Exercises with dumbbells for men. A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

Optionally, go to the gym to perform exercises with dumbbells. For men can be found at home, and all the necessary equipment. Training complex will allow each person to achieve harmony in its development, and to form his body.

Exercise will help to acquire a good form of

Exercises with dumbbells for men. A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

With the dumbbells you can effectively build muscle mass, lose weight, improve their physical level. And visit the gyms for training is not necessary. All you have to do - to generate a comprehensive training program.

Exercises with dumbbells for men should be formed taking into account the power loads. It is necessary to use a large weight and reduce the number of repetitions. Power load needed to generate the amount of muscle. It is therefore important to use equipment with removable drives. Only in this case, the load can be adjusted.

As an example, some exercises with dumbbells for men. Make them required no less than three times a week. You should also pay attention to the fact that it plays an important role adjustability weight. Approaches for each exercise - three. Choose your optimal weight and start classes.

The main advice that should be heeded to

Before you start listing exercises with dumbbells for men, it is necessary to highlight some of the rules. Newcomers at the initial stage it is better to seek help from the coach. Professional will be able to select the optimal training program.

Exercises with dumbbells for men. A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

Every few months it is necessary to change the exercise. Otherwise, the body becomes accustomed to the loads. Accordingly, progress will not be. There are a few tips that should be remembered. They are as follows:

  1. Before you start training, it is necessary to knead the muscles.
  2. The load must be increased gradually.
  3. You should avoid excessive weight lifts. No need to break the equipment.
  4. It is not necessary to work with dumbbells alone more than 60 consecutive minutes at the initial stage.
  5. After the training program is executed, it is necessary to do stretching exercises.

The first set of exercises

Exercises with dumbbells for men. A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

To begin the training needed only after the end of the workout. Classes are held every other day is necessary at any time. The initial set of exercises with dumbbells includes 10 practices that should be carried out at 10 reps each. The break between different exercises is 5 minutes.

  1. You must get up. The body shall be straight. Hands must be placed in a bent position with dumbbells at shoulder level. It should start to raise the dumbbells up, fix the arm at the end point, and after some time to lower them to the starting position.
  2. It is necessary to pick up shells, hands outstretched. It is necessary to carry out the slopes. Dumbbells at the same time recorded between the legs. The exhalation should be done during the tilt, breath - during the ascent.
  3. Starting position - standing. Hands are lowered with shells. We must begin to raise their hand, while standing up on tiptoes. At the same time it committed breath. During the lowering of the hands through the sides need to make an exhalation.
  4. is required to take a standing position. Hands with dumbbells should be extended forward. The essence of this dumbbell exercises at home is that you must start to turn in different directions. Feet on the floor at the same time it is impossible to tear.
  5. It is necessary to stand up straight, hands with dumbbells have to pull forward. You want to perform turns. Hand, it should be diluted in hand.

The exercises that can help you pump up your hands

Now it is necessary to transfer arm exercises with dumbbells. Agree that the beautiful hands of a relief substantially affect the appearance of a man. Creases that have sagged, should be removed. shoulder muscles need to pump. Complex there is nothing.

We select the best shell, take it and drop the arms along the body. After that you need to start slowly bend their elbows. This should be done until such time as they do not accept the position parallel to the floor. Then, after a few seconds, should begin to straighten your arms forward. they need a few more seconds to be lowered to its original position. Repeat the exercise until you need until you see a burning sensation in the muscles of the area. We must start with small loads, gradually increasing them.

Basic training complex

We continue to explore a set of exercises with dumbbells at home. Starting position is the same as in the previous case. Legs slightly bent. You need to slowly bend the arm at the elbow. They can not detach from the torso. This technique will allow to strengthen the load on the triceps. After that, we begin to straighten your hands, returning them to their original position. This complex is universal, as the load comes on the back muscles and chest, and the press.

It is necessary to take a dumbbell raise your arms stretched out in front of them. After that, we try to pick up shells on the head, then takes them behind your head as far as possible. Another exercise is that you need to lie on the floor and begin raising your hands, bent at the elbows, in different directions. Reduce the need to be in front of chest. This should be done slowly. Exercise with dumbbells, perform a photo which you can see by reading this review, very powerful hand. The main thing - do not start it too sharply, otherwise the next day will be a very strong pain that can fight off any desire for a long time to do.

Exercises with dumbbells for men. A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

pumped back muscles

With dumbbells, you can pump up the muscles of the back. This will help get rid of the stoop and give the body a beautiful posture. Let's get started.

  1. It is necessary to lay down on a gymnastic bench or on the floor. Hands with shells must be raised up. Then, they should begin to bend, throwing elbows along the body, and to the sides. Dumbbells with the need to touch the chest. After that, you need to take a starting position.
  2. Lie on your back, bend your legs. Stops should be placed on the floor. Hands with the weights should be pulled forward and upward. One arm is registered in the head, and the other - is lowered into the thigh. After this change the position of the limbs.
  3. It is necessary to lean forward to take in one hand a projectile. Lean with his free hand, for example, on the seat of the chair. After that hand with the dumbbell to start to pull to the chest. Elbow thus should leave aside. After a few repetitions of the exercise is done on the other hand.

This simple complex will significantly enhance the muscular frame. Work will no longer seem exhausting, and the back stop hurting after a long sitting at the computer.

The basic rules that one should not forget the

The main advantage of dumbbells is that you can get spectacular results, doing the house. Purchase is necessary, as has been said, a collapsible stock. Weight should be one in which even the most complex exercises can be done at least 10 times. However, if the training is not adequate to cause tension in the muscles, it is better to increase the mass of the projectile.

Exercises with dumbbells for men. A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

It should be remembered that it is important not the number of repetitions, and the amount of load. And if there is such a possibility, it is better to do 10 reps with the greatest possible weight than 20 underweight. However, if too heavy loads, you get tired much faster. Overtraining, which thus arises, is able to fight off any desire for a long time to continue training.

To form the body should be uniformly

To begin it is necessary to exercise with a weak hand. The number of movements, which in this case is done, and will need to repeat with the other hand. It is required to do in order to hand visually different from each other.

Exercises with dumbbells for men. A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

If you practice regularly, your figure will become more taut. Layer of fat at the same time significantly reduced. And as an added bonus - a good state of mind, a sense of strength and endurance.