Lyudmila Turishcheva, outstanding Soviet gymnast: biography, personal life, sports achievements

Talented gymnast Lyudmila Turishcheva always showed excellent results. She confidently approached the gymnastic apparatus to demonstrate to the public the incredible skill and elegance, movement, honed through many hours of training. Turi athlete received the nickname, which was later supplemented succinct epithet "Iron". The gymnast was rising on the podium 137 times, that is the number of awards and regalia accumulated during sports career. A well-known athlete LI Tourischeva become a multiple world and European champion and four-time Olympic champion.

The first steps in the sport

Biography Lyudmila Turishcheva began in the city of Grozny, October 7, 1952. Parents in the future seen it dancer, due to plasticity and ease of movements, so wrote the girl in a ballet studio. It is here uncut talent noticed Kim E. Wasserman, who was then famous Soviet coach gymnastics. The coach invited the 10-year-old girl to go to the hall of sports gymnastics, but the parents initially refused flatly. Kim E. did not retreat from his intentions and persuaded three visits translate Lyudmila under his care.

Hard work, perseverance, desire for even greater achievements - these traits inherent Turishcheva since childhood that led her to Olympic gold. Wasserman worked with the young star is only one and a half years, but then it became clear that the perseverance and talent will transform it into one of the most brilliant Soviet gymnasts. In 1964, Ludmilla Tourischeva with other girls go to another coach - Vladislav Rastorotsky and Wasserman goes to work with a group of boys.

Lyudmila Turishcheva, outstanding Soviet gymnast: biography, personal life, sports achievements

Rostov time

Turishcheva now had to leave his home to engage in Rostov. There were much better training conditions than in his native Grozny. New coach makes serious demands on their wards. Vladislav Rastorotsky was known as a man with a difficult character, but he is not just involved in the preparation of athletes and creating a gymnast, which is close to his ideal notions.

The day began with the rise at 5:15, then followed by jogging. Rastorotsky closely monitors the weight of the girls, so they have breakfast just a small piece of cheese, washed down with a sip of coffee. Any excess calories in the diet, and in addition saturated workout. Classes begin at 7 am and lasted 3 hours with a break for studies, and in the evening again honing skills on gymnastic bars. The coach develops a set of exercises that the slightest deviation could be the cause of numerous injuries to athletes. Lyudmila days and weeks has been in the gym to make the movement as accurate as possible. In the future, when Tourischeva will be the renowned star, it is recognized that not imagine another coach except Rastorotsky. Without such a mentor should not be turned into a brilliant Olympic champion.

Lyudmila Turishcheva, outstanding Soviet gymnast: biography, personal life, sports achievements

Speech at the first Olympics

In the USSR, often held sports days to prepare young gymnasts for the trip for the upcoming Olympics. The first success was expecting Tourischeva on summer events in 1967. Lyudmila came to cheer for the closest people and coach, but failed to win an experienced gymnast Natalia Kuchinskaya, took first place in the four shells and all-around. And the long-awaited trip to the Olympics in Mexico City, where all the expected repetition Kuchinskaya triumph. Ludmilla Tourischeva very agitated and fell off the log, so was able to take only 24th place in the all-around. According to the overall results of the Soviet gymnasts on the podium for the "gold", which was the impetus for Turishcheva, decided to continue the intensive trainings. She has learned to control his emotions, and now the newspapers are full of headlines: "All were worried but Turishcheva".

Lyudmila Turishcheva, outstanding Soviet gymnast: biography, personal life, sports achievements

The Triumph of Soviet gymnast

After the triumph in Mexico City, the athlete with the coach decides to move to Rostov-on-Don, in view of better conditions for training. Two years after the Olympics Lyudmila Turishcheva shows his skills in Ljubljana in 1970, where she was able to qualify for the title of absolute world champion in artistic gymnastics, and a year later she receives the title of absolute champion of Europe. After high school, she decided to enter the Pedagogical Institute in Rostov, while continuing in parallel to train for the performance at the Olympics.

Opened the next Olympic Games in Munich. Lyudmila goes to the competition as the leader of the USSR national team. 1972 became a landmark for Turishcheva, it becomes the absolute Olympic champion, beating the more famous competitors - and Janz Korbut. Spectators held their breath, watching what the outcome of the struggle for the high rank of the recognized gymnasts, because Korbut long ago fell in love with its immediacy and thin braids.

Rivalry or friendship?

What was lacking in the speeches Turishcheva and was inherent only Korbut? Olga found an emotional connection with the audience, to expend energy on filling performance special meaning. Petite gymnast turned the performance into an impromptu celebration. Lyudmila acted quite the contrary. She showed no emotion, and all actions are performed with calibrated accuracy. The audience always saw concentrated athlete, aiming to win. She never looked at the performance rivals that not for a moment to relax. But thanks to this sport rivalry, is the development of the Soviet gymnastics. Lyudmila Turishcheva beautifully fulfilled the program, trying to calmly execute the elements and combinations. She won in a tense struggle that was a triumph for the gymnasts who deserve the absolute gold. Now the athlete has been on more than two gold medals, one she won in the team competition, and second, the absolute Olympic champion. The girl was given in the same year, the title of "Honored Master of Sports of the USSR," and a year later the athlete was able to get the title of champion of Europe.

Lyudmila Turishcheva, outstanding Soviet gymnast: biography, personal life, sports achievements

Amazing composure

In 1975, Lyudmila Turishcheva amazed the audience with their endurance and desire to win. Gymnast goes to sports in London. Tourischeva perform complex program on diverse bars and, if unconsciously, felt that the design could fall at any moment. But she was not afraid for a minute and brought the program to completion. Rope attached to the floor, gradually loosens. She took a turn at the bottom of the pole, then jumped, not only performing the turn, landed with confidence, and exercise equipment collapsed behind her. Not a muscle moved on the face of Soviet athletes, it is perfectly presented his country, it did not disappoint, although it could cost her a few fractures, and even life.


Tourischeva led the USSR national team at a trip to the Olympic Games in Montreal. The national team received the gold medal, which contributed to stunt Lyudmila. Also, she gets two silver medals for the free program and the implementation of a vault, and in the absolute superiority of its award bronze. Olympic Games ended on a pleasant note, and Lyudmila Turishcheva decided to complete a career. Now it becomes a coach for the younger generation of athletes.

Tourischeva Lyudmila and Valery Borzov - Winter's Tale

After a gymnastic competition in 1976 to represent the USSR Lyudmila left until the completion of the Olympic Games. She was instructed to meet with teams, give interviews and to report to the headquarters of the Soviet delegation, located on the territory of the housing for male athletes. So she was faced with the sprinter Valery Borzov, who for the first time in many years, won two gold medals in the Americans. Charming athlete invited the girl in the movie and asked for her phone number.

Gymnast Lyudmila shares memories of that time: "Valery invited to go to the cinema together. I decided. He agreed to make a company, although a date remembered vaguely. Longer talking on the phone, and got to know each other. On the date it was impossible to walk, I was in Rostov-on-Don, and he - in Kiev. Rare meeting obtained only at the congresses of the Komsomol. We realized that we have a lot in common, so we decided to get married. It seemed that enough time has passed to begin to build a family. I have met many people, and know that there is no absolutely perfect character. Always try to pay attention only to the pleasant features, and the shortcomings of a man closes his eyes. I almost did not attach importance to appearance, but liked sports young people dreamed that my man was strong and fit.

Lyudmila Turishcheva, outstanding Soviet gymnast: biography, personal life, sports achievements

Lyudmila Turishcheva: personal life

In 1977 the couple celebrated the momentous occasion - the wedding. After marrying Lyudmila moved to her husband at home - to the Ukraine. Now she had to build a new life in Kiev. A year later at a beautiful couple has a daughter Tatiana. Tourischeva wanted to reach the heights in the sport and be happy in family life. She was able to realize all their dreams. For four decades, she is in a happy marriage, lined with Valery Filippovich warm relations. Lyudmila could not stay away from the sport, she became the head coach at the gym in the "Dynamo" and even headed the Federation of Gymnastics in Ukraine. Although there was an unpleasant incident with the leadership of then Tourischeva left high office. Where Lyudmila Turishcheva now? This we will lead it on.

Daughter Turishcheva

Tatiana first got involved in gymnastics, as well as a famous mother. But gradually I realized that he could not reach high levels, so begins to engage in athletics. Girl in 11 years has been to fulfill the standards for running adult sprinters. It has already started to show good results, but again retired from the sport. She exams University of Design, to learn the profession of fashion and dedicate his life to creativity. Tatiana married and moved to her husband in Toronto. And Lyudmila Turishcheva and Valery Filippovich currently engaged in raising grandchildren.

Lyudmila Turishcheva, outstanding Soviet gymnast: biography, personal life, sports achievements

the secret of youth from Lyudmila Ivanovna

Very soon Lyudmila Turishcheva, where the rewards are plentiful, will celebrate the 65th anniversary. The famous athlete strikes toned figure and a brisk walk, her eyes radiant with wisdom and kindness. She says that there are no beauty secrets, it all depends on the person. Order of the day and only mode can prolong youth. Lyudmila said: "Today's young people live a completely different laws. Previously, there was the word "must". It is necessary to follow a diet, train hard to be worthy of their country. Because of this word, and life has been that way, and not otherwise. "

Lyudmila Turishcheva, outstanding Soviet gymnast: biography, personal life, sports achievements

The Legend of the Soviet gymnastics Now

Gymnast tells about the presence of sports in his life now: "The passionate, experienced people will never Life does not disappear inherent earlier fanaticism. My life is subject to the schedule, developed a few years ago. I still wake up with the first rays of the sun and doing exercises an hour and a half. To begin, go or run, then comes the time to exercise. I follow his own rule: You need to charge the body with energy, and only then start to work. Now from Exercise I get a real pleasure. In his youth, sport has been linked to stress, it is considered the first duty and obligation. Now everything has changed ... ".