Jan Batyrshina: biography and personal life

Jan Batyrshina - a famous Russian gymnast and Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation. Today Jan 39 years old and married. Her height is 165 cm. According to the sign of the zodiac is Libra. This girl always said that wrong kind of person who thinks the sport ugly. Jana performances always make the heart-stopping. It is one of the best artistic gymnasts of the world along with Alina Kabaeva.

Jan Batyrshina: biography and personal life

Nice sport

John of the athletes, whose performances were forced to freeze the hearts of millions of viewers, and with delight to watch her every move. Many spoke of her as the star of gymnastics, which would like to see more than many Hollywood stars.

As she says Jan Batyrshina:

In rhythmic gymnastics, as in any other case, the main thing - complete dedication, zeal and perseverance. Without these factors, nothing ever happens.

Beautiful sport their favorite pastime, our heroine finds a reason. She does not hesitate to say that in order to verify the existence of a beautiful sport, just look her performance or work of Alina Kabaeva.

Brief biography of Yana Batyrshina

Jan was born in the autumn of 1979 in the city of Tashkent (Uzbekistan, at the time the Uzbek SSR). Father Jana - Tatar by nationality, mother was Jewish. That is why the girl so exotic appearance. Despite this Jan Batyrshina he considers himself Russian, and it upsets talk of ethnicity and religion.

Jan Batyrshina: biography and personal life

In the kindergarten girl was active and restless. The parents decided to send her to the gym in the expert hands of professional Chernova Valentina Andreyevna. Thanks to his first teacher girl got into the national team of the Uzbek SSR, and after some time became a member of the national team of the Soviet Union.

In the early 90's Jan Batyrshina together with his family moved to Novgorod, where he passed his youth girls.


After the change of the place of residence of Jan did not quit playing sports. In Novgorod the gymnastics center she continued training. This time it was the head of Irina Viner-Usmanova.

Then, in the press began to appear photos of Yana Batyrshina already Natalia Kukushkin who became the next mentor girls. It is thanks to Kukushkina our heroine got into the national team of Russia, where she worked until 1998.

In 1991, John became the bronze prize-winner of the USSR championship. After several years of hard training she was able to become the winner of the Championship of Russia among teenagers.

Jan Batyrshina: biography and personal life

1997 and 1998 were promising and rich in Yana career. So, she won at the World Championships and at international tournaments. Leave the national team of his native country, she was forced to due to a conflict with his coach.

During his career, Ian has won more than 180 medals and was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports of Russia.

Work on TV

In 2000, John decided to try his hand as a presenter. So, she made her debut in the transmission teen on the ORT channel. channel management to immediately assess the work Batyrshina appreciated and invited her to conduct several projects. The girl agreed. Cooperation has been fruitful, but not long. A year later, Ian went to the Russian channel "Capital", where the two leading sports news worked a half years. she was then spotted another famous canal, which is difficult, but he was able to lure Batyrshina to him. It was here that she worked for the next few years leading the program "Vesti-Sport". The guide was very pretty Janina work ethic, professionalism and a desire to grow their business.

Jan Batyrshina: biography and personal life

together with the conduct of the sports news channel Ian worked in other projects. So, in 2012, she appeared for the first time in a game show called "Fort Boyard", then dabbled as a leading musical TV show.

Since 2003 she has been an employee of the children's channel, "Carousel", where she was an intelligent transmission "One against all". During this time it has gained a lot of new fans and has become more interesting for Russian producers, channel managers and large projects. In 2014 Batyrshina switched to channel "Olympic", where it attracted the prospect of growth and decent wages.

Life Jana Batyrshina

With her husband, Timur Weinstein Ian has long been familiar, but even in my thoughts could not assume that it is the first meeting made plans for the conquest of her heart. Timur - one of the founders of the production center "White Media", from which comes most famous films, TV series, programs and various projects.

Jan Batyrshina: biography and personal life

When John learned about the intentions of the man, she did not give up and was not available for a long time. Timur gives her expensive gifts, bouquets of roses and constant attention. In 2004, the couple married. A few years later they had a daughter Miriam was born, and then another beauty, which they called Ayla. It is also known that the newly born in the family another baby son. Jan once led page "Instagrame", where they often shared snapshots of life. However, after the event, when the children were abused Jana Batyrshina a hater gymnast, she found the right to delete an account from a social network.

Jana today

Today she admits it is very happy that she could leave the sport beautifully. Few succeed. Besides, she left the gym at the peak of his fame. This is because the personal life in the biography of Yana Batyrshina stood in the first place. In addition, she was able to succeed not only in sport, but also as a leader, which will certainly flatters Jan.

Jan Batyrshina: biography and personal life

After completion of the project "One against all" the girl decided to devote himself to the family nest, which they platted with a beloved man. However, in 2017 Ian was lit in one of the Russian channels in the children's talent show, where she supported young contestants.

After retiring, she does not cease to lead a healthy lifestyle. She is regularly engaged in the hall, eats properly and enjoys yoga. John weighs 56 kg with height 165 cm. Male Timur in all its support and help in all your endeavors. Despite its far from sports uniforms, he always eats well and takes part in all sports training Yana.


Daughter Batyrshina grow active and restless children. The eldest is now interested in sports dances, and the youngest is playing the piano. Both girls mother tries to teach a healthy lifestyle. Young son attention needs only my mother, and she was trying to give them.

Frequent guests in the home of a young family there are always grandparents who help with raising grandchildren. They come for a few weeks, and all the time dedicate to children. Jan and Timur at this time can spend time together and go somewhere to take a break from household chores.

The couple is happy that the parents give them the opportunity to stay together. It is often in a relationship occurring differences of the daily routine and everyday issues.