Hybrid bikes: the rating and reviews

Everyone dreams of his bike. But skating styles are different: someone who likes to travel around the mountain trails and jump on the bumps, someone more suited paved roads. What if I want to try both? Factories and contain two bikes at a time - not an option, because it is very difficult and costly. What to do in such situations? There is a solution - hybrid bikes!

What is a hybrid bike

The whole point of a hybrid is right at the top, and it is in his name. The basis for his one piece is taken from the Mount of the bike, and the other part - from the highway. In this way we obtain a hybrid bikes, adopted from their parents, many qualities and shortcomings. The assembly line has gone quite a different machine - a bicycle wagon, who has yet to win the hearts of many cyclists.

Hybrid bikes: the rating and reviews

The main types of bikes

Before you understand what a hybrid bikes, you need to know what are all kinds of two-wheeled vehicles.

The most important and popular in the whole territory of the CIS countries view bikes - mountain. Aggressive design, wide tires, high strength - and that's not all his qualities. It is believed that only he can survive only on our "good" roads and will not fall apart after six months. That is why it is so well spoken and popular.

City bicycle specially designed for traveling on the paved road. It is often bought by people who ride a bicycle to work or on business. It is lightweight and fragile compared to Mount bike. But he can develop a sufficiently high speed and at the same time save energy master. In general, it feels good in the city.

Hybrid bikes: the rating and reviews

road bikes as easy as possible (about seven kilograms). Its environment - good track with a very good finish. On them, he develops the highest possible speed for which is created. As a rule, or has not, or has but a very small number of stars. Also, no shock-absorbing fork. Due to this it has a very low weight, which gives to develop such a high speed.

Class hybrids

Hybrid bicycles have properties different classes bikes. Here it is necessary to look that what "crossed". For example, there is Mount hybrid, there is also a highway hybrid. Each has its own specific characteristics that need certain people.

How to hybridize

According to the class of "name-calling" many bikes that do not match any bike group. Many companies needed new design ideas that will attract the attention of customers. Engineers took and crossed a mountain bike with the city, because of this and get a hybrid bikes.

Hybrid bikes: the rating and reviews

The novelty immediately attracted attention because of its characteristics, a two-wheeled horse was not so bad. At the moment, hybrids quite popular. But they are so fond of what qualities?

The advantages of hybrid bike

Very often it happens that a person uses a bicycle is not only to get to work or from point A to point B, but also for recreational sports. Such as skating on nature, on the road and forest paths, eventually bike trips. Not to have the same for them for several bikes. This is very inconvenient, and money after all worth it. What do these people? Very simple - buy a hybrid.

The virtue of it is that it has of "dad" (mountaineers) good and robust frame with a shock absorbing fork of a "mother" (urban or roadies) more elongated shape, a larger number of stars dvadtsativosmidyuymovye thinner wheel and tire. What happened? In the truest sense of the real hybrid. He is no longer like any "Dad" or the "mother". He has changed the characteristics and scope of application.

With a bike you can and work to go (after all, thanks to large wheels, features frames and sprockets can easily move around the city), and the nature of travel, explore forest trails (the strong Mount frame and front shock absorbing fork can withstand a load), and bike trips go. But this does not mean that it is allowed to jump on the bumps, jump from the small cliffs, like a conventional Gornik. After all, it is a hybrid. Also, it does not mean that it will be easy to drive on ordinary roads. Lighter than a conventional Mount bike, but still not as good as in the city. All his qualities are smoothed, they are somewhere in between. But he set up as a universal vehicle, which combines the characteristics of several bicycles at the same time.

Hybrid bikes: the rating and reviews

Hybrid bikes: reviews

Due to its unique features, the model was immediately noticed. An active discussion of the entire series. Some he immediately fell in love, and some rejected it. But there are a hybrid a hybrid. It should not please everybody.

Ardent fans of this type of bike do not want to change to others. Many people say that if you choose a good hybrid, it will have to serve faithfully for many years. Some of them - Hybrid bikes Author ( "Author"). Also good models have Cube companies. Of course, the prices of these bikes will start from five hundred dollars, but they are worth. After all, the quality of the product is confirmed already by many velolyubitelyami.

Hybrids "Merida"

Hybrid bikes: the rating and reviews

Hybrid bikes Merida has already gained popularity among fans of two-wheeled horses of this type. Its light but sturdy frame is its advantage. To own such a bike is considered prestigious. Some describe it as the best hybrid bike.

Light weight - is one of its main advantages. For all your equipment weighs about thirteen kilograms. "Merida" company makes good bikes the normal price range.

Rating hybrid bike

1) The best quality bikes are from Cube. This company has long established itself as one of the best.

2) Slightly lower quality, but also cheaper - "Merida." Also a good company for the production of motorcycles, but inferior to the previous one.

3) And the third - a hybrid of the "author." On quality they are classified as "above average". Good hybrids affordable for each cyclist. exactly what is needed for beginners.

More than all the so-called common MTB-hybrids. It is those with the frame of a mountain bike. Thanks to its large wheels and rigid you can afford to walk as the city and nature.

Hybrid bikes: the rating and reviews

There are the so-called highway hybrids. In fact, it is an extra model, and here's why. A few of its difference from the usual Roadies - it's just a great thickness of tires, brakes and other kind of direct steering wheel. What are its advantages compared to the conventional, standard "dad", no one knows. Apparently, it's just such another marketing ploy.