The sweetest bedtime story

• The most lovely bedtime story

The sweetest bedtime story

If you ever need someone to read a bedtime story, it is better not to find this.

It is time to sleep, and a small hare firmly grasped a large hare of the long, long ears. He wanted to know exactly what a large hare listens to him.

- You know how much I love you?

- Of course not, baby. How should I know?

- I love you - here's how! - and hare legs spread wide, wide.

But a large hare feet long.

- And I love you - here's how.

"Oh, how well" - thought hare.

- Then I love you - here's how! - and he reached up struggling.

- And you - here's how - reached for it big rabbit.

"Wow, how high - thought hare. - I would be so! "

There hare guessed tumbling on his front paws, and back up the trunk!

- I love you to the tips of the hind legs!

- I love you - to the tips of your feet, - he picked up his big hare and threw up.

- Well, then ... then ... You know how I love you ... So? - hare into a gallop and-tumble through the meadow. - And I love you - like this - smiled big hare jumped so much so that he got to the ears of branches!

"This is a jump! - hare thought. - If only I could! "

- I love you far, far away on this path as us down to the river!

- And I'll - like across the river and in-oh-oh-one of those hills ...

"How far is something" - sleepy hare thought. He's nothing more occurred.

Here at the top, over the bushes, he saw a large dark sky. Then nothing happens sky!

- I love you up to the moon - hare whispered and closed his eyes.

- Wow, how far ... - a large hare laid him on a bed of leaves.

Sam got close and kissed him on the night ... and whispered in his ear:

- And I love you to the moon itself. Until the most-most ... the moon and back.