Such a person will not stop in front of obstacles. If you do color tattoos, his calm color is the inner core of man, his dedication and perseverance. If depicted grin tiger tattoo value as follows: its owner wants to demonstrate to others their power and ruthlessness. As it is now popular to depict the body of a white tiger. It symbolizes the uniqueness of the human person.

Of particular importance is the image of a tiger in the prison world. His grin can symbolize both anger at the government and law enforcement agencies, and the ability to always protect yourself and your family from enemies.

Tattoo Tiger: implications for women

Despite the courage of a predator, it can also be a good option for women's tattoos. For example, there is the classic version - a tiger with a dragon in the Yin-Yang symbol.

The main value of a tiger tattoo

In this tandem values ​​tiger tattoo reminiscent of femininity. In addition to the dragon, you can draw a tiger surrounded by flowers and butterflies. Also women can draw on the body of a little tiger cub. It symbolizes motherhood, the relationship with the child, fragility, tenderness and vulnerability.

Where better to depict the tiger on the body?

Basically, the Tigers decided to depict on the back or shoulders. This tattoo is good all seen, and thus its owner boldly states around about his character. Still there is a value tiger tattoo on his shoulder, as a desire to show their leadership and power. That's how often depict predator prison.