Famous female bodybuilders

In the world there are many different areas of sports for all tastes. Almost all have representatives of both male and female. One of the sports, which, apparently, should only deal with men is bodybuilding. But the women, and then succeeded. To compete in bodybuilding except for huge men who resemble the Hulk from the comics, there are also women bodybuilders, muscle volume which at times more than men.

For female bodybuilding, not all are unique. Huge pumped up athletes-men look more natural than a lady, whose biceps girth is 40 cm. Most ordinary people would say that they just become like men.

Naturally, that the taste and color of comrades there: there are fans of slender tiny girls, someone like "donuts." In this case, there is a true connoisseurs of female strength among male. Many like naked female bodybuilders, this is a private matter.

A popular thesis are the following words: "Utopia is not a female bodybuilding is that they tend to have a perfect body, and that their notion of the ideal is radically different from the accepted norms and standards of life of most people in our society."

The increasing popularity in recent years is gaining more sporty direction - the fitness bikini. In this sport the girl though and have a good athletic development, but it does not have a large bulk of muscle.

But all this does not stop today to train the girls in the style of hardcore, building up huge amounts of muscle. Despite this, almost all well-known bodybuilders women who are champions, not experience shortage of male attention, many have families and children. Female athletes, many argue that bodybuilding allows them to add yourself the confidence to overcome some women fear, timidity. Only in this sport they feel their freedom, they can build their body that they want. And they actually sculptors, because women bodybuilders before and after - it's just different people. Even today she can be fragile and cute, and in a year to give a head start in the development of muscle anyone familiar man.

Let's look at some outstanding female athletes who have achieved significant results in the women's bodybuilding and are idols for beginners.

Iris Kyle

The undisputed leader in the number of athletes-champions are the United States of America. A prime example is the Iris Kyle, dark-skinned athlete. It is perhaps the most popular bodybuilder, which gets the title of "Miss Olympia" annually, despite her years.

Famous female bodybuilders

The state of Michigan was the first cradle for future champions. In 1974 it was in a beautiful little girl was born. Who would have thought that such a pipsqueak in a few decades will be stronger than most men. As they say, her parents, the child since childhood was an active peers. Softball was her favorite game. Iris had time to play for the US team in basketball.

Having won the competition Ironmaiden Championships in 1994 she won her first medal in bodybuilding. But only four years later, Iris took up the sport professionally.

In 2001, the athlete performed in the competition "Miss Olympia", which was the first serious test for it. She coped with it and won. Three years later she was able to conquer all the judges already in the absolute category. Two years later she was able to repeat its success. Since then and till today won the title every year. Too many bodybuilders women want to be like her. It is a living embodiment of the incredible persistence and ability to work, which is not inherent in the female sex. Height athletes - 170 cm, weight - 75-76 kg per Non-competitive period. While preparing for competitions athlete clears body weight to 70-73 kg.

Valentina Chepiga

"Miss Olympia" in 2000 was born in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov in 1962.

As a child, she loved to ski. Valentine took twenty-five years in bodybuilding in 1998. She trained under the direction of Yuri Kapustnik. Her career began with a league win in the Ukrainian championship. In 1997 he participated in the bodybuilding and won the gold medal in the European championships and the world.

Famous female bodybuilders

These victories allowed the Ukrainian woman to get the status of a professional athlete. Without thinking, she decided to take part in the competition "Miss Olympia", the most famous champions of the competition. And then, in 1998, she took the 12th position. She then moved to the United States.

Already in 2000, she managed to win the long-awaited victory in this competition. At the same time, experts note that she was able to keep the female body constitution of the chest muscles: when grown in 165 cm weight fluctuated at competitions around shestidesyatikilogrammovuyu mark.

Juliette Bergmann

Outstanding athlete from the Netherlands Juliette Bergmann became a three-time winner of the "Miss Olympia", he was born in 1958 in Vlaardingen. So far, little Juliet grew, killed two of her younger brothers. Future champion is very experienced such a loss in the family. Death brothers tempered Juliet, she became more disciplined, independent and developed a great will power.

Famous female bodybuilders

In the beginning of sports career Bergman was fond of journalism and fitness. Sportswoman herself believes that she is a bodybuilder since 1983. That year she participated in the competition in bodybuilding, and made a good impression on the judges. A year later, she was able to become the first in the Dutch championship. Then, in 1985, at the same championship it confirmed its unrivaled level and won again. In the same year she participated in the amateur world championships. She managed to win it.

After a series of victories, she began performing in professional competitions. Three years in a row - in 2001, 2002, 2003 - Juliette Bergmann won the competition "Miss Olympia".

Lenda Murray

Truly a brilliant athlete. She won 8 times "Miss Olympia" and at one time were the terror of the other participants.

Famous female bodybuilders

athlete born in 1962 in Michigan. Lenda was fascinated by sports during his school years. Then she liked running, she also participated in a support group.

Bodybuilding came into her life together with 1985. She has progressed so rapidly that in 1989 moved to the pros.

It may sound unbelievable, but she became "Miss Olympia" 6 years in a row from 1990 to 1995. In the next two years it became the second. After a short break again won the title in 2002 and then in 2003. The following year completed his career, finishing in second place of the contest "Miss Olympia".

Yakseni Orikuin

Venezuelan born athlete Yakseni Orikuin in 1966. Her family had 8 children, she was the youngest.

Famous female bodybuilders

After three victories, which she received on the amateur competition in 1993, the athlete came to live and engage in US sports.

Flourish Yakseni observed in 2005, when she took first place in the contest "Miss Olympia". Besides this victory, a record number of victories in the "Miss International" in 2002, 2003 and the years 2005 and 2008.

Since 2007, the athletes form gradually began to deteriorate: in 2007-2008, she held the third place in the "Miss Olympia." Yakseni Height is 170 cm in the off-season weight -. On average 84-86 kg, and during the competition season - only 72-77 kg.

Russian women bodybuilders

Let's talk about the domestic bodybuilding. It is worth noting that among the Russian athletes have a decent female bodybuilders. But we must take into account the fact that after all this is the mentality of the Russian people that he does not consider the large muscles of the girl attractive and beautiful - with the associated low popularity among the female of the sport.

Of course, not all women bodybuilders Russia can boast of good results at the professional level, so look at the most famous of them.

Natalia Dolishte

Natalia Dolishte is the champion of Russia on fitness and bodybuilding. Judges she always said that her body strong man, a lot of relief. But it does not stop an athlete, she continues to do what he likes. She also likes to be photographed naked.

Famous female bodybuilders

Elena Shportun

To date, one of the most popular Russian athletes. In 2014, he won the World Bodybuilding Championship in the weight category over 57 kg. Then Elena awarded the title of "Miss Olympia".

Famous female bodybuilders

Ludmila Tuboltseva

Conquered the title of champion in bodybuilding world - it is a great achievement, which reached Lyudmila Tuboltseva. In addition, it is a multiple champion of Russia.

Famous female bodybuilders

Maria Bulatova

Ekaterinburg athlete during his career has managed to become a double champion in bodybuilding world. The muscles of the chest it has evolved in just three years of training. Mary says that she loves bodybuilding, and admits that the hardest part of the competition - this is the stage at which it was compared contestants.

Famous female bodybuilders

Lyudmila Kolesnikova

Lyudmila is an absolute champion in bodybuilding in Russia. She became famous not only because it is an outstanding athlete. It is not against the erotic photo shoot. At the moment, spread her erotic pictures with a sword.

Famous female bodybuilders

If you compare, the Russian women bodybuilders lose almost all respects the best-known world-class athlete. They are much smaller and look more feminine. Often, female bodybuilding in Russia mixed with body fitness and fitness bikini. Probably, Russian girls are not ready to look like monsters in the competition bodybuilding abroad.

The oldest woman bodybuilders

In addition to professional women bodybuilders, there are well-known bodybuilders women in amateur nezhenskogo direction of the sport.

For example, one of the most famous women in the world of bodybuilding is unprofessional Ernestine Shepherd. She came in 2012 on page World Book of Records at the age of 74 years! She noted in this edition as the oldest female bodybuilder. To date, Ernestine lives in Baltimore.

Famous female bodybuilders

The form and state of health of Ernestina is astounding all the doctors, it can give odds to young athletes. Perhaps the word "important thing is not how much a man of the passport, but how it feels" just about it. The intensity of her workouts will not be able to sustain any athlete.

According Female athletes, health help her maintain a ten-mile run, she does every morning, as well as proper diet and exercise in the gym.

During his life, she managed to win two titles and run for nine marathons. But perhaps the greatest achievement is her family and marriage, which lasted for more than fifty-five happy years.

To summarize

Few men would call a beautiful female bodybuilding sport. Not everyone likes naked female bodybuilders. But actually do it or not - a purely personal matter. Indeed, if we look at a girl who has chosen female bodybuilding, both before and after it has been actively engaged, you can see how the lost femininity. While femininity among modern girls is perceived as weakness, maybe that is why they are starting to go to the gym to be stronger in every sense of the word.

Almost all Russian women bodybuilders are still far from their foreign counterparts. This is due to a few others in Russia, more traditional understanding of beauty.

But it is always worth remembering that women bodybuilders in life are at heart the same fragile and delicate as the other female. They require attention and care of loved ones.