Amina Zaripov: biography, family, children

Everybody remembers repeated champion of Russia, Europe and the world - Russian gymnast Amina Zaripov. They know her and how honored coach, Olympic champion Mikhail brought up Mamun. Sports victory is not easy, but is not afraid of the pain and the tears do not scare heavy loads and training, the most difficult in the sport - to overcome themselves.

The first training

Amin was born in a small town near Tashkent in August 1976. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a seller of ice cream. In seven years, I began to go along with his girlfriend at the gym. Once, when returning from a training session, we decided to take a ride on the carousel, and the home of Amin returned with a large bruise on her neck. Parents are not allowed to attend classes. When the daughter could have on their own to go to school, parents are allowed to return to his trainer.

Jumps, splits, bridges given Amina easily, and for training in his native Chirchik she ran with pleasure. The girl showed Irina Alexandrovna Viner and took her with him to Tashkent, Amina Zaripov lived in her house. Of course, he missed his parents, brothers and sisters. But it was a goal. Caught in the beautiful lounge Winner after a poor situation in the parent lounge, I vowed to achieve a comfortable life. For this all you can tolerate.

Amina Zaripov: biography, family, children


We had to work a lot. Winner is very demanding to his pupil, sometimes you can not lift a finger, and she yells: "foot push!" When Amina was twelve, there was a question to go into sports, or continue to study in a regular school? It was scary, new staff, the situation at that moment there was a desire to quit. But helped parents insisted that she went to a sports school, make sure that there is nothing to be afraid, everything will be fine. With all that Amina liked to act and exercise, physical difficulties do not frighten, doubts were coming - and is it worth? In sports, the most difficult - to overcome itself. "Sometimes you wake up in the morning on some sports base and wants to be at home, not about winning," - says athlete. But miss long does not work, as soon as the training, forget about everything.

Amina Zaripov said that sometimes parents insist, forcing the child to go to school. It would seem that their desires do not matter, it all depends on the child. In fact, in this age of nine or ten years it is difficult to understand - you just too lazy to go to training or you do not need it. Many Olympic champions remember: if it were not the parents, their perseverance, they would win, one would not have happened had not. But if you're smart, hard-working, step by step, be sure to come to victory.

Amina Zaripov: biography, family, children

and achieve Victory

In 1992 he joined the team of Russia. When preparing for a competition in Alicante, I had to work 12 hours, but it was worth it - has won 2 bronze medals. After a further 2 years at the world championship in Vienna, she won three gold and one bronze medals. Over the seven-year career Amin took 5 times prizes in the world championships three times - in Europe.

Amina Zaripov: biography, family, children

to return to the sport

After retiring from professional sport gymnast grabbed at all. She worked as a commentator on TV, started their own business, but the manager appeared dishonest man, and burnt all the accounts together with the restaurant. After that took a coaching job. She is now responsible for the youth team. After the birth of children is almost a week later I went to work. Come home to feed the baby, leave to nurse and to work again. Straightforward and honest, Amina Zaripov about his personal life to speak frankly. By nature not a homebody or a housewife, so much help out nannies and housekeepers. "I do not like cooking, do not want and will not", - says the athlete, - "If you do not enjoy it, and you are not interested, why?" Can prepare the most simple dish, which taught a friend to buy in the store ready purified dorado, put it in spices and herbs, wrapped in foil in the oven for half an hour. All. Amin said that it is not at all concerned about, it is important to be able to find a middle ground where you feel good. For her, this is still a sports hall, and then we'll see.

Amina Zaripov: biography, family, children


With her husband Alexei Kortnevym met at a concert that brought her boyfriend, and after - held behind the scenes. Husband says when he saw Amina Zaripov, knew immediately that she would become his wife. On the same evening to hit on her, but Amin was impregnable. She met a young man, and they are preparing a wedding. Kortnev but did not give up, and Alina, straightforward and honest man, immediately broke off her engagement. Alexey also took more than six months to get a divorce from former wife.

In 2002, Amin and Alex were married. Initially we lived in a studio apartment Amines, then bought a bigger apartment. When the first child was born, my friends offered to live in their country house. That's when Amina and was eager to move out of town. With the advent of the children we decided to build their own country house in the suburbs and found a lot, but when almost was ready the foundation of the house, it turned out that the builders are not calculated, and the place is not enough even for the machine, so we had to buy more weave. Now the house is ready and welcoming guests.

Amina three children. Senior, Arseny, and enjoys golf and is already among the boys of his age went to the national team. Son Athanasius amateur play scenes, is likely to be an actor, says Amin. Aksinya daughter 7 years. Hide any facts from the life and personal biography in Amina Zaripova will not work if they wanted to, because her children participated in the show "Lips of an infant" in September 2017, which is their dad Alex Kortnev and "mouths of babes," as it is known, "speaketh the truth."

Amina Zaripov: biography, family, children

The price of victory

In sports biography Zaripova many victories, but the Olympic champion, she did not. But this title has earned her pupil M. Mamun. Victory was not easy. When you look at the performances of gymnasts, everything is so beautiful and elegant, but at this beauty hidden overcoming, pain and tears. 2 days after the Olympics, when a Vasilovna Amina Zaripova returned to Moscow, at Rita's father died - hold in their hands the Olympic medal of her daughter, tears, and he was gone in two days.

In those days, letters and messages of congratulations on the victory went flow, wrote and acquaintances, and strangers. The first of September, when brought their children to school, not even able to take photographs as it were a stream of people. Then Amin realized that they Rita is now known all over the country. It is said that the young gymnasts Zaripova was complex. But great achievements - this is not the talent or even skill. It is the character and strength of will. Amina Vasilovna they are, and let the reward of her work will be new achievements and victories of her pupils!