Road Bikes: Characteristics, description, photos and reviews about the producers

Racing bicycles (hereinafter referred to as shossery or roadies) pioneered velosipedostroeniya. When there was no mountain biking, or, especially, electric bikes, roadies already ripped open spaces of the planet in full. These "old" story about starting out in 1868, when was conducted the first amateur cycling race in the world.

Experienced riders say: "Every cyclist sooner or later goes on Roadies".

The story of the road bike

Road Bikes: Characteristics, description, photos and reviews about the producers

Road Bikes appeared later, so to speak, "natural evolution". They were not developed specifically for some purposes - they simply "grew" out of the ordinary road bikes.

They were very easy and fast. Of course, they quickly gained popularity insane. They immediately began to rapidly use in prestigious races such as the "Tour de France", "Paris - Roubaix" and so entertaining that most of the riders began to engage in more and designing bicycles... This is not surprising - who does not like them to know where happiness lies cyclist. By the way, these were people like Cino Cinelli, Francesco Moser, Tullio Campagnolo, and many others. The latter, by the way, we owe the advent of modern gear systems.

road bike design

Road Bikes: Characteristics, description, photos and reviews about the producers

Sometimes reinventing the wheel over an existing one is very useful. This is to ensure that the roadies design is unique and similar to "relatives" in general terms. In general, such a bike design is very simple, roadies and repair will be much easier than, for example, mountain biking.


Road Bikes: Characteristics, description, photos and reviews about the producers

Road Bikes equipped with the wheel in the shape of rams' horns - a detail of whiling away very easily distinguished from other types of roadies. It allows you to use an undervalued grip that makes the rider's body parallel to the ground surface, and this, in turn, greatly improves the aerodynamic characteristics of the rider.


Roadies without large triangular frame - it's just an impostor. It is triangular for maximum rigidity. The basic material - aluminum. On the more expensive units - Carbon or composite materials.

Road Bikes: Characteristics, description, photos and reviews about the producers

The frame directs fit cyclist, so that he could hold the steering wheel at the bottom. The reason is, again, in aerodynamics.


Guess riddle: thin, like a modern phone, and light as a feather. What is it? That's right, it's wheels Roadies! The material for their creation, as well as for the frame is aluminum or carbon fiber. Also for these wheels it is a very low profile to reduce weight.

Shock absorbers

Dampers any self-respecting Roadies - tires and steering fork. Classic spring or hydraulic shock absorbers for them there.

Now that you know the basics, you can go to the more important part of the article - namely, what constitutes road bikes. Features a photo will also be presented below.

Characteristics road bike

What distinguishes good from bad Roadies? Features a little: high rigidity of the frame, Aerodynamic fit rider, very firmly zaspitsovannye wheels and robust tire. On the eye is invisible, but in practice, everything will fall into place. In other words, you just need to learn the reputation of the bicycle manufacturer before purchase.

Road Bikes: Characteristics, description, photos and reviews about the producers

Now good time to dispel the myth that roadies are not suitable for Slavic roads. They not only are not afraid of potholes, so also suitable for driving on the small roads. Yes, there is a little shake, but even part of the way, you can fly with the speed of sound.

Also Roadies are not afraid of big men - they can easily withstand the rider weight of 100 kg. The design of such a bike is only a fragile-looking. The only weak spot of highway flyer - the tire and the rim. They are not afraid of the usual potholes and "grainy" sites - they fear a sharp curbs and potholes. Such thankfully, uncommon, and they can always go round. Be careful!

Soviet velosipedprom

Everyone is familiar with the reliability of Soviet bike. On our roads is still touring road bikes HVZ. Some of them for over 30 years, but it does not bother - the reliability of these bikes can be compared with cast iron weights.

Soviet shossery were fine. They repeatedly used by professionals in various competitions. Amateur cyclists were tested for their open spaces of the planet.

The most common model of Soviet Roadies - a "Start-highway" and "Champion-highway". Soviet engineers largely modernized classic road racing frame, changing the angle of inclination of the tubes. In addition, the frame of the Soviet shosserov have no seams. Unfortunately, these bikes are no longer produced, and look for them falls on various message boards. There you can buy a nice reliable Soviet "horse", while packed in the range $ 100-200.

Browse Brands

The reliable manufacturer, the better its products, which means that every cyclist is required to understand the brands.

Specialized - this is probably the brand with the solid reputation. On his bike to win the race "Tour de France". By purchasing Specialized any price segment, the cyclist will be satisfied a lot of years. Users are saying about the products of the brand: "The bikes are so nadozhdy that even suitable for the trophy-raids (riding on the moor, fords, etc...)."

Cannondale brand bikes are different innovative technologies. Their aluminum products weigh less than analogues of carbon fiber. Price they have, of course, also less. Cannondale brand, of course, can be trusted. Professionals speak of Cannondale bikes like this: "The reaction of the bike instant - no delay between the moment the application of force and acceleration. True, have to pay for it in full. " Brand Cervelo sets records the strength of frames. In their design engineers Cervelo redistribute materials to the places that suffer the most stress. Thus it is possible, without increasing costs significantly strengthen the bicycle frame.

Giant Bicycles are created using technologies that are used in Formula 1. They are the most reliable, for that you have to pay extra. In addition, Giant Bicycle rider a very comfortable fit.

Company Trek takes into account the requirements of cyclists, who have to deal with unpaved roads settlements. Bikes of this brand famous for its reliability and high acceleration. Experienced users say the following: "The brand Trek wonderful price policy, which allows you to buy a great car for a small amount for it. As for the reliability ... in a company's reputation can not be doubted. "

The company has earned a reputation Pinarello titanium strength over the years of its existence. Bikes of this brand athletes set records at the world championships. This is not advertising, but simply the facts that prove the reliability of the brand.

Czech company Leader Fox proved to be excellent in the segment of the popular bikes. Road bikes Leader Fox reviews collects positive reviews among middle managers. The brand is fighting for the title of People on a par with the street classics like KHS, and Azimut. Customer reviews on the models of this brand just enthusiastic.

Also, there are a number of reliable brands, producing bikes are not for professionals, but just for the fans veloezdy. Among them, such as Author, Merida, Colnago, HVZ (Kharkov Motovelo), Stark, Atom, GT, Scott.

Road Bikes: Characteristics, description, photos and reviews about the producers


Road bikes are very dependent on the thickness of the rim, and to this subject is to approach very carefully. Professionals always strive to select a more subtle wheel is possible, but whether it is covered by an unwritten rule to all categories of cyclists? Of course not!

The low-profile wheels

They require less total material for the production and, accordingly, does not weigh too much. It is an ideal choice for driving on roads.

Sredneprofilnye wheels

It is the most universal type. Ideal for driving on tracks and roads traveling in Slavic. On these wheels is possible even on an easy primer to travel without any risk. Road bikes Leader Fox is equipped with them, and it is famous for its survival in the conditions of bad roads.

High-profile wheels

The most massive, strong and heavy wheels that can only be put on shoseynye bikes. It is best that you can think of for an active tourism. High-profile wheels almost not afraid of potholes, unpaved roads and curbs.

Disc / lopatnye wheels

Road Bikes: Characteristics, description, photos and reviews about the producers

Road Bikes, photo you see above, demonstrate the look of exotic lopatno-disc wheels (lopatnye always on the front seat, disc - in the background). They are used only in professional sports, and then only in races with separate start. Such massive wheels have a high aerodynamic windage and colossal. Yes, they look very nice, but the best of them do not even think, because they are very expensive and finicky to the weather.

As for the material, choose something a lighter than aluminum, it is necessary only if there is a need to show good results on the race track.

The price band roadies

High-speed road bike - the mechanism is very simple, consisting of a minimum of parts, but each of them has thousands of analogues.

Shossery conventionally divided into three categories:

  1. High-speed (or as it is called abroad, "horse") category. It includes premium bikes for a ride around the track. Price range: from $ 2000 and above.
  2. Training-racing bikes. Perfect for training and participation in amateur racing races. Prices in the $ 1000-2000.
  3. An amateur type. Bikes for people who love active tourism, marathons and just ride around the city. The price - $ 200-1000. In this region, home to road bike Leader Fox 700c - trustworthy, loyal and cheap.